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Your idol wife is so pettable.

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>Furirin originally wanted to be an animator or mangaka because she's good at drawing, but changed course when she noticed that a single seiyu could do multiple different voices. She was also inspired by a quote by Kobayashi Yuu (didn't quite catch it, sorry)

>Like she's mentioned before, Ranma 1/2 and Rumiko Takahashi shows in general were a huge inspiration for her. When she was younger, she would come home every day from swimming lessons and watch Inuyasha. She cried when the last episode aired since she didn't want it to end.

>Hanakana and Toyosaki Aki were both big inspirations to her when she first started doing seiyu work. She originally considered doing narration work, but her life has taken a complete 180 since then as we can see.

>She first got into the business in 2014, and Love Live Sunshine was one of the first big roles she every auditioned for. The process was super stressful and she almost cried during it.


>She was asked if she gets into an "Aqours mode" before events, and she said it wasn't really the case since they're so comfortable together, that they can just be themselves.

>When asked where to go from here, she said she'd love to do more foreign lives in places they haven't visted before like Europe.


>She made it clear that when she's on stage, she gets really in character, so she sees her growth as Ruby's and vice versa. Also, because she's so in character, she gets happier hearing people call for Ruby than for her at lives.

There's more in the thread.


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*rolling up my newspaper*

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