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> a more socially acceptable term for hikikomori that has sprung up in the past few years

Welcome to the NHK!, TOKYOPOP Inc.

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>childs (n.)
> 1. (nonstandard) Plural form of child.

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I am a proud reddit fag.

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I remembered something that I forgot from last time I visited /jp/. You all are exactly like the mean fat dude that sat in the back of my class 3 years ago that was overly obsessed with himself. He also considered his interests the most important of anybody else's, and if anybody was not up to par with his expectations on how you contribute to his interests, he would shun you.

Surprisingly, people really liked him. :\

Moral of the story: I love you guys.

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>majority rules / community decision

Pick a side. I see you constantly stressing "majority vote/ there is no truth!" and then flip-flopping more than democrats on their political campaign.

Greentext and sage are constantly misused on 4chan. I see so many people sage to "offending" other posters, when its purpose is to keep the thread from bumping because your own post is unworthy (i.e. offtopic) enough to bump it.
He is using greentext for what it was made for.

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