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In July, I was promoted from a research student to Team K. With the promotion, I would like to change my hairstyle from long to short and do my best again.

When I was promoted first in December last year, I was quite shocked and at the same time I knew what I lacked. First of all, I thought that I should improve my performance, and for the past six months I have always practiced dancing by watching videos of seniors dancing. I also thought it was important to show my personality, and I thought again about what I am. I'm not a royal road idol, but vomiting poison and being too friendly at handshake events. Although it is a character with pros and cons, I thought simply that it would be cool to penetrate a different route from people, and I also worked hard on the MC at the performance.

Before I entered AKB48, I personally didn't like the genre of idols. There is a cool song that Team K does not look like an idol, and I like AKB48 because I think that it is not a idol in a good sense because it is a sporting group that does it when the atmosphere is played, and when it is funky. It was. The first time I bought AKB48 CD was “RIVER”, and the contents of the lyrics stuck in my heart.

The character is a royal road idol ...

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Best Okada

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