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I think Yuria saved annins life! If Yuria hadn't transferred to AKB annin would've killed herself by now. Yuria is literally the best.

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Literally best girl in ALL 48G.
Best captain.
Best round.
Best otaku chara.
Best body.
Best cute.
Best friend.
Best tomboy.
Best FGM.
Best anti-scandal.
Best yuri (Harem route).
Yuria a besto.

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Okay so I am talking to a bonifide idiot.

Let's take it slow so you can fucking understand you tart.

No. Biologically only the strongest and fittest were able to reproduce. If you were not physically able to give birth you would die in child birth. If your male wasn't able to defend you and provide food you would die and your children would die. If the female wasn't able to care for the children, the children would die.

The whole purpose of our biological desires is to help with our survival and procreation. We are attractive to women who are likely to pass on strong genes and are fit enough to have children. It's why we are biologically repulsed by fat people and skeletors.

If the man is not attractive and fit he will not pass on good genes which is why women are rarely attracted to these people. However if a man is able to provide and care for a family then he is desired because of his ability to keep that family alive.

So no not everyone is remotely fuckable because our biology both men and women, are designed to seek out the best mates to ensure the survival of our offspring.

>Rape is biological
Fuck off. For a woman to ovulate effectively orgasm more often than not needs to be induced. That's why generally our species mates for life in order to increase the effectiveness of mating.

Also misogyny means the hatred of women you fucking illiterate turd. Objectification is the other marxist bullshit term you are looking for.

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Oh gosh dat akbingo.

Yuria is just so delicious and boyish and puppy like. How can any girl or boy not fall for her instantly? She's round and has plump lovely cheeks and lips and a banging body. She's also cutely baka but really common sense smart with wise sayings and things.

How could Tomu even THINK about choosing Komiharu over such a beautiful and delicious boyish Yuria. It's absolutely DISGUSTING.

Please. Show your appreciation for the roundest Yuria. That cute puppy excitement and boyishness needs to be protected. Also she hates scandals and is a good girl. Please support Yuria guys and don't support lewd Komishitters who like their idol who is basically a homewreckers.

Homewreckers are not allowed on /jp/

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is anyone as baka as yuria?


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Komi is PURE and she is only lewd with other girls. Komi is a cute little girl who needs to be played with and given lots of sweets. Yuria will take care of her since Yuria is pretty much a boy in a round cute girl.
I'm much more worried that Yuria becomes her boyfriend...

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