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>and ends up finding the sword of kusanagi in it without her knowing its value or that it's made out of hihi'irokane.
Aside from that, I'll look into it once I get the time since it sounds interesting.

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What are some good somber or melancholy arranges? Something that really pulls on the heart strings.

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>Shit Tier: These games are just plain bad for several reasons, do not waste your time playing them
>DynaMarisa 3D
I thought it was a lot of fun.

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I blame Steve Jobs. Once stuff like the iPhone started getting big, it gave every normalfag and their mother easy access to flood over onto the internet. Phones should've just stayed something to make calls with.

It wouldn't even be so bad if newfags these days weren't so obnoxious. Call them out on something and instead of just silent acknowledgement of their mistake or lurking, they'll dig in to defend even the most retarded of positions or tell you they've been posting here since 2003 the exact day the website went up. It's honestly a chore to argue with them and it's not hard to see how a board like /a/ that used to be so proud about its board culture barely has a shred of it left due to those combined factors. /jp/ and the smaller boards are fortunately niche enough to avoid floods of newfags, but I think it's just a matter of whether or not the topic becomes "trendy". As a side note, it's an absolute tragedy that "waifu" became an empty joke word. I wonder how many people are still around that actually love their favorite character in an autistic way.

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Since I was about 15 or 14 I've always had vividly lucid wet dreams. Without fail it was always the same girl - waist-length blonde hair, somewhat well-proportioned she looked like she was in her 30s or 40s based on her MILF-esque body, but her face was always obscured or unfocused, so I could never make it out. She wasn't 3DPD but not quite 2D either. I've always had lucid dreams, but I always remembered these ones and they and they were really powerful as far as sensations go - it really felt like (or at least what I imagine it would feel like) I was having sex, especially because it was lovey-dovey type sex and she liked kissing. Even the locations were where I were, if I were sleeping on the couch, it would be on the couch, and so on. I had these dreams nearly every to every other day and there was nothing I could do to stop them, sometimes I even had them twice a night.

About two months ago, instead of cumming and waking up, I actually made the girl cum, for the first time since I started having these dreams years ago. I was elated since waking up with soiled underwear sucks and I got to have lucid dream sex. I stopped having the dreams after that. It sounds really autistic typing all this out, but I'm a little lonely now that they've stopped.

In hindsight, even though I couldn't see her face, she looked a lot like Yukari. But I never really cared for her which makes it even stranger.

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Sleep tight, Aniki.

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Undoubtedly. It's a side-effect of that line of work.

I wish she hasn't. It's a horrible feeling.

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Is there a good way to iron out novice mistakes and shit or do I just gotta keep running the gauntlet until it's second nature? I've heard the photography games are good for practice, but I can't get into them.

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Yeah, I just read something like that on the wiki about Kanako's last spell having less space to dodge on easy, but stage 4 is where I get fucked on normal, so...welp.

I'll keep trying until I fuck the shit out off that hag.

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