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Oh man. Schizo got all of his spam pruned? Including all of the samefag replies when he was claiming “I’m not one guy?” Including his “this is my general?”
What a day! I think I’m gonna coooom~

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Eyyyy my post again!

Because he is obsessed with me and thinks I’m the only person here who disapproves of his autism, that I’m a BM only fag, hate SG, who knows what else.

I got in one debate with him over creepily over analyzing sounds and moles on a YouTube teaser, and provided logical possibilities as to why it wouldn’t be them.

But I overestimated Amuse and didn’t consider they would make such a slipshod branding choice and blatant dick move to the BM team.

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Watched a bit of Legend M. The little ape girl always looks like she's having the time of her life when on the stage with them, always smiling at the girls. Also: Moa looked kinda teary-eyed sometimes, or was I just imagining things?

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I already told you, I main Kano.

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Except for when she’s made official third member.

What would you choose? An established band with fans around the world, touring the globe, fatter paycheck, Su-senpai to cuddle with on the tour bus.
Or fighting to gain notoriety in the over saturated pop idol market, doing mediocre J-Pop that nobody cares about?

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