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What if the normal Yukari is actually from the future, now residing in the present, and it was your relationship with the younger Yukari that made her into the amazing woman she will one day become? And that's why the older Yukari is so appealing to you?

A story like this seems like it would have a tragic or bittersweet ending though...

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It doesn't go away at all. I still feel lovesick after.

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She could be like the Virgin Queen.

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A cute walk in the park with Yukari!

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I don't hit her, boy. You're imagining things agian. Go play with your little dolls!


M-my butt, stomach and thighs are all very tight and supple! And my breasts do not sag whatsoever, you filthy brat! It's too bad a little boy like you can't differentiate between an attractive, full-bodied woman and a little girl! What are you gonna do after this anyway, go watch your little girl cartoons? Bah!

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