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Waaaaah!~ I forgot!

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Anyone know where I can get the torrent rip for this

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What is this? Gravure? Jav?

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Just finished Kuuga and I've fallen in love with Joe Odagiri. Can anyone suggest me a movie starring him?

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Adrift in Tokyo. He is rarely a lead in movies. I suggest watching a TV show of his instead. Jikou Keisatsu, Atami no Sousakan, River's Edge Okawabata Tanteisha, Juhan Shuttai for example.
Btw post these on the tv general.

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You mean like sleeping in the same room? Disaster, no matter who the three people are, unless they are all in a relationship, and even then, 3 way relationships are hard to maintain

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None, Suisei doesn't want her sister to become a vtuber and Anemachi herself has a pretty good position on her job

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That's the whole idea with moving in with your buds, otherwise you might aswell live anywhere
Moving in with your workmates is a bad idea because you might have an interpersonal conflict with someone you're forced to work with

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To be under 25% bodyfat for one.

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The holo highlights have more soul

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I love Haachama!

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Your yubis
Hand them over

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When will we get our own board, I want a separated Towa thread and don't want to share it with anyone. I can't believe the fucking /vrpg/ shit was more important.

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Coco's cocock....

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This fucking smug bunny!
i love her so much...

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I think Coco in the centre because she's the tallest, has the most different color scheme and biggest breasts is better than Kanata in the centre because she's the shortest.

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Wow, pekora is collabing with AirServer!

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>Wake up a few minutes ago
>See the shitfest that was last thread
You can’t blame burgers for that one

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I'm suddenly excited for the next Tifa stream

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What a perfect son

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Very handsome and fitting

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Roberu's BGM hurts my ears.

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He just can't stop fucking winning

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Yare yare

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Staying in Ayame thread!

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Useless korbos, only good for paizuri.

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Anemachi is still around, All I care about to be honest.

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She's the laziest yonkisei

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She'll be exiled to Suisei and Anemachi's sex dungeon

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guide shit: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

high quality vocab cards: animecards.site

previous: >>25185450

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depends on if you're a patron or not

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i did 10 hours yesterday i got this

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not good enough to understand japanese but good enough to get no use out of matt's videos


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Beware the forest's mushrooms!

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120 fps edition

Previous: >>24661027

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Lowiro is British

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Oh well then I dont think Japanese dev's are into the rhythm game mobile market that much. I mean how much innovation can you get with a touchscreen? I prefer physical cabinets to mobile.

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Touchscreen works for rhythm games, see maimai and WACCA.
I mean, right now mobile rhythm game market is dominated by Chinese and Korean devs, plus Arcaea, as you mentioned. It shouldn't be that hard to break through.

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Groove Coaster was on mobile first, the arcade version came later.

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Huh. I stand corrected, alright then.

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Rie Takahashi thread. She just voices the best girls. I don't think there's a bad one among them!

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Is that what Kazuma looks like in Chuunivision™?

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Well yeah. She's quite short so he IS bigger and taller than she is. Plus it's not like it's the first time he's saved or carried her either.

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I love this seiyuu. Also Yotsuba is a little slut. Love her.

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She isn't a virgin tho

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Happened upon this while on the internet, it's a Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney x Touhou parody game, with plenty of shitpost energy: https://www.dlsite.com/home/work/=/product_id/RJ244256.html

Download: https://mega.nz/file/gAVjnIRR#jEccJ5D0sP0uetcYMWCbI3GtaynOgyenLhAFBf4aPVM

This was actually made by the Touhou Soccer guy, who is actually still kicking, though unsurprisingly not much. Looks dumb/fun. Made in Unity, simple Japanese, I'm gonna play it

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premise is a shitbag Patchouli plays the role of a dirty lawyer

for EOPs. you can request a translation and hope for the best

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Looks like absolute chaos, excellent.
Reminds me of Shin Gyakuten Touhou, which is also on dlsite as well.

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wow, I didn't know there was a different touhou attorney game
too bad it'll probably never be translated, since only two of the shin gyakuten touhou games are

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Kinda gay, still better than Izuru

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Look at this silly goose. He thinks he is in control....

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sheep is so cute...

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Why are his legs so long? I'm pretty sure he's the manlet of holostars.

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Weird Touhou Images

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All three of us at once, huh?

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I could hug them all, but since Hatate isn't flat (as I would expect), it might be a little difficult.

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This is Doremy. Her threads die really fast and she barely gets any artwork.

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I really like her theme.

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Why is Doremy not popular? I would think she have a huge fanbase

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I like that one Sally song and that's about it.

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She does but they're all asleep

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