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what do you do when you no longer like your style? how do you change your style?

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Style as far as I know is a combination of artistic choices to create an effect. I’d ask myself what I don’t like about my style and try to alter it in a significant way like maybe going more cartoony instead of realistic

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start putting in less effort. Try to make it intentionally shitty. It worked for picasso.

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Why is this called "doodle"?

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You take note of the elements of styles you do like and combine them into an amalgamation consistenting of things you like.

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He just didn't try so hard like i said

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If you're so fucking /beg/ that you have to call something A STYLE
then the solution is to learn how to fucking draw

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girls' faces are really cute, but the whole thing seems kinda static and boring
not really sure, but probably would blame relying to heavy on reference for the sake of realism

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probably took less than an hour

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First I would say most people don't have a style. They just draw and it comes out a particular way. Like the average persons handwriting. Unless you actually consciously decide to work on it, it will remain inconsistent for the rest of your life.
An artist has a style once they actually deliberately study multiple artists, acquire the technical know-how and then incorporate the different elements to create a particular mood, purpose or look.

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You're right, anon. How static and boring, so let's see your work for comparison so I can see if your point is valid, seeing as this is a painting the like of which you could never.

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>how do you change your style?
work on the things that you find to be missing in your style

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Most this

Also, study a style you like if you want. For example if you like Dürer try making a copy of one of his prints with pen and ink

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look like it belong in the trash...

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>what do you mean it tastes like crap?! i dont see you cooking anything better.
fuck you. youre no better than a tumblriana tard

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the three girls in the front are uncanny. i like it when painters make the thing you want to look at more defined but this is taking it too far.

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you schizo out and become a cumbrain begging for likes

and you just whore yourself out some until you get tired and your style feels like a gentle breeze

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more like uncunny lmao

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to get upvotes from begs on twitter, you're selling an idea

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