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What do I need to get a job as a background artist?

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AI already took your job bro

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Rock solid fundies and expediency

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The hard round brush.

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Convince someone they should pay money for a job they could do by running stock photos through a filter.

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Speed, values, mood.

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A portfolio of backgrounds you idiot

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Pleinair paint if you can, it can even be digital. Make sure you learn perspective but don't let it overly complicated your life studies.

I've done by layouts and paintings in passing for work but it's not my focus.

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dont bother, bg artists are treated like garbage in the industry

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Im a BG artist in a fairly large studio. What do you wanna know

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Portfolio. Actually trying

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>asking questions

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how much 3d do you have to know, is something simple like sketchup enough?

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I don't use any 3D in my process.
Me and a few others including supervisors have discussed using sketchup more but its never materialised

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How do you begin your compositions,do you use composition lines or just add every element gradually until it all makes sense?

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What brushes do you use?

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how many backgrounds do you usually have to complete in a day?

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Raw output

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Supervisors and art directors always show me and others compositional grids to keep in mind but I personally never use them. I just make sure there's a clear FG, MG, BG, no tangents, etc etc.
Each project the art director gives out specific brushes to use so was all have the same ones but generally I usually use.

1 round generic brush, mildly textured
1 large grain brush
1 or 2 textured brushes
1 or 2 wildcard brushes

Last project I was on I did about 7 a a week.
This project like 2 a week since they're way more detailed

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Thanks for doing this, what does your workflow look like?

Also how do you go from thumbnailing to perspective, do you make a perspective grid?

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Last project was get a story board, do a clean rough, send to supervisor, they would rarely approve straight away and will make changes here and there making sure the focus, sense of depth and composition is all good. Then after its approved, go straight to colour with pen tool for ages, keeping other Key BGs on the same .psd file so I can sure they're idetical to mine style wise. When I'm finished I show to supervisor again, usually there will be changes again, such as making sure all the values are varied enough to make sure different objects ''aren't vanishing'' into each other. After that it would be sent onto the Art director and then Director eventually.

This project I have longer so its even more back and forth between me and my supervisor,

I usually do the clean rough without doing a perspective grid. But when I start I pull out a vanishing point ive already pre made, duplicate them if I have to etc etc.

When ti comes to perspective to me the horizon line is more important than really correct perspective, stylistically you can play around with scale and correct perspective. But the Horizon line (to me) is non-negotiable.

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