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I can see all the mistakes I know about, I know the theory, it's not hard to grasp but the practice, the execution, I can see all the mistakes but I can never fix them or improve

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4 months I wasted grinding fundies, Eviston and drawabox, every single day, I only got some sense of line control and speed, nothing more
Wasted time

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a month of defeat or two, november and december
Ive been drawing for some weeks now and still useless, soon it will be 5 for real

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I don't draw bodies at all because I CAN'T TAKE failure, I know I'll fail so why bother, I just want to draw for fun again

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I never finished a single resource because I get stuck on it, there's always something I can't grasp I tried
Dynamic Sketching
Keys to Drawing
Perspective made easy
Drawing on the right side of the brain
Fun with a pencil
Eviston Art and Science of Drawing
Nothing works out

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I see the mistakes but there's nothing I can do to fix them, I'll just fail and get hurt and no one helps me, they give me things and I fail at it, I look for resources on my own and I fail at it

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There's nothing that I can do, nothing works out, no one is helping.
/beg/ tells me to quit but I don't want to, I need this

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I don't get form, I don't get gesture, I can't imply volume, I don't get coloring or tones

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believe in yourself <3

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I want to draw like my heroes, or pic related yet I'm just a maggot crawling in the pile, deluded
I was never Icarus, he could fly at least

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No one ever told me gmi without doing it as a joke, no one sees spark or potential im me, im useless
My bad, this pic related

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Add Bucci to this, never made it past the nose
I cant do it, you need digital for it anyways

I could start all over again, new resources, new clock, 0 months and counting but who am I even fooling, I'm just going to fail again, Im scared
5 months I should be better, at least at faces yet I failed

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/beg/ calls me sunk cost, I'm pathetic
I can't give up but I feel like no matter what I don't improve

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I can't grasp it, I can't Im osrry I cant Im sorry
trips on that post?
Could it be a divine sign that I should give up? I'm failing to justify my existence

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Just a fucking skill, just marks on paper so why is it so hard
And all the masters say anyone can do it
Im talentless why cant i do it

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Hi, OP. You are only going to improve once you fix your mental health. There is no other way around.
Good luck.

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I can't do that, please tell me how to improve
Read this >>5148976

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yes thats what theyre for, you got caught in a beg trap

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5 months...

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Go read Mastery by George Leonard. Until then fuck off. Get off this board. You are so laughably immature, self-centered and incapable of seeing your how your mindset is holding you back from progress that it’s almost entertaining. But at this point, it’s just pathetic. You’re even self-aware enough to understand that your inability to tolerate failure prevents you from making any significant progress, yet you continue to make the same mistake. You know that failure is the only way forward, but you’re so emotionally weak that you can’t take it. You compare yourself to tragic heroes, as if you are some divine chosen being bound to eternal suffering. You’re not special. Everyone goes through this. Every master only got where they are because they withstood the disappointment of failure and tried again thousands of time, believing in the process of minute improvement.

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I'm being serious. Art is merely a state of mind, if your life is shit and you're depressed, first you need to be happy. Get therapy, fix your head, then go back to art. There is no other way around it.

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This is the true answer OP. If you’re wondering what talent is, it’s a clear mind capable of critical thinking.
Your mental illness is like iron shackles holding you back. Like art improvement, fixing it will be slow. This is the only way. Start by taking walks in nature. Surely you can’t fail at walking?

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can mods just rangeban this fucking faggot already jesus christ

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Some dude having a mental breakdown over here

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You again... didn’t we tell you to go fuck off and draw. You’re not getting any better by shitposting.

Anyway go outside and do life drawings to get gesture and form.

Do you have irl friends?

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Just report him for spamming and move on.

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This one's alright.

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Camus once said Sisyphus tied to his fate of pushing the rock up the mountain again and again. He must have reached acceptance to his curse, by accepting it he rebel against it. He must be happy.
But is it true? As I standing at the position of Sisyphus. Pushes the rock again and again, grinds everyday. But I dont see reason or happiness. I only see this endless torture, and wish my imperishable fate to be crushed by the damn rock one day. Right?

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yeah yeah whatever you say. stop drawing if you dont like it.

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You're not the fallen king Sisyphus, you're just a depressed (hopefully) teenager who needs to go outside. You are bound to nothing. True freedom. Unlike heroes of tragedy, you have the freedom to shitpost online, and unlike them, you will be remembered with contempt. Stop living in fantasy. You are truly nobody. Once you stop aggrandizing yourself and accept that you are just an idiot, only then can you truly move forward. Go take a fucking walk.

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You're a narcissist. As long as your entire world revolves around yourself, no one is going to care about your art or anything else you do.

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