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Genuine question. I feel like i'm always having an artblock after rubbing one out. I might consider stopping if theres a science behind it.

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affects your drawing*

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Masturbation lowers your energy level, yes. Easypeasymethod.org

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uhhh best girl alert?

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the trick is to draw what you want to jerk off to

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Really? It fires me up.

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They might have a point

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does it like make ur drawing hand more shaky or unreliable when u use it too much when jerking off?

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Happens to me as well. I draw best when I'm horny as shit.

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i'm so fucking tired of this brainlets coomers bro

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Nigga jacking off doesnt do anything, in fact it probably makes you focus better because ur head isnt all coomed up.

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Of course it doesn't. But being a brainlet does. And based on this question of yours, I have really bad new for you, brainlet.

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It makes me feel restless.

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> bad new
You just proved OP's point. Stop fapping while typing, cumbrain.

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>so desperate he has to point out a typo

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Fapping makes you tired. If you're tired when drawing, it tends to makes you feel fidgety

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stop following me everywhere dumb rudeus I'm already applying myself

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obviously, if you can get nature's greatest dopamine hit, making art won't seem nearly as rewarding. Just stop fapping, easy

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I draw all day and jerk off 5-15 times interspersed through the day

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Fucking kek, sometimes you pepe posters are alright.

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>too retarded to proof read his own post
The rafter in ones eye as they say

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Try edging while drawing. Let the coom consume you till you literally see the coom projected in your head. Draw the coom

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It literally can't hurt anon. I tried it for a week and didn't notice much of a difference except more time for drawing.

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my cooming fuels my creativity. this is why i edge when i draw. if i cum i get tired and lose motivation though.

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