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Why do so many proffesional artists draw the classic 'eight pack'? It's just flat out anatomically incorrect.

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i kind of look like the OP picture but taller, and before you ask no I won't post my work. I don't want anyone finding out I post here.

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Why do artists draw girls with cocks

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Go to bed Gill.

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Aesthetics over realism

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The muscles on the ribs arent muscles you retard, it's an average 6 pack


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i dont know. it always looks disgusting

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because this body is already unrealistic as fuck, try imagining a 6 pack on it, the abs would look long and aesthetically terrible

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>It's just flat out anatomically incorrect.
nah nigga, the separation of the abs is largely genetic and can lead to an 8 pack

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it's not, study anatomy more

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now post a photo of it happening in life instead of your inaccurate, cherrypicked diagram

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damn son, you're really dedicated to being wrong

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Some people achieve eight packs, and ur an artist ur goal is to apeal not to be a fkin anatomy nerd.

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and a flayed cadaver so you can see all the tendinous separations

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I'll concede that it's possible, but it's certainly unusual, and the prevalence of it in art seems unwarranted

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>Wtf bros why do people draw idealized figures with appeal

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nobody tell him

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Comedy gold
Your impression of someone consumed by the Dunning Kruger effect is oustanding. Keep it up.

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Damn, humans have so very little meat.

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You mean with the arch of the ribcage showing? I think it's a convention that comes from cape comics back when classical bodybuilding stressed the vacuum.

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You're right and the rest of these midwits are wrong. Freak show specimens are not a free pass to draw garbage.

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Let me guess. You just started studying anatomy?

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this thread is just DYELs coping, next we'll have a body +vity thread

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That's a six pack.

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Yeah, I concede that people should be drawn overweight and disgusting like the average person.

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t. female
maybe stop looking at shota and flamboyant twinks for once.

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it should be obvious why idealized versions of humans, including very muscular and lean males, would be more prevalent in art then inferior versions. people draw what they find beautiful, and oftentimes ideal versions of things are what they find beautiful.

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The literal state of the world we live in.. Degenerative eugenics are doing their thing, it seems. Imagine visiting our world as an ancient greek and learning that no one has an 8-pack like him and all of his kin do, except for the mandatory corrupt village fool that can't control his consumption habits

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The literal state of the world we live in.. Degenerative eugenics are doing their thing, it seems. Imagine visiting our world as an ancient greek and learning that no one has an 8 year old fuckboy like him and all of his kin do, except for the mandatory corrupt village pedo that can't control his consumption habits

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post unwarranted art

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I’m assuming straight males because they suck at drawing men.

Anime is same way. They are good at a drawing girls but men all have incorrect abs.

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imagine thinking that the ancient Greeks weren’t fat shits. Anyone who could afford to commission a sculpture would not have had the rippling abs and godlike bodies they paid for in the sculpture. Why do retards have this idea that the art portrays reality? It’s like thinking the 40s were in black and white. These majestic white Roman sculptures and buildings weren’t even white, they were painted and now they’re sun bleached from centuries of weather. I bet Rome looked pretty hideous all painted and gaudy with mosaics everywhere

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Scott Eaton taught me it's a four pack and a 40-oz.

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Do the abs being incorrect mean the drawing is bad?

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Please, post your work. Enlighten us straight male artists.
Crabs, every single time lol.

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please go get corongas

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Is that Acland?

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Dude, people also draw women with a perfect hourglass body and perky G-cup breasts all the time. Maybe you also think that’s trash, but OP’s question of WHY it happens is stone stupid.

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>no one has an 8-pack like him and all of his kin do, except for the mandatory corrupt village fool that can't control his consumption habits
8 packs are genetics nigga, even top bodybuilders nowadays only have a 6 pack or even a 4 pack in some cases, arnold never got 6 defined abs to show no matter how lean he got because genetically he just didnt have the connective tissue separating the muscle that way
also you are stupid as fuck if you think 8 packs are somehow stronger or more functional than any other rectus abdominis configuration

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>8 muscles aren’t stronger than 4 muscles
LOL I guess it’s a coincidence that triceps are stronger than biceps and quadriceps are stronger than triceps oh wait your a fucking dyel beglet hit the gym once in your life retard i’d like to see you try to curl 3plaet

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Because the average doesn't deserve art, only the gorgeous and horrendous.

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they taste good tho

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Why do so many retarded shit scrubs talk about what's correct and what's not correct? That's just flat out incorrect?

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his hair is wrong and his jaw is more protruding and they just put basic ears on

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urien makes me coom

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the ab separation is just connective tissue, its not more muscles, this would be like saying biceps with higher insertions are stronger than ones with lower ones

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Lmao, I'm convinced that every crab on this board is some dumb stinky pussy bitch from crystal cafe.

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>A fucking shitty phone filter got some things wrong, oh the humanity!
Are you being serious right now?

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