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Why haven't you made it yet?

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Self hatred

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I'm not trying as hard as I could.

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I keep drawing faces completely lopsided and don't notice until I've finished the picture.

Also I just started learning like a month ago.

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I don't know

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I don't post my work anywhere and don't stick to a style for long enough to build a recognizable brand. I am working on changing that, I promise.

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Cuz I'm in the process of making it, my confused dude.

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Easier to crab-bucket other anons.

That girl had the best scenes.

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I'm incapable of finishing work at a consistent pace.
Where is the way out?

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I started 3 days ago

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Most old users are always leaving and there are always new users joining.

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I'm a WIP

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I'm personally gonna make it in a year. Don't know about you guys.

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Same. I quit my job and decided to do commissions, told myself I'd do 8 hour days of drawing but I end up doing maybe 2-3 on a good day and procrastinate the entire time, not even studying. I'm miserable and have no one but myself to blame.

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Your work ethic and even skill is decided by innumerable factors many of which are outside of your control

Don’t quit your day job, ever

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Thanks but I feel nearly suicidal wage slaving.

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all these answers are shit

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I dont know what to make it yet.

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I’m one of the smarter and more capable users here. I’m the most developed as a human being, but I started art somewhat late (18 and a 3/4, just recently turned 20). I’m confident I’ll make it within 1-2 years especially since I unironically like drawing coom and other fucked up shit, but that’ll do nothing for my other problems that run deeper.

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Because Garth brooks is a fag like you and Garth Brooks is a looser commie fag.

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I nutted so hard to this animation

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I have, the world just hasn't realized it yet

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I only draw maybe a few hours a week when I could be drawing much more

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you first begtard

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I'm a gay retard

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I'm still shit and grinding, what did you expect?

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I dont draw often.....

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I made it about 3-4 years ago.
What about you?

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too retarded for social media, not enough finished work

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I didn't even start trying yet

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Lack of direction.

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I have the skills and the talent, but my work isn't properly oriented towards the market. Basically, I haven't made myself marketable.

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