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>add noisy/grainy texture
>art instantly looks better
why does no one talk about this one simple trick?

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1. it doesnt
2. it only looks good when it needs to
3. using it in every piece it starts to get redundant

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texture good that's why

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That's a pretty terrible kafuchan.

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it doesnt look better, though. it's easily seen right through and looks boring. texture needs to be used sparingly and accordingly

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its a lot more appealing than what you posted

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Are there any good guides/resources for adding post-processing effects in photoshop?

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In what fucking universe? I will agree that neither is good. Not a lot, if any, good art of her to be found.

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OPs facial artstyle, shape language (especially in the clothes), and the color choices are far superior. the linework is also more visible which gives its variety room to show off. the only issue is the lazy background.

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Lost me on the part where her looking like a literal retard and nothing like the source material is a good thing. But you do you.

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what he said

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another example of grainy noisy texture

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All that noise clutters the image, it's like the chromatic aberration it is completely pointless and adds nothing but a nuisance.

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Noise, blur, sharpen, vignette, chromatic aberration, it's all cheap makeup, it stands out too much.
Only the people enjoying the details in your drawing should notice them.

I apply a film grain filter and scale the image down to 60%.
Just to add color variation and dithering to the image.

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>scaling an image down
yeah kys

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How do you implement this?

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Hello Mr. Keigi!

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gmic for krita > add grain filter

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Why are there zig-zagging shadows on her neck?

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I used a square brush and thought it was cool to leave the jaggies.
One more thing for people to look at.

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range murata uses in all his finished piece, never tired of it

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You should've used it more in the painting to add some contrast. Since it's the only bit with jaggy brush stroke it looks a bit off and uncanny. Good work though.

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I don't like it.

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Yeah, I should've found another way to render the neck.

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It's well known at the pro end. Adding a layer of B&W noise, at around 3-4% opacity will tie in a painting and normalize it. Photographers do it all the time to hide editing that's too clean, they add sensor/film grain back in.

It should be done VERY lightly, and at the end. Painting with it is pointless. Not every piece needs it, either.

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This looks bad compared to OP. But I am autistic about my faces. Try to redline her head in that image. I assume he exaggerated perspective after drawing the basic head shape, which is what lead to the fuck up.

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I don't know how.

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how to add noisy/grainy texture on clip studio paint?

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dumbass here, how do you scale down an image?
in paint?

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>Parking in the same direction on both sides of the road
Isn't that illegal? Or is it different in Britain or wherever that is set?

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3rd world shitter like my country has no such rule

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It's only illegal at night.

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Looks like it's a one way.

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Would be funny if someone painted an illegal act. Even includes their number plates.

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don't you ever get tired of this pedo moeblob faggotry with emojis for faces every single fucking day? do you animefags have downs or something?

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take your meds tradtranny

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make a new layer
filter > render > perlin noise
adjust the parameters
change layer blending to linear burn or overlay
turn down the opacity until it looks good

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>emojis for faces
The only acceptable faces are either the "chill, edgy" one eyebrow raised sarcastic American face or the white pus ball superhero eyes American face.

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i prefer soft light for this

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chromatic aberration 2.0

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What the difference? Would you mind giving an example for a /beg/ ?

Based Mum

Where's she posting now anyway?

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The only way to know which blending mode looks best for a noise layer is trying out all of them.
if you don't know absolutely nothing about blending modes:

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Hey thanks. I'll take a look at this.

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Thing is he's japanese and you're not, anon.

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