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How do you go about delevop your signature as an artist? I dont want something to informal, but still look good on a autograph

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>the virgin signature
>the Chad monogram

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>worrying about your signature instead of your art

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>he doesnt even wants to sign his own work
Ayyyy imaaooo

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You're right. When Im building up a portfolio the thing thats gonna make or break my career is whether or not people see a little fucking scribble that people wont give a shit about til I make it.
Do your reps you faggot.

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>hes mad in a chinese basketwaving forum daydreaming of actually making it selling anime
Loooool ahahaha

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How about you make it a part of your art and different every time?

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I dont sign my shit LMAO

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make sure you make it big and right in the middle of your drawing

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Bro just used the same one you use for your disability cheques

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I use a logo and hide it somewhere on the background

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It's like 13 year old girls dreaming about what their wedding dress is going to look like. Fucking sad.

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>developing your signature
I just use my regular one, and sometimes I mess with it for fun to make it look like a neon sign, who gives a shit. I think some guy at work recognised it the other day but no one really cares.

It's all about the twitter or patreon link these days, anyway

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as much as /ic/ hates graffiti, unironically graffiti tagging.

nothing like the pressure of the cops to make you hoist out a line real quick.

plus its fun, mostly harmless when you're young., as long as you stick to dumpsters and generators and bridges and shit.

Develops soul, its fun, I tagged up around my town as "BLONDIE!" because i liked the good, the bad, and the ugly. and if if push came to shove, i could argue I didn't have blonde hair (I would later dye my hair some blonde, this was awesome because the tag became me yadda yadda)

anywho, yeah go practice tagging. also i liked blondie must die because die is there twice.

and die blondie did, good riddance trump.

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