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Where do you see art in 20 years from now?

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Disney style dies out. Anime takes over. Realist art goes fringe.

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On our government mandated headsets during the designated time slot for consumption off government approved artistic media

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Whatever China is up to.

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A cumbrain on a gamer chair wearing a VR thing that spams procedurally generated custom porn right into his eyeballs; he hits a big button on his desk connected to his bank account every 20 seconds to keep the porn running while he beats off with the other hand.
He's got a pipe in his mouth for feeding and a pipe in his ass for shitting.

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Yep, this is what i was also thinking of.

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Where do i go to get corrections for this kind of stuff, /d/ or /ic/?

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So anime times 500. Have you seen Chinese anime? Crazy talent but shitty stories and awkward camera panning that doesn’t feel authentic.

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dies out because vr art is the new hot shit, aka porn

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Probably on the internet still, unless BCIs/communication technology change the internet so drastically that we don't call it the internet anymore.

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