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Hypothetically if I paid an animator 75,000 for two or three years of work do you think that's reasonable?

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I can do it for 7500 usd

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I can do it for 750 USD

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i'll do it for 70.50$

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I’ll pay you 75000 to do it

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keked hard

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Jokes aside this actually happens with a lot of third worlder animators. Why is this a thing bros?

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We need money too, were I live it would take me my whole life to earn 75000 usd, literally no even exxagerating, and I have a great level of skills so why not take away the spot from some spoiled first world amerifatt cuck so will burn his money on tranny shit and vidyia, like im being honest here, I have grown to hate europeans and american because they whine day in and day out and yet they dont know how to feel to really struggle

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Where do you live, anon? How much many you spend on your living? Really curious about it.

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but can't you offer anything else besides a lower price?

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Same quality as others for a lower price its a big catch, I already tried charging normal rates nobody gives a fuck because usually aniamtors are buttpals of the director or simply their wifes/husbands brothers whatever, no sense in try to compete against nepotism
and the jobs they do give to thirdwolrders are a joke, and the payment is a joke too, so basically if you are not american or anglo, and you want to get into the industry you are screwed and out of luck

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you’d think these retards would organize into a studio, charge like 10% less, establish themselves as the quality option and live like kings instead of gypsies

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>Three years:
Just above the poverty pay and commitment would sound amazing to an animator stuck in a poor country that resists anyone climbing the social ladder, or a very young animator, it is kind of alright that is mostly it.
>two years:
37.5k a year is pretty significant, you could maybe even get somebody pretty damn good with that.

By the way, I personally discourage trying to make an animation alone through all sorts of shortcuts if you are not the animator. Most people don't understand the process and in the good cases it adds another year or two to the project, that would be the good cases. It is a case sensitive situation, but generally the best process is
>doing all the preproduction you need to do on your own
>then contact a group or a studio to do anything from layouts to finished piece.

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uhm you could like hire 3 animators from singapore or something for 30k

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>pretty significant
It is the bare minimum money that junior animators get at a studio, you fucking moron.

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I don't think you realize opening a studio is a very risky business and deemed to fail if you don't have connections with producers that would be interested in your projects. Not to mention if you were to establish one with all these narcissistic faggots it would crash faster than the planes that hit WTC.

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looking at the credits roll of DMC5 yes, the majority of the game was made by 3rd worlders. No idea why you imagine them to be some hut-dwellers who use chalk and a sheet of dirty paper lol, quite opposite there are a lot of smaller upcoming studios who just create assets etc, they have lower expenses and can also offer lower prices to the developers for the same quality/ or even better since they just pirate the newest software and learn it while 1st worlders usually use the same tools until their company does a major refresh

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I’m not saying you should make your projects, I’m saying you should open up a studio and produce western projects via outsourcing like literally all of animation and a huge part of film is done.
Literally doing what you’re doing now, but on a bigger scale, with bigger productions and bigger margins.

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>japanese animators get 300-500 + no housing/transport bonus in the early years after they get a position in an anime studio

so they basically work for under 10k per year. Not that anon but get that silver spoon out of your ass

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If someone’s outsourcing what’s the difference between pajeets with a studio and the pajeet next door who will do it for 1/4? Literally nothing. If anything amerifats will avoid studio pajeet just to avoid giving them any sort of respect or recognition

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Are you a fucking retard? You realize standards of living change based on where you live? You could live well in some shithole with that kind of money, but not in the first world. You get it, you low IQ mongrel?

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Most studios only care about minmaxing their profits so it doesn't matter where they are from as long as they can do the job for the minimum wage that they offer.

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>If someone’s outsourcing what’s the difference between pajeets with a studio and the pajeet next door who will do it for 1/4? Literally nothing.
Are you legitimately retarded? Production capacity, you imbecile.
>If anything amerifats will avoid studio pajeet just to avoid giving them any sort of respect or recognition
except that’s literally what they do retard, entire neighborhoods of filming studios are built all over eastern europe because it’s cheaper for mutts to film there than in usa

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I'll pay a premium just so I don't have to deal with esl shitheads that think their self-taught garbage compares to real art lol

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They also use Vancouver in the last decade because they pay less taxes there and it's closer to US.

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>live well
>in some shithole

>”smells like shit and the toilets a mud hole in the floor but this wine is divine”

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You know the major Japanese cities are some of the most expensive cities to live in in the whole fucking world, right? It's like taking an unpaid internship in Manhattan.

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Japan has the shittiest work ethics in the first world. That is why their birthrates are falling and they started to import third worlders to compensate for their new generation. They see companies are lords that they vow loyalty to. It's especially harsh for animators because they are even seen less than a wage slave cattle by their workplaces. If you defend this then you are a fucking sub zero IQ peanut brain moron.

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You realize that makes his argument more valid. Japanese animators are seen lower than cattle.

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Yes. Just pointing out his ignorance about the world.

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>no Japan just has WORK ETHIC unlike stupid amerikun sama desu. God I fucking hate my country

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I thought he was this guy >>5148119 replying because i didn't read his whole post and didn't realize he was talking about Japanese animators. My argument was that people living in the first world shouldn't be okay with getting paid shit because third worlders are doing it for lower. The life factors are different in the third world and first world countries. You could live worse off as an animator in the first world compared to a third world animator due to standards of life being different. Which is fucking stupid and pisses me off so much. Studios should stop seeing animators as exploitable workforce.

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Employers in general should stop seeing people as an exploitable workforce. This is life. Just because you’ve got it worse than someone else it doesn’t mean the person above you is less entitled to complain because someone else always has it better

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It is a skilled work though. It is not some labor job that anyone can do with little training. Also, if you don't complain about it then you will get exploited more. Your mindset is toxic and serf-like.

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>slave morality

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>mind of a slave
>bro just accept it
>just consoome and never question

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You completely misinterpreted what I’m saying as something literally not even relevant at all. Did you even read what you replied to?

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For your own reference, 100K is enough to hire an entire animation studio from a third world country to make a 10 minute animated short story.

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Also for the same 100K you could straight up hire Production IG(same dudes behind Ghost in the Shell), but only for 5 minutes duration. Direct price quotation from their own sales correspondent from 2 years ago

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What you retards don't get is there's nothing stopping you from charging first world rates. You are cucking yourself out of a decent life because you don't value your time.

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Do they trace over 3D models for these type of shots?

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Animators are desperate for work because they can easily be exploited because they do it for "passion" tm. Third world animators are even worse due to their economical state of their country so they are even more desperate.

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have you seen CGI look anything close to this in the 90s?

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based gmi

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Not talking about pure CGI, if you know how to read i said "tracing" over models.

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