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Pic rel is generated from the words “ a lonely house in the woods” by an AI.

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'a black cat sleeping on top of a red clock'

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'''An illustration drawn with a black pencil showing a dog looking in a mirror from an angle that also shows the mirror's reflection. The mirror is a magic mirror that shows [...]

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I'll give it another 20 years.

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what's with all the ai threads? who cares? just fucking draw and have fun

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impressive for ai but it looks digital, and not handmade.

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How to make it work on windows 7?

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Just use Artbreeder.com, way more fun.

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The difference between self driving trucks and AI art is that once the tech for AI art comes out it will be instantly adopted by consumers.

It’s a different program entirely.

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"Almost here" looks absolutely awful.

I do think that when this becomes a thing though, it will basically create a tiered perception of art. "Did you do that, or did you use AI?" is going to be a question people ask. You guys are seriously underestimating how magic normies think drawing is.

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glad i'll be dead before this becomes an actual thing

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Things move fast in the AI world. Just give it 5 years and it will be unrecognizable.

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nowadays it's like every month there is some crazy advance on ai in the arts field
at this rate the market for illustration will be very different in less than a decade

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What are the computer scientists thinking when developing technology like this?
"ART! That's the grunt work we have to get off people's backs! Without ART in the way they'll be free to pursue more important things!"

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>Bet I can make an artist by forcefeeding this program literally millions of drawings
>Shut up retard
>I did it
>The art fucking sucks dude
>I didn't say I was going to make a good artist
new abandonware on github has appeared

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There is that other AI project, AI dungeon which produces a dungeons and dragons like text game in response to your input, if this Ai can generate images from text the two going hand in hand could be quite interesting.

The attraction to AI Dungeon is the random sponteniaty, it can't really replace a good well thought out linear narrative where the plot beats and narrative structure lend to the themes but for a quick gymmick where you ask AI dungeon to describe a landscape then have Big Dream paint it out for you could be interesting

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Anyone planning to use AI to supplement their own art?

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>it's a worse photo

why is AI "art" a thing again

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Somebody in another thread said all there needs to be said about AI...

>and nobody played chess ever again

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If I wanted to use something like this, how would I go about it? I don't understand a word on that page.

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The "AI" is a total scam, it's just mixing together already existing images based on tags, it's not capable creating anything on it's own, just a redditor OMG SCIENCE bait

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You can install it locally with pip(you might need a good GPU) or just use the simplified colab notebook. It’s fairly retard friendly.

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None of these is generated. It's just a composite of different existing pictures.
AI is still /beg/ tier.

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Who cares? The only important thing is how good it is at generating art. If in the future we got an amazing text to art app I don’t give a fuck if it’s a composite or not.

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Good, let AI take over. Maybe then we'll see some real art being made

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Bros, what is that website where you can create girls in different styles of art?

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Arrgh, I mean that AI website. Plz tell.

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>a composite of different existing pictures
isn't that what we all do though?
Everything is a remix

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looks like shit

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Isn't it waifulabs?

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No. Nevermind, it was artbreeder.

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We need to hire a hitman on whoever is in charge of this shit, will also send a messege to all the rest

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Hire one with what money, drawfags? Hahahaha

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>sends hitman paid with furbucks to your location
Ur yiffd kiddo

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You have too much faith in consumers, their atention span, their ideas for art or even them knowing what they want. What will happen is that people will use it for porn and that ai will be labelled as "that porn ai"and most business don't want to do deals with porn related things. It will be fun tho.

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Pedantic comparison, the way humans "remix" previous ideas is not even comparable to what AIs are capable of doing.

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>is not even comparable
for now~

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I enjoy the cope these threads bring.

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it's actually the exact same thing
i'd tell you to read something on AI, but it's all really, really arid theory and statitstics not apt for brainlets. Just look at the results instead

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It's one of many cope threads to justify their lack of skill.

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because programmers have no soul and are complete tards

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>What are the computer scientists thinking when developing technology like this?
it's probably just a fun experiment, feeding some art pieces into tensorflow or whatever and generating outputs until they don't look like cosmic horrors

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