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Attention all art kikes, crabs and /beg/shitters

I will never draw a box
I will never draw less than two hours a day
I will never choose realism and anatomical correctness over appeal
I will never pay for art software
I will never pay for reference material
I will never purchase for your video course
I will never buy a chink tablet
I will never give a shit about your critique
I will never, ever, EVER draw anything that isn’t in anime style

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> anime style

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You forgot the most important
>I will never make it

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>I will never, ever, EVER draw anything that isn’t in anime style
All that basedness and then you just blow it all in the end
Correct, he must add that

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You mean the baseness level is off the charts.

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Based. Simple as.

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based as fuck. the only reason i want to learn to draw is so i can jerk off to it

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Basement as fuck.

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I will never read Loomis
I will never watch Vilppu
I will never get a class on Art Academy
I will never listen to Proko

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>I will never draw less than two hours a day
So you'll draw more than 2hrs a day?
Keep it up, anon! GMI!

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Based as fuck.
Loomisniggers eternally seething.

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fuck anti-semites and fuck you OP

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hahaha that epic and based department LOL !!
Can I be your friend on discord?
take my upvote buddy you've earned it :)

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>I will never, ever, EVER draw anything that isn’t in anime style
Hori shitto basado

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That's pretty cool and all but pyw

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Will never buy wacom
Will never buy Apple products
Will never read white men books
Will never watch white men tutorials
Will never stop spamming Genshin impact coom arts in /asg/
Will never stop triggering /pol/ schizo in /dtg/

Simple as

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Will never stop being a 35 years old virgin

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having sex isn't going to make you any better than me at drawing, anon...

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But where's your work?

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he'll stop being a 35 year old virgin in less than a year

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>Installed cold turkey a few months ago
>Blocked Youtube, Netflix, any service site, all social media, and finally any mirror site to any of those sites
> I'm able to draw 10+ hours everyday.
Bros... am I GMI?

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Post ur art

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Show us your work

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You should have blocked 4chan too.

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you don't know that

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