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Got a stupid questions that doesn't deserve its own thread?

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Why is nothing clicking

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Is posible to make stylized backgrounds and buildings and if it's posible what is the process to do it?

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Simplify and exaggerate the shapes. I like how cartoon backgrounds do this.

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How do I go about asking an artist for a nsfw commission after they've deleted their nsfw alt account?

Basically, I found one of my favorite artist's sfw main account after being introduced to them by their nsfw blog, but before I could ask for a commission, they deleted it and now only post on their main sfw account. I also don't think many people know they're the same account.
But the artist still posts cropped pics of their old nsfw art in 'improvement timelines', so I assume they're not completely ashamed or anything (or they figured people won't notice).

So how would I ask for a nsfw commission given these circumstances? I could specify it would be a private commission and that I wouldn't post it anywhere (or even offer to pay extra).

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Why can't I remove the special coating from pen nibs properly, the ink just wont flow from the tip onto the paper no matter what I try. I've tried burning, Boiling water, Potato, Tooth brush and soap/toothpaste but none of them seem to be working.

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i am too much of a brainlet to understand wheel poop's renaissance figure drawing and portrait drawing

just how do i understand vilppu better

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huge huge huge part in understanding vilppu is doing the exercises. Draw along with him during the lectures and practice that one lecture for a whole week, doing life drawing every day and applying what he talked about and demonstrated.

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idk how to be faster. something simple like a 3/4 animu face takes me awhile to get decent looking lines down when for everyone else it takes 1-5 minutes in comparison.

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Stressin' too much

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But anon how do you know their as quick as you say?

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god I'll try, I've tried just watching one of the chapters and it's like he's talking in snakespeech lithuanian, feels like being the brain damaged kid in science class

I'll try that and will take extensive notes, thanks anon

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between when they type and when they post after with an image

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>doing life drawing every day
Is this a joke? Where am I supposed to get a life model to pose for me every day?

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doesn't have to be in flesh, there are videos and livestreams of models that are close enough to the real thing in times of rona

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Am I right in thinking that perspective isn't really that complicated? Besides 1-2-3 point, the picture plane, and some common fucking sense like convergence/divergence there isn't really that much to it

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Just be up front about it, ask them if they'll be willing to do nsfw and say you'll keep it private. As long as you're polite I'm sure they won't mind the question

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there's some added magic sauce in there, such as fisheye and lenses, and accurate measurement/angles in tilted spaces, but yeah perspective is just space science

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The theory is pretty easy yeah, but in practice we don't plot everything out. We sketch in a grid and free-hand draw on top of that, and drawing objects on that grid can take some skill, especially if not every object conforms to the grid. Pic related would be pretty hard for beginners to do.

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Any tips on connecting the head to the body?

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with a neck

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any good book on female fat deposits?

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I think Valerie Winslow’s Classic Human Anatomy: In Motion talks about it a bit iirc. You can find it on libgen.

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there's two on the chest have sex

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Thanks anon. I was actually starting to think the same thing, and they do seem like a pretty chill person. I'll go ahead and see what they say.
With the pandemic going around, I'm sure they'd be overjoyed to have a commissioner pay extra for nsfw.

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Started practicing with left hand.
Anyone else felt like your brain is rewiring or something?

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what's a good android app for drawing? i want to draw on my phone

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How will i know if i am improving or if its just being a waste of my time?

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> draw
> draw again
> drawings are getting better? is it a waste of time? should i try to learn new stuff?
> repeat

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can you download tools and brushes from CSPs store with a cracked copy?

Also why the fuck don't they have an option for hardware acceleration?

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Does everyone that goes through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain reaalllyy use the picture plane and viewfinder shit? Did YOU?!

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completed it and I didn't, did a workaround

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Comparing old drawings usually. pack them away, and bring them out in a year for memorylane

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My Intuos 4 from 2014 is starting to show it's age, am hoping to use this opportunity to switch to a good graphics tablet with a screen that'll last me a good while.

Hoping to stay in a budget of $800, and am willing to do a little more if need be. I'm also willing to sacrifice quality for size.

You guys have any recommendations or know where I could go to get some?

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Ooh please tell me your workaround master

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What exercises I can do to prevent skill decay, if I can’t practice everyday?

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>basically, if you are doing digital:
do pic related

>if you are doing traditional:
use a ruler and draw that thing then use the "crosshair" to help you drawn

may not be the same, still works
if it is too hard, just do it with the viewfinder

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Photoshop question. When I try and use photoshop brushes they dont rotate with my wacom tablet, but they rotate in a realistic way just fine in Krita. Also they dont respond to pen pressure in like they do in Krita either. I looked at "size jitter" and "rotation jitter" but changing the settings on that just turned the brushes into messy pieces of shit. How the fuck do I make Photoshop cc do what Krita (a free program) does automatically?

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You just try to practice every day if only for 10 minutes. barring any special days this should be something you can manage.

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I've noticed that some artists and even my friends do this thing where they make the figure one solid color but never understood why.
is it just so they can use clipping mask to color?

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Is Hogarth correct that the forearm/bicep and calf/thigh are the same width from any angle regardless of foreshortening? It doesn't make sense to me.

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Apparently this is still available. Should I go for it over something like a huion kamvas pro?

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When rendering do you block in forms with full opacity and then go on to do the rest with pressure opacity turned on?

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Probably means if the arm is stretched straight out cause yeah wouldn't make sense if the arm was bent.

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i started a drawing with an A4 canvas
and while i appreciate the room it gives for details
im already regretting everything
what size do you people work at?

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In loomis, the guy says, for example on the straigh forward face pic near the start. Do 2 lines, one horizontal, one vertical. Then go half way up, half down, half down again. Simple to understand.
But then you look at his pic, and he hasn't done this. He's gone 3/4 up. And the same distance down, twice.
Am I supposed to just look at the pictures and try to copy, ignoring what he says, only listen to certain parts, or what? Because what he says to do, at least here, is not what he does or the right thing to do, resulting in a face that's gone 2/4 from middle, ie has a chin at the base of the circle.

The thing is absurdly well recieved so it kind of confuses me that straight away its actively telling me to do stuff wrong

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Just copy the diagrams, and the words will make more sense. I don’t know what book you’re referring to so I can’t help with that.

You can render any way you want.

Just use your fingers to make a rectangle

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This is the specific, main example, but he's consistently wrong throughout the entire thing.
He says from those bolded lines, you go halfway up. Then down twice. And that's your structure. But as you can see, that's not what he's done, at all. Its not a matter of his words making sense. He is straight up lying about what he's done.

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is there a phenomenon where the first drawing in a set is always better then the second?
i have noticed this and wondered if theres any people who discuss working around this mental block

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How the fuck can I make furry bucks if I don't have access to a pc at the moment. Would they buy traditional shit? I'm thinking of jumping on the Animal Crossing bandwagon while it's still fresh and lewd those little fuckers for the degenerates. But I'm not sure if furros like their porn not digitalized.

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What's the point of learning to copy? Everyone's goal I assume is to draw from imagination. It's not a recreatable process (without the reference) if you autistically check every angle and proportion from an image. I get that you need to build up your visual library, but is there a process that would facilitate me being able to recreate the subject later on?

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what are the alternatives to loomis?

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Using reference once will help you get the image in your visual library and show you things about that particular pose/model/etc you might not have thought of if you went straight to drawing from imagination. Let's say you draw a certain difficult pose from reference. Well, now you have a mental image of the way it properly looks, and the lines you made to construct it. Also, you can learn a lot from reference if you don't exactly copy it but instead try to get the general feel of the lines and shapes, like in this video: https://youtu.be/30BOsR_tzYA

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How to stop Instagram from completely butchering the resolution of my image? Is there an ideal resolution/canvas size to use to mitigate the downgrade in quality?

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Does anyone here browse /loomis/ on 8kun? Is there anything there worth looking at that we don't have here? I saw that they don't even have a video course thread.

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How do I fix an art block.

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Is it okay to watch and study Karl Gnass' NMA videos as a complete /beg/? I've been watching Vilppu's videos too (along with his gesture drawing manual) and honestly I feel like I understand Vilppu's explanation but at the same time I'm completely lost on what gesture actually is. I know it's supposed to represent "the movement" but when I look at his drawings I feel like I get lost with all the curves he lays on paper to get the figure down.

Now as for Gnass', I actually understand what he's saying and my attempts have been so-so but at the same time I feel like he tackles gesture more from a "Fuck it dude, we're gonna draw the whole enchilada from the get go once we've laid down these simple shapes." which makes me think that he's skipping the technique that Vilppu and Hampton use as the first baby step.

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It's totally okay to watch Gnass, but yeah I don't think he teaches the material as well as Vilppu does. Vilppu simply doesn't skip a single step. He teaches everything very comprehensively, so I always recommend to people to stick with Vilppu for a long time, as you're not going to completely exhaust him in one go. Steve Huston, Karl Gnass, they all certainly know what they're doing but they don't teach it as solidly as Vilppu does.

As for gesture, "movement" literally means "movement of the eye". It's the 2-dimensional rhythm lines inherent in the figure that helps to guide your eye through the composition. When you get into Vilppu's composition lectures later on you really start to understand how important the gesture is as a design element in your painting. "movement" is also simultaneously the pose of the figure, the story and spirit of the drawing, making the drawing look like it's alive and animated. (not stiff) It's a lot of things at once.

But you don't have to draw your gesture the way Vilppu does. In his lecture he talks about 3 other methods of doing the gesture, and you can invent your own way if you want.

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Thanks for the advice anon, I don't feel like I'm sailing in uncharted waters anymore. I'll stick to Vilppu and move on to Gnass and/or Huston when I feel confident enough to make the leap.

I've got a couple of courses from the latter too but his method felt too "methodical" (granted it's easy to follow) however, I don't want to find myself in a situation with too many cooks and simply get lost inbetween so many techniques that I lose sight of what I'm really pursuing, albeit I'm sure all of these methods lead to the same result.

Another question that might sound stupid is, are there are any "pros" so to speak from each guy? So far I can grasp that Vilppu's method sticks to a methodology that you'd expect from the renaissance artists because of how "archaic" for the lack of a better term it looks yet it's simple and there's a certain beauty in it.

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Is it even possible to properly shade a drawing on printer paper using a shitty graphite pencil?

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The only thing I see inconsistent is that the "halfway up" mark is very slightly further than half way. You don't need to overthink it and have every measurement be exact. Just draw.

I always work very large and resize files for IG down to their exact dimensions used on the app, but it still messes with it a bit. Still, it helps more than just allowing IG to resize everything itself and fuck it up.

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that's an ugly example of this though. meh colors aside, those shapes are unpleasant to look at.

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how do i cope with my drawings still /beg/ shit after a year, its depressing

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Anyone have any references on colorizing through gradient maps in photoshop? Seems like a common technique among the nips (e.g. lack) but I don't understand the language.

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>I always work very large and resize files for IG down to their exact dimensions used on the app, but it still messes with it a bit. Still, it helps more than just allowing IG to resize everything itself and fuck it up.

Thanks mate, when you say "very large" how large we talking - thicc af or just Rubenesque?

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Just to be clear, I mean what range of dimensions? :)

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i want to make quick video recording of paintovers to help other anons. how to post those videos here?

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Its 2/3rds v 1 half, every time. The line going down is also equal to the top, so 2/3rds
I just don't get why he's giving specific, exact instructions if they are wrong, every single time he gives them.
If I'm going to just disregard this entirely and 'just draw', why the fuck is this book so regarded and recommended?

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Hey guys,

What's the best way to learn to draw architecture/buildings and other rigid man-made structure?

And what are your opinions on using tools. Should architecture be done freehand or is it fine to use rulers and such?

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How do you do that in SAI?

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How do I imitate the line quality of artists like pic related in digital? :/ I'm pretty sure they all used nib pens, but there's something specific about the way the thickness varies along the line and I can't seem to put a finger on it :/

Someone please help.

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It's absolute shit if you ask me. I couldn't stomach it. One second he's meandering in bullshit territory and the next he jumps ahead like 3 or 4 steps.

Just pick someone else, anyone else.

Loomis isn't some godly teacher. There are others better than him. I recommend Steve Huston.

>> No.4554874

I'll give steve a look, thanks. Its literally just faces I struggle to do so it was pretty annoying to find the main guy everyone recs for that is just... lying. All the time. Or overly vague. Like ''cut off the sides of the head''. Doesn't say how to determine how far that is.

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If you want to "just practice" check out: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/loomis-head-b7e2cd611d844df9b69efdc9be6d0215 (you might need to open it in firefox).

It's the Loomis head in 3D so you can turn it round and sketch, turn it and sketch, from all weird angles until it's ingrained in you how to cut up the head. Because, in the end, unless you're looking at it head-on, everything will be foreshortened anyway and you'll need more of a sense than actual calculattions.

It's better to "just get it". No teacher ever agrees on the proportions, and humans all have different proportions anyway. So, yeah.

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Thanks. Amusingingly, that's ALSO not going half way down, but its worth a shot of just grinding that if I can't find a guide written by someone who doesn't lie constantly.

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what filling the solid color? most people just color under the lineart layer manually.

and of course the clipping mask is just making a new layer and setting it as a "clipping group" above the solid color layer

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Still same guy here, I wanted to try and tackle this until you get around reading someone else.

I think you're getting confused a little about the order of "half way down"s. The first line you draw is the cross. This is half way down the SPHERE. Next is the bottom of the nose. That goes half way between the first line and the jaw. Then the mouth is half way between that line and the jaw again.

This means that the original cross is not half way between the jaw and the top of the head. It'll actually be 2/3 up, because the jaw is about a 1/3 down from the bottom of the sphere.

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Can you fucking show a good example? because im dumb with background stuff

>> No.4555060

are you fucking retarded just fucking google it a model you brainlet

>> No.4555070

Yea I thought about that, right away, and already overlayed the sphere over his image with the crosses to test this. Its not half way. Even if you divide the sphere in the pic in 2, then copy the bottom over the top in reverse, to also make the full sphere, his placement is still 2/3rds.
Under no circumstance at any point in the entire book does he ever follow his own advice.
So instead I'm going through the mega, then if that fails, going for Stevey boy.
It literally does not make sense for it to be half way how he says.

You start dead center. 50%. You go up half way. You are 75%. So going down from half, 25%. Goind the same distance down? 0%. Bottom of the sphere. His chins never end at the bottom of the sphere. Its mathematically impossible for his statement to lead to his results.

>> No.4555084

Actually no, now I'm more confused about what you are saying.
You are saying he does the thing halfway down, then gets the jaw via ????, then goes halfway down to the jaw that he says he gets via doubling the nose, and uses that to get the nose?
So he's instantly finding the jaw to find the nose and using the nose to find the jaw he instantly found and used to find the nose? How the fuck does that make sense?
What he says is
Line halfway down sphere
Halfway down from here is nose
Halfway down is jaw
Line halway down sphere
Get jaw via magic
Halfway between these for nose
Because that still just results in starting at 50% and going down 25% twice, to 0%, consistently at the bottom of the sphere, conistently above the jaw, consistently mathematically impossible to lead to his results.

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what stat would make you better at art?

>> No.4555125

practising, so endurance/con

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Yeah, finding the jaw feels like magic. Steve just puts it 1/3 of the sphere down. I never understood how Loomis does it. I get your frustration but it's not helping you.

Good luck, anon.

>> No.4555142

Thanks for trying, at least your explanation of 'find it via magic' makes more sense than his plainly and factually wrong instructions. I figured it could also be that I wasn't relating it to the axis right (something he doesn't fucking explain; he literally just says 'do an axis lol' one time with no explanation) but even on a purely centered face he himself doesn't follow his instructions in relation to an axis.
I wish the face was as simple and consistent as the body, where I can think purely in terms of maths and what's perpendicular to what

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All three guys taught at Disney, but Vilppu is the most prolific one. He’s trained a ton of industry pros

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I've always wondered about this diagram, while it is easy to make a flat plane with 8 equal lengths, when it comes to the character's width, are you simply meant to eyeball it to the best of your ability?
Also when the figure 90 degrees in the sitting poses, how can I check if the upright rectangles have the same length as the ones on the ground?

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How do you draw forms that touch or intersect with each other (especially when causing deforming)? Things like, a hand holding something, or someone lying down on a very soft bed... things like that.

>> No.4555886

Is there something similar to Photoshop's smudge tool for blenging in CSP?

>> No.4555891

How do I draw straight lines in photoshop like with an imaginary ruler? And I already know about pressing shift and it's not the same.

>> No.4555965

What else does it need to do that holding shift down doesn't bring?

>> No.4555975

Holding shift doesn't work with pen pressure.

>> No.4555979

Whether it's stand-alone pics, comics, animations, how do I avoid being boring?

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You sure you set size jitter to pen pressure? Works fine for me.

>> No.4555989

Is watching too much CCS as a kid the reason I want to be a girl now?

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What are some good books on heads that aren't loomis? I like his book on drawing heads but I'm just curious about other methods and what I elements I can take away from them for my process.

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File: 395 KB, 900x1200, 81gqBrB6ekL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Can anyone recognize the pen used here? I've looked for it a lot for clipstudio but I have failed.

>> No.4556210

If somebody wanted to "master" digital art by the end of this year, what advice would you have and what resources would you recommend?

I don't actually think I am going to "master" digital art by the end of the year but I figure by setting my bar as high as possible, I'll still be further ahead even if I don't reach it.

I already practice trad drawing for 3-6 hours a day, so I am disciplined when it comes to art... now I want to dedicate more time into digital. Any advice is appreciated.

Pic related: not my work (obviously), but a goal for me to render like.

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File: 107 KB, 880x1056, 4401f7a9a49f28d71b66bf75c8954845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to attach the picture.

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File: 163 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot (806).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Is there anything that breaks down the human form to retard level like these. I can't draw anything unless the perspective and forms and clearly and simply laid out. Once I can see it i can replicate it and transform it

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File: 1.30 MB, 800x5006, doxytoot-cleancolorfill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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How do I properly get rid of pencil lines? I see art youtubers and such go over their sketches with ink, then just magically erase all their pencil lines. But when I do it, there's always lines all over the place still or still some graphite blended into the ink it seems. Do I just have to do my sketches with a 9H pencil or something?

>> No.4556280

Either use only up to an H in pencil grades or be brave and stop using undersketches

>> No.4556301

you probably just press on your pencil to hard. but if it's a problem just ink over a ligthbox.

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try the riley method, there is not really a book but it's worth studying: https://www.pinterest.fr/bernierosage/the-reily-method/

>> No.4556332

ruler are fine. Medibang has a snap to perspective function. It's nice

>> No.4556486

Yea, just use a regular HB graphite and vary the pressure.

>> No.4556504

Architectural drafters have always used tools. For artists, the usual tools are things like triangles and protractors.

>> No.4556532

This small page won't do you justice on learning perspective. I didn't understand this until recently.

I'm watching Eric Olson's Linear Perspective course on NMA and it does a better job explaining. Most people will probably recommend Scott Robertson or Marshall's perspective course as well, but in short, just learn perspective. Will save you time.

Also anatomy.

Then return to Loomis, it'll make better sense.

>> No.4556585

Speaking of NMA is it really only 35 bucks or whatever for a full year? Can I pay that off with a disposable card? I fucking hate using my actual card for stuff since I've had data exposed in the past due to shitty companies and leaks.

>> No.4556589

40 bucks for a month, 50 if you want the hw assignments, photo refs, 3d models, etc. NMA is good with credit card info tho, been subscribed for a while

>> No.4556600

I checked a while ago and was wondering why their annual option is like $40 for standard right now but the monthly is about the same. Any courses in particular I should check out? Mainly struggling to get things to look 3d and anatomy for sure.

>> No.4556605

Vilppu is always a good option. I really liked Rey Bustos' anatomy lectures and I've heard good things about Erik Olson and Bill Perkins.

>> No.4556616

Can anyone help me find a app for drawing on my phone? I have a note and I've been wanting to paint like Bob Ross but I can't find any apps that do the wet on wet style.
Am I just low iq? I can't draw for shit but painting looks so relaxing.

>> No.4556837

How the fuck do I get good at drawing female hands ARGGGHG I feel like bad hands brings down ecery single one of my drawings. I never try to hide them either because I want to get better at them

>> No.4556883

draw 100 hands

>> No.4557409

Great, thank you, anon

>> No.4557411

have you tried the exact same website you fucking linked lmao


or do you need even more broken down shit

>> No.4557767

Could a cintiq 16 be viable as a second monitor when you're not drawing on it?

>> No.4558057


>> No.4559014

Was looking for more resources

>> No.4559034
File: 285 KB, 1200x1244, rayman_1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what tf are you talking about ??

>> No.4559039

basically, perspective and a good visual library are all you need

>> No.4559058

and also geometrical rendering if you do that too

>> No.4559104

Perspective and basic shapes (squares, ellipses, circles, triangles) to "capsule" the building and make sure everything's nice and tight.

As for rulers and instruments like that, yeah they're pretty much necessary if you're doing the blueprint/layout of the building. I haven't met a single architect who doesn't rely on these tools unless they're doing a quick sketch of the place they're gonna construct so people can have a rough idea of it.

>> No.4559345

wtf how do I do this??? I will literally do anything to get these gains.

>> No.4559899

How well does the learning from traditional painting courses apply to digital painting.
Are there any pros cons in learning on trad/digital aside from costs?

>> No.4559903

Just copy a bunch of anime.
Deconstructing other people's drawings is the fastest way to learn. It's the steroids of art.

>> No.4559919
File: 6 KB, 267x189, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the FUCK do I draw vehicles from observation? Especially modern cars; so many fucking little angles and curves that if you get one of them off, the entire thing looks fucking off

its really fucking frustrating as hell

>> No.4560125

for modern cars its all about a couple of curves. get them right, the car will look ok. And the hard part is actually getting them right. Each car manufacturer has a set of design features, and curves that make up their cars dna and design language.
Drawing them direcly in perspective won't work as you need to be exact. Try getting side, top and/or front views (that are way simplier, and the curves on them are clearly defined) and build the curves in 3d from there.

>> No.4560136
File: 392 KB, 774x972, 1588886850005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To add, Scott Robertson explain the process and techniques for simples vehicles.
To get more in detail on car design there is this book : "Vehicle design aesthetic principles in transportation design by Meadows, Jordan"

>> No.4560444

is there a way to bind color picker to right click in photoshop cc? i don't need to bring up the fucking brush menu adobe

>> No.4561018
File: 100 KB, 616x369, 0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are they not lined up with the vanishing point? What am I doing wrong here? Sorry for being retarded, I don't get perspective at all.

>> No.4561128

I'm okay at painting but I suck at drawing. How do I become a better drawer with a high aptitude for painting?

>> No.4561169
File: 104 KB, 2091x643, Perspective.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your guide lines are just a slight bit off, you just have to move them around a bit.

>> No.4561186

Thanks anon. Is it normal for stuff to not follow the grids perfectly?

>> No.4561189

No grid you make will ever be perfect, there will always be some errors, just try the best you can.

>> No.4561206

Not exactly a question and I'm not in tune w most of the ic stuff as i only come here to look at crabs once every so often.

But i've seen a lot of talk about soul vs souless subject w a lot of weird takes on it. Is it considered pure memeing? The way I took it is people losing their intuition for good fun shapes while in the search for progress and i think its a real problem that happens.

I guess the question is, did anyone actually had a serious discussion on dealing with or balancing the effect of the grind sucking the fun/soul out of stuff while also not going full opposite and start screaming "mu'h style" all the time?

>> No.4561237
File: 157 KB, 860x742, circ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone rec some tutorials/exercises for lines and shapes, as a starter? Thanks brothers. (didn't get any replies in the other thread so i'll try here)

>> No.4561262
File: 85 KB, 220x220, 1584407103170.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help please. People have told me that they would like to support my work but I don't know how to accept donations. What do you guys use? Is Ko-fi good?

I don't like how Patreon has treated lewd content creators lately so I don't wanna use that service. I don't want to ever lock any of my art behind a paywall either.

>> No.4561274


>> No.4561283

I think the best way to balance it is to just take days off every now and then.
I know people keep saying that you absolutely have to draw every day to make it, but I don't think it really harms you to take 2 or 3 days off every now and then.
Studying all the time is fine, but you also need to take some time to let it all sink in and refresh yourself, since you might end up running in circles if you just keep going for the sake of keeping things going.

>> No.4561311

What's the best between EasyToon, Pencil2D and OpenToonz?

>> No.4561349

I was able to make enough money for the last few years from art to buy a cintiq 24 pro. It's been about a week and I fucking hate it, still. Does anything else have insight on transitioning from an intuos or something like it to a pen display? It feels so empty to have purchased this only to hate it.

>> No.4561561

is there any good digital drawing/painting program that isn't subscription based

>> No.4561611

well with autohotkey you could remap right click to alt.

>> No.4561625

As i see it it's more about people focusing so much on being right and applying what you learned, that you forget that art is also about letting go and having fun. Once you internalised what you are studying some get their mojo back while others just continue to stick to being rigidly focused on being correct.

>> No.4561630

I had problem with drawing on glass being slippery at first and to actually have to use my arm around. But you'll get used to it rather fast if you just draw. The felt nip helped a bit for the slippery glass bit. Now i use the plastic once...but at first it helped.

>> No.4562066

I want to sell my shitty Huion tablet and blow all of my Trump Dollars on a retardedly expensive Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, the $2000 one.

Why the fuck is the stand fucking $500? Is there something else I can use as a decent stand for it? I'd like for it to sit upright and not nearly flat with the table.

>> No.4562468
File: 118 KB, 475x437, 320onl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should i just be sketching and working on construction till i actually get good at drawing characters before colouring them? Im a bit of a perfectionist so when i start colouring it takes me ages and i like to go over most lines to get them just about perfect but ive noticed it takes me fuck tonnes longer to do. Its probably best for me to just sketch before trying to apply my own shitty colour 'theory'?

>> No.4562628

Don't limit yourself, there might be errors in your work that you simply don't realize when done with just line, but become obvious once you tone is applied.
If you're too worried about time, then just stick to black and white and worry about color later on.

>> No.4562908

How do learn to draw without relying on references?
I cant draw a single thing without one.

>> No.4562920
File: 178 KB, 851x863, 1585804334248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I stop regressing into my chicken-scratching habits when sketching on digital? I heard people mentioning stabilizers when googling (but the question/topic wasn't what I was looking for).

>> No.4563090


Thanks! I'm a beginner and this has been bothering me for a very long time. I'm practising freehand drawing, like drawing straight lines as well as I can without a ruler because I thought that I shouldn't rely on a ruler as much. It makes me feel guilty for some reason.

What about things like spaceships, or cars? like their exterior and interior, would you still use a ruler? thanks

>> No.4563163 [DELETED] 

I want to sign up for New Masters Academy and I want to pay with paypal as I don't have nor want a credit card. I always just transfer money from my bank account to my paypal balance if I buy shit, but apparently that's not an option. Am I overlooking something or just shit out of luck? If the latter I will just continue to pirate their shit, fuck them, I wanted to pay but apparently they don't want my money.

>> No.4563167

>would you still use the rulers
Hell yes, cars are hard to difficult to draw without them

>> No.4563842
File: 18 KB, 108x142, this shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anywhere I can see more info or examples on this method of head angle vilppu uses? He shows exactly one example ever and then just immediately moves on. Trying to google this just leads to info on ear sickness. I can't understand how you make this work if its at an angle where the eyes are very close to an ear, it doesn't make a box like he says, it makes a mess.

>> No.4564024

There is no reason to not use a ruler when needed. It's all in your head. Michelangelo and DaVinci used rulers.

>> No.4564375

What do you use as a stand? Or do you just use the little nubs that come out from the bottom?

>> No.4564664
File: 380 KB, 1200x800, bar and legs eggs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i generally draw on a 2k by 2k 300 dpi canvas. then i can size stuff down as needed. You use bigger canvases so you'll lose less detail when sizing down to something more appropriately sized for web pages.

>> No.4565269

Can I share a Google photos album on here? How?

>> No.4565523

should I draw big? why?

>> No.4565530

Yes. You don't lose much from making a pic smaller compared to trying to make it big.
T. currently regretting drawing so small out of habit, as drawing eyes small with actual detail is... not fun

If I drew excessively big I would simply draw the details how I want to, then combine all layers once I'm happy and crush it all down to a better size and it'd still look better than what I have right now.

>> No.4565558

Do you draw nsfw? If so, forget about Ko-Fi, they don't allow nsfw art period. Paypal donations are an option. I think Pixiv Fanbox is good too, but I've never used it

Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool Sai, Krita on desktop. Procreate if you use an Ipad

Draw zoomed out and practice larger strokes. Trad paper texture makes it easier because your material will dig into it, stabilizers can help if you're having trouble in digital. Don't push it too high though.

>> No.4565560

How do you stop a bad habbit? Putting some thought and effort into it. I personally never struggled with it, but everytime I wanted something in my art to change, I took some seconds before starting and though: today I'm doing this. Even if your practise session takes longer, think about what you are doing. Same as studying an artist: if you dont think why they do the things they do, you'll progress very slowly. You don't want to chicken scratch and want more concise lines? Take some minutes before a drawing session and practise recreating a pose or drawing with fewer lines. In no time you'll have nightmares about your art and hopefully you'll remember your wrongdoings before repeating them

>> No.4565562

Shit tier advice

>> No.4565759

XP pen 15.6 pro or 22E Pro. Or Huion 13 2020, or Huion 16 pro. Some of these are janky on mac in certain programs though, but I know they work on windows. I'd personally recommend buying through Amazon as they generally have a better return policy.

Check craigslist or facebook tablet resale groups as well, but be warned these fuckers probably already registered their shit so don't expect to be able to call on any warranty if something goes wrong.

>> No.4565775
File: 194 KB, 1352x923, shoelaces.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any Huion bros know what to do about this shit?

I got a HS611 recently as it seemed fucking solid as a replacement for my wacom that just bit the dust. I'm getting shoelace ends and hook lines at the beginning and it's driving me insane. Happens in all programs, even the driver pen curve test. Turning windows ink on or off doesn't do shit.

I'm on windows 8.1, but I've tested this on another computer (windows 10), both have been tested with and without the drivers, but it always does this shit. My friend has one as well and hers doesn't do this bullshit so I'm starting to think I got a trash pen or janky tablet. My last huion didn't have this problem either, it was just super small and I was getting wrist pains.

I've contacted support with pictures and videos of the issue, they've responded once but are being pretty slow about it in general.

Anyone got any advice on what I can try to do about this?

>> No.4566001
File: 103 KB, 1877x957, Perfect cubes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to measure in perspective by using ellipses to draw perfect cubes. This is working well enough for two point perspective, but whenever I try to use it for one point, it ends up too squished.

>> No.4566067

My man, what the fuck are you doing?

You understand that in one point perspective you use measuring points to do this shit, right? They're like vanishing points you'd set up for 2 point, but only to measure shit out like how long a side should be to make it perfectly equal to the front.

Why are you using ellipses to make a perfect cube anyways? Making it 1000% harder on yourself for no damn reason. You do you, I guess.

>> No.4566156

Do people actually do all this measuring of everything in every pic they do or is it just to get the idea in your head and for when you are struggling
Always wondered about that, since if you watch a dude like vlappu, he doesn't actually do half the shit he says to do

>> No.4566316

i feel like it's just to enforce it in your head until you can go for with without sketching and planning as much.
1 point perspective only works to a certain distance away form the vanishing point. if you start going too far left/right shit will warp. that's roughly when you'd want to start using 2 point.

>> No.4566464

How the fuck do i get into better composition with characters I draw

>> No.4566472

what does that even mean

>> No.4566735

What's the best way to transfer a sketch only black paper? Or am I just stuck with having to completely redraw it?

>> No.4567035

Does marijuana affect your art?

>> No.4567057

Is it better to do fundies digitally or traditionally?

>> No.4567118

1. where to start if I wanna learn to animate?

2. is making an animation by referencing a clip of something considered cheating?

>> No.4567222
File: 361 KB, 473x675, 1495736795110.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to see newest deviations on DeviantArt? I am interested in creating a new account here but with Eclipse I don't understand how it works. If no one is gonna see my work and if I can't discover new artists by myself, what's the point?
I kinda feel like joining this website now is like joining Tumblr a week before the NSFW ban.

>> No.4567239

go to
>select "recent" from the drop down menu under "popular 24 hours"

but after a while, the recommended for you tab will contain a better selection after you favorite/follow enough people. Newest deviations are very often just screenshots of games, 3D models, or pictures of a child's doodle taken with a phone camera. Not really worth checking unless you want to brighten a blossoming artist's day with words of encouragement.

To have your work better seen, submit your work to groups and leave comments on other artist's deviations often. Deviantart actually does reward communication.

>> No.4567332

I have an old account where I can switch between Eclipse and the regular site and I tried that thing for the popular section. But that still not the newest deviations. It's still selected by DeviantArt algorithms (I compared between the new and the old website).
I know quality is a rare thing among new posts, but sometimes there are some decent stuff.

>Deviantart actually does reward communication
My weakness. I quickly feel overwhelmed by this. That's why I like when people get to see my work without getting in touch with too much people at the same time.
Anyway, thanks to the reply!

>> No.4567355

Both. Some things will just be easier traditionally, and if you hit the wall with one, you can switch to the other. (I'm talking drawing - painting is another matter, because of the financial investment)

>> No.4567360

>1. where to start if I wanna learn to animate?
Animation forums, classes, and books.
>2. is making an animation by referencing a clip of something considered cheating?
If you're a student, it's fine, when working towards making your own unique pieces. Nobody is going to sue you if you do, unless you try to sell it. Most art forms that exist has students copying the work of others to deconstruct and learn, be it music, dance, or art. The lone exception is writing.

>> No.4567364

Projector, carbon paper, or taking a photo/scan and inverting it.

>> No.4567366

You use it less over time, but it's there if you need it. You'll do a LOT starting out. After a while, with experience, you need it less.

>> No.4567369

>should I draw big?
Yes. Always.

Confidence, learning to not be afraid of the big, blank scary page, and less hiding flawed drawing under pencil strokes, and it gives you more room to really get into detail and accuracy. Beginners typically draw small because it hides mistakes better.

>> No.4567376

did a quick comparison and while it is "shuffled" around a little, I do see the same newest works in both the regular site and eclipse. try a test and see how long your test image stays up on both versions.

I used to browse the newest deviations fairly regularly, looking for some gems, but it wasn't worth it in the long run. There's just way too much to to sort through what with the sheer, low-quality volume that is released per minute. Most people on the site will search by tag or join groups where the mods do that work for them.
>My weakness.
You don't have to really be a social butterfly or anything. Just honestly comment on someone's work that you genuinely admire.

>> No.4567395

Can I make good art if I'm empty? I enjoy art, it's the only thing that makes me feel much and I want to be able to make it, but I worry my work could lack "soul", or emotion if that sounds less cringe.

>> No.4567419

Does every head needs to start with a circle/guide?
I've seen some people just start with the eyes.

>> No.4567754

I can't get used to use a tablet v physical media. The moment I work on tablet, its like I regress several years in ability.
Is there a recomended way to hold, place, use the tablet to make it feel closer to pen and paper?

>> No.4567755

Everyone does it differently, there are no rules.

>> No.4567759

I mean there are rules. Tons of them. Excessively large numbers of them. Its just finding which ones fit you.

>> No.4567822

it makes me procrastinate more. Other then that...not much

>> No.4567824

think less just draw. Draw what you want, who cares what other think

>> No.4567827

you just have to bruteforce yourself till it gets easier. Imagine going from watercolor to oil...it won't click right away.

>> No.4568030

Guys huion just told me to adjust my pressure curve and nothing works, am I fucked?

>> No.4568089

is it possible to draw constructions like symbol drawing without ever thinking about form and space? i feel like i've grinded too many boxes and this caused me to have an underdeveloped feeling for form

>> No.4568117

How to regain drive?

>> No.4568309

How the fuck do I learn to draw with color? It's totally different from just sketching, but I don't know how to do it with digital.

>> No.4568327

you give up and start again

>> No.4568339

What the fuck did you just say

>> No.4568577

well i'm trying to say that i haven't developed a feeling for form at all and the only way i'm able to get volumes and forms down is only by using a systematic approach with the help of constructions and boxes. For example, rather than 'feeling' why a plane of a box faces one direction, i just think of it as 2 parallel lines that are perpendicular to it's neighbor plane. But i'm not feeling the form. That's why i said constructions like symbol drawing

>> No.4568612

how much exactly does Perspective Made Easy teach you? I digested 4 chapters in a breeze, perspective can't be that easy. Granted I've done drawabox but it still feels illegally light

>> No.4568625

perspective is pretty easy to grasp but properly inlaying it in your spontaneous drawings takes practice

>> No.4568818

is it though? erik olson's course seems like anything but

>> No.4568841

Try drawing something different. Force yourself out of your comfort zone. You could take a break for a bit too, no shame in giving yourself a few days to unwind.

>> No.4569003
File: 200 KB, 867x1300, E512627B-2FE5-4FBE-9A92-CFB21F83F6A1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you draw a perfect square or cube in perspective?
Not just a rectangle approximating a square

Ahhhh, I just can’t find an explanation anywhere I’m going crazy

>> No.4569008

Any examples?

>> No.4569014
File: 121 KB, 1280x727, photo_2020-05-11_20-24-57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For cubes, here's one method, but it requires perfect elipse placement. Ellipses are circles in perspective, after all.

>> No.4569022


>> No.4569031

Considering you can distort a cube with different camera focal lenght, making a perfect cube by itself is easy since you can distort it to your liking and there is nothing stopping you from saying it's a perfect cube. It's another story ff it's in an composition with other objects.

>> No.4569033

how do i pirate csp

>> No.4569037


>> No.4569039
File: 17 KB, 612x334, istockphoto-488259893-612x612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it hurts heere, heeeeere, here, and all this section.
How fucked am I?

>> No.4569040


>> No.4569043

youre not fucked at all if you start doing stretches and wearing a brace on off days.

>> No.4569046

turn your stabilizer down

>> No.4569060
File: 24 KB, 213x320, A0119D57-FA32-4329-9A74-F7A8C0790F42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posture chads, how do I stop lower back pain and this terrible nerd neck?

>> No.4569072
File: 294 KB, 760x901, C923A9BA-C23D-4410-B58F-EF0FA610E24A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m confused... he draws the station point as a separate entity from the actual viewer’s eye through the picture plane...

Is the station point significant at all? What is the station point? Scott Robertson says it’s the point in space of the eye, so how can this guy be drawing and looking at another station point?

>> No.4569080

Learn value first. Read Gurney's color and light he explains why very well.

>> No.4569084

Stabilizers are already 100% off, unfortunately.

Any other ideas?

>> No.4569096

Get a pomodoro type timer and stretch at every break time. Also, what type of tablet you use? If screenless you shouldn't have a neck problem. If it's one with screen you'll need to solve it with a good stand and a large desk.

>> No.4569100

Forgot to mention but this piece of shit does this on android tablets and phones as well.

>> No.4569109

hey, thanks

>> No.4569125
File: 627 KB, 1405x2222, BE0236E5-9D08-407B-ACCF-3953A6B8D197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do I always get these strange spots that I can’t paint over? I’ve been trying for ages to cover this dark patch but the paint won’t stick to it and just forms a ring around it. What’s causing this and how do I repair this?

>> No.4569128
File: 208 KB, 497x648, EEBE629B-0C9C-4338-8CDA-26919F8BF7D3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are broken, implied and convergence lines in perspective drawing?

>> No.4569257

is it really necessary to learn all the bones before the muscles?

>> No.4569285

What's value? I thought digital coloring was the same as sketching with different colored lines?

>> No.4569287

All? No.

>> No.4569309
File: 60 KB, 569x840, 1434048064705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grayscale painting = value, like the shit in pic related. And no it's not that simple, sadly. Color is value + hue + saturation. Value is the most important first step to learning color, if you don't understand that first you're going to get very confused and have a hard time with learning the other two parts.

Again, I recommend reading color and light, or reading the color and light posts from gurney's blog Gurney Journey (I can't link it here, 4chan doesn't like it), he explains it very well.

>> No.4569419

how much time do you spend studying drawing versus producing art? Not sure if its supposed to be majority art or majority studying.

>> No.4570140
File: 2.46 MB, 2723x2264, Perspective.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chapter 2 of Scott Robertson's book shows the construction he is using.

I think you're mixing up the SP and the VP for 45 degree angle.
The bottom of the SP is where you measure the 90 degree angle to find the two vanishing points for the sides of the box, and 45 degrees between them is the VP for the diagonal through that box.
Meanwhile where the SP meets the HL is the center of the cone of vision.

>> No.4570152

As long it still hurts you're not yet fucked, go to a doctor if you wake up one day and your hand is, or parts of it is completely numb.
As long as it is just painful, it is your body telling you not put more stress on it than you already have.

>> No.4570249

never had that numb sensation before, but still feel some tension in my articulations even though I didnt draw for several days, it wont go away, right?

>> No.4570251

What app do I use to do the paintings people post in beg and draw this threads??

>> No.4570258

I ignored the pain and drew until I went numb and got carpal tunnel, doctor set me up for operation, however the wait time was so long, that after 3 months it went away by itself.

>> No.4570263

paper and pencil or microsoft paint

>> No.4570389

If you would buy an anatomy book for studying and referencing, what would it be? I'm split between
- Artistic Anatomy
- Anatomy for Artists and Illustrators
- Anatomy for sculptors

>> No.4570397

Get Loomis, Bridgeman and some other artist I can't remember from public domain. But if you're rich, do what you want.

>> No.4570442

Thank you for not answering my question. I'm asking for anatomy books, not the figure in general.

>> No.4570450


>> No.4570464
File: 314 KB, 1405x2032, CJOgZT0VAAAEI-i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do female anons draw or like lolicon?
would fem draw anons ever date or be cool with someone into lolicon or who draws it?

>> No.4570473

I'm sure they do, /u/ is immensely infatuated with age difference they like to pretend they're the younger girl getting sexed up by an older W*man

>> No.4570958

It's a dumb question, but is south light the same as north light? Like there's no weird astronomical fuckery that makes south light different from north light, right?

>> No.4570986

/ic/ isn't the right place to ge that answer

>> No.4571123

How to know if I have carpal tunnel, rsi or anything like it?
stinging on both wrists, dull ache on my right (main) hand, lots of cracking sounds, bones, red marks on my wrist, etc
Can all birds fly? even without their wings?

>> No.4571144

just torrent whatever you want you mong

>> No.4571611

any methods to train inner visualisation?

>> No.4571766

See a doctor, /ic is not equipped to give you a diagnosis - if those are your actual symptoms, that needs to be looked at ASAP.

>> No.4571793

Northern light is a northern hemisphere thing, it doesn't work in the southern hemisphere.
"Northern light" is having north facing windows that aren't direct sunlight - for any spot on the earth (not obscured by mountains, hills, or buildings) instead of having direct sunlight coming in at different times of the day, north light will be more of an averaged, ambient light.
Facing south will be a weaker light - in the northern hemisphere.

>> No.4571802

You don't have to, but it's one of those "it can't hurt" kind of things.

>> No.4571804

I've had it for a year now, year and a half even, parents didn't think it mattered any potential i had, just withered away in my wrists, it's too late and feels worse now

>> No.4571810

Probably some sort of contamination. What medium is this, what kind of paint, like budget or cheap brands?
But, there's two options - lift the paint off and repaint it, or seal it with a varnish or matte medium if acrylic, and paint over that.

>> No.4571819

Are you talking about rendering with color (filling in areas and creating texture/volume), or are you talking about drawing contour lines with color? (ie. cartoon lines)

>> No.4571822

Doctor time. Impress upon your parents that this is serious. Or go see one by yourself, if you're over 18.

>> No.4571828

I have to wait at least 4 days, lockdown bullshit, what are the odds of making it anon? I feel I am fucked since it's both hands now and if I won't be making art, well, then there's no real reason not to end it. 4 days, hope I can last 4 days.

>> No.4571833

You can go 4 days without drawing, in the scope of a career or lifetime hobby it's nothing.

If you're suicidal because you can't draw for 4 days, that's even more issues /ic can't and isn't equipped to deal with. Or you're trolling. Either way, this isn't the place for it.

>> No.4571837

yeah, my bad, it's about the damage, I fear being told it's too late.
thanks and see ya.

>> No.4571960
File: 247 KB, 1920x2160, 1588734268013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What brush in CSP behaves most like the hard round in photoshop?
I'm trying to make the transition, but I wish I could use at least one brush that feels like my old tool.

>> No.4571965

Ah shit, thanks

>> No.4572067
File: 29 KB, 466x295, 1329571104207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate social media but I like when people see my drawings, whether they hate them or like them I like that.
What the fuck do I do?

>> No.4572140

Remove yourself from the feedback loop. Find other sources of dopamine.

>> No.4572445

I've managed to crack Adobe and Toon Boom, what are some good tutorials to help me actually use them?

>> No.4572793

How do I avoid feathering when drawing with dip pens? I'm completely new to inking btw. I've done some research and most said that the paper is the issue. But I'm using a brand new Deleter Paper and Zebra G nib. Could the ink be the issue? Since I'm using a really old Pilot ink I found in my house.

Also do you guys have a recommended resource for inking, preferable video? I can't get a thick line. I'm comparing against the lines shown here: https://www.jetpens.com/blog/the-best-nibs-for-drawing-manga/pt/893. In their comparison table, the author got some really thick lines with the G nib that I'm just not able to do :(

>> No.4572802

How do I finish a piece knowing it will not up my expectations? Do I just wing it and then judge the finish product and take notes for the next finish piece, like where the study and going back to the fundamental side?

>> No.4572812
File: 283 KB, 614x1136, 1491152672979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is my drawing three years ago, spent countless hours on it, at least 20 or so files, so I assume it's definitely more than 20 hours

maybe I've gotten a bit quicker at putting down my ideas since then, and learned a bit more about human proportion, but I feel like I've had no visible improvement since then, I have made many finished work since and most were class note doodles

I can't draw people or objects realistically or recreate the design I drew at all, I only know reference and gesture conceptually, and my perspective and anatomy abilities are really limited, the creative process feels very much like me throwing shit on the wall until it looks good, and finishing work, cleaning up my sketch feels like a choir, at least when I work digitally, and it takes forever

I want to become a more efficient artist and become better at anatomy and perspective, and I've seen people recommending Vilppu's drawing manual lecture, would that help me with my goal? also is graphic tablet hand eye coordination trainable? I've seen these exercises from BaM and want to give them a try

>> No.4572814

finish work is better than unfinished work anon, even if you finish it, when you go back and look at it later, you will notice flaws

>> No.4572840

I wouldn't recommend Vilppu if your goal is Perspective and Anatomy. However judging from your example, the biggest problem with it is the stiff pose, and for fixing that, Vilppu is quite useful.

Also about the drawing, would you say that was your average outcome 3 years ago, or was it one of the best you made that year?
When comparing your art to previous years, you shouldn't just look at your best one, since every now and then you're going to get lucky and make one image that is way past most of what you make. Instead look at a bunch from then and now, and see if you improved on average.

>> No.4572906
File: 167 KB, 716x656, spinel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's very true, and it's easy for to me to forget that for some reason, I was seeing gesture drawing in the first few pages of Vilppu's book and thought it'd be good to learn just yesterday too, thank you for telling me, I can see it being a problem in what I'm working on right now too >>4571967

and that's another point I haven't really been able to articulate, you really brought it out, that drawing was like my best work back then, though it's probably my only finished work for the time too, I did my best in trying to play with the proportion and fixing the sketch until it looked perfect to me

nowadays pic related would be something that I can do semi-consistently after playing with ideas, draw them out, erasing them, repeat for 1 hour, and for that drawing in the other thread, I've spent about 9 hours reaching that point and that's my most completed drawing this year, trying to ink digitally really increase the time expenditure, this >>4572695 was a year ago and took about 4 hours in comparison, I'd like to imagine that I've improved my average, but I still feel fairly inconsistent and inefficient, especially on a stylus

so, I should prioritize Vlippu, what would you recommend for anatomy? for perspective, I have an idea of following Marshall Vandruff's 1994 lectures, quite the charismatic speaker

>> No.4573156

Acrylics, and I’m using Winsor and Newton’s Galeria, which is student paint (got it as a gift). But I’ve used several other paints and it happens too which confuses me

It seems so far that if I wait a period of time (longer than necessary to dry) I can paint over it again. Someone else has suggested that it’s the color of paint being transparent but I get this with any color and I’m not sure what exactly causes unpaintable patches to appear every once in a while.

>> No.4573274

When people do digital studies, do they typically have their reference on another screen or do they have it in the program beside their canvas?

Also for digital colour studies, are they eyedroppering colours from the reference or are they trying to observe and guess them?

>> No.4573275

why are so many beg threads getting posted. feel like there’s a new one everyday

>> No.4573283

Depends on the person.

>> No.4573339

Don't eyedrop the colors

>> No.4573790

>most said that the paper is the issue
They're probably correct. What kind of paper are you drawing on? For dip pen, bristol is going to be the best choice.

>> No.4573793

What you're describing is typically mixing paints that shouldn't be, or contamination. If it's happening often, I would look at something in your brushes, or your water, or you got a bad tube of paint. (Happens, but it's rare, I've had maybe two tubes that were bad in a long history of buying paint.)

>> No.4573798

I would recommend printing them, if you have access to a color printer, and then hang the print next to the monitor, and try to learn to see the color. Don't use the eyedropper. Learn to mix color, whether it's digitally or with paint.

>> No.4573817

I use pureref to keep the ref next to my painting, or if its a ref sheet it's on my 2nd monitor.

For me at least, with color studies, I colorpick a color palette of no more than 10-15 colors and I pick off of the palette for my painting.

>> No.4573840
File: 91 KB, 711x395, qje.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which is correct?

>> No.4573920

Alright thanks guys. That clears it up for me

>> No.4573965

Try to avoid drawing at the same size as your reference if you have to keep it on screen next to your canvas. You don't want to be unconsciously using vertical/horizontal measurements of your reference to plot points.

>> No.4573973

The right side

>> No.4573979

so Loomis IS a meme

>> No.4573988
File: 93 KB, 711x395, both.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4573995


>> No.4574103
File: 1.02 MB, 1269x922, 1588393079195[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody know the artist who did this? also any idea on what sort of brush they used?

>> No.4574112

Vilppu for Gesture
There is a ton of anatomy guides, and I can't recommend any over others.
If you like Marshall's way of teaching, just do it for perspective, I used Scott Robertson's book, since I quite like having go to practice lessons rather than just reading a bunch and having no idea how to apply it.

The images you've shown are all characters on an empty canvas, so I would recommend you focus on perspective and force yourself to at least make a small scene for them to stand in.

>> No.4574177

scott robertson's stuff looks neat man, his machines and scenery are very cool

>> No.4574204
File: 450 KB, 1080x1250, ppp2 cen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you for the feedback, I will keep the aspect of perspective and background scenario in mind and include them in my sketches as well, I have a bad habit of starting with the eyes, it'd certainly give a point of reference to my actual drawing, I'll give robertson a look too

here is the most recent thing with background that I've done, I'm covering the probable eyesore there

>> No.4574238

Is there a good way to clean a kneadable eraser or is it just better to toss it and get a new one once it starts getting too gunked up? I'm a cheap asshole.

>> No.4574249

break it in small parts and wash it in a bowl of water and soap

>> No.4574257

>water and soap

is this a meme?

>> No.4574260

Is it normal that my eyes start to feel tired as if i woke up after 2 hours of sleep when i try to do some fucking study? Am i just fucking retarded and my brain is trolling me?

>> No.4574262

detergent, don't know the exact word for the product in english, the one you use to clean dishes

>> No.4574264

I just wanna make sure, sorry

it's dish soap but if that can work, normal soap can too

>> No.4574266

you'll probably need cybernetic transplants down the road

>> No.4574277

ethanol should work

>> No.4574281

Ackchyually, putting the eraser on fire will make the graphite and eraser evaporate in different temperatures, use that to clean it.

>> No.4574291

why not use the wonder of human body and let your digestive fluid do the work?

>> No.4574296

Deleter Manga Paper. Made for inking manga

>> No.4574452

What's the best book or videos on foreshortening / dynamic angles?

>> No.4574482

Do Cintiqs ever go on a decent sale?

>> No.4574540

does facial expression fall under figure drawing?

I'd like to draw nuanced coom faces

>> No.4574562

Portrait drawing

>> No.4574799

oh darn, make sense

>> No.4574825

Is there a reliable way to use screentones in photoshop?

>> No.4576046

yo yall, anyone bought a body-kun or chan from here? https://bodykunart.com/ are they legit or a fake?

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