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785Gbs of courses, if u have a mega account that can save this, do it, in case it gets deleted

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forgot to mention, i will be deleting that folder in 2 - 3 days, this means the link wont work anymore, sorry i dont have enough space for it

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if i draw with every single video will i make it ?

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It's like looking into a mirror

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No one cares idiot.

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Thanks dude

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I do, faggot.

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I bet you're not gonna download a single bit, autist.

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>tfw limited by space and can't get eaton's course
Fuck mega

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Thanks a ton!

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No, but you might learn a thing or two.

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If can dl it could you somehow make it shareable with others?

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No if you are here you are already ngmi

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Which ones should I download first with 6Mbps down speed

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Your weakest attribute

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Ahhhh so much good shit but I have no space. I usually just stream the videos from mega itself without downloading.

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the rey bustos one so you can share with me later, i'm downloading character design first

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>i will be deleting that folder in 2 - 3 days

put it up as a torrent for a few days and then you can remove yourself from the seed pool

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thanks op

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Jesus fuck. How many of these AREN'T on the regular video courses thread?

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Proko figure drawing.

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Atleast 2

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bump for this, if i can find my external drive id be able to seed for a few weeks

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Thank you! And damn that's a lot of Vilppu videos, I'm used to just random scaps that are part of god knows what series.

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thnx anon i transferred it to my own acc.Now i dont have to worry about faggots reporting these again

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>i will be deleting that folder in 2 - 3 days

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Im about to go look for a 1tb hdd please say sike if you're not gonna delete this

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Welp time to kms

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>tfw have enough disk space but not enough bandwidth

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I wasn't going to download anything from this but I realized there are some things I used to have but no longer have due to a wipe. So thanks, OP.

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Any Kim Jung Gi floating around in that?

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fits perfectly

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Yup there's at least a folder for him under figure

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Thanks anon

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Torrent pls

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Are any any plans to add more stuff? I see a whole reference folder was added

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>posted 1 day ago
Can you make 5-7 out of it? Then I'll have enough time to buy an external

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hacking the system

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most actually, I only saw the vilppu, hampton and dynamic sketching shared

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just buy it for a month

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theres soo much i feel blown out dont know where to start

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Yeah let me just give my credit card info to some shady stranger that may or may not be in New Zealand so I can continue to be drip fed illegal content

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Think about what you want to draw, what you don't want to draw and what you most struggle with. Also prioritize artists you really like.

Like for me, I know I want to do pet commissions so the animal section was important, I don't want to work digitally so stuff that focuses on that is out, and I'm a huge fan of Vilppu and his content alone on there is more then enough to go over the download limit.

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your loss.

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thanks but nigga I don't have that much space on my SSD.

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Oh also you may want to alternatively focus on the CGMA stuff because to get it legally is stupid expensive compared to everything else.

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alright so which ones are actually worth downloading?

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make a discord of 20+ people, and organise file downloads in chunks

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Or wait, do you mean buy it legally, since NMA and Schoolism are pay by the month too? I actually intend to eventually, but there's more content then anyone could possibly consume in just a couple months so I'm better off siphoning some of it this way to make manageable when I do pay up. Also, it's nice to be able to go back to the video's again whenever I want, would have to buy another month if I had to do that through them.

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If you buy a mega account and put all the files into your accounts online storage do you keep them even when they get deleted by the original uploader? Because fuck if I have the space for this shit

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Yup what's on your account is yours, I have lots of stuff still on mine where the accounts I got them from are long gone. Also, I haven't tried it personally but apparently if you buy an account, fill it up and then don't pay up in the future for the space it still stays on there and you can still download it, you just obviously can't add on anything else until you're under your current limit again.

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>tfw data cap

i want this so bad...

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>tfw the more you look the more you realize you wanted something but have already reached the mega limit

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Marc Brunet's art school seems pretty bad? especially since they sell it for $600

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You already watched it all? I wonder if it's good, and it must be since it's Marc Brunet.

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yes i plan to add some books as well but as I said before it wont be for long

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Anyone archived this? I am a poorfag so i cannot download more than the limit

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You can bet /ic/ is so dumb that no one did.

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OP here, the date of the deletion has been pushed back for irl reasons, about a week give or take a day, I also want to add some books and other stuff

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thanks OP

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Thanks OP ilovu

>> No.4359844

based OP

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have a safe one OP

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cпacибo, OP

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For the chosen ones most of this if not all is on CGP, some content might have different name or are apart of bigger set. Cross check the files so you don't slam your drive with 785 GB all at once. Someone should make a torrent of the mega before it's down.

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God hear you, downloading from mega is a pain in the ass

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can I invite you on a coffee or something? paypal?
btw thanks man

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upload to cgpeers, its up

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no thank you, I dont deserve it desu, most of this stuff is on cgp or other sites, i made the mega just to back up the courses, I heard that cgps will be restricting the amount of people that can use the site and other rumors about deleting courses not related to 3D. I didnt buy 90% of this.

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You can just buy a subscription with google play or itunes using the mega app on your smartphone. That's how I pay for it every month. Mega sees none of your credit card information, like if you was paying through paypal. And it's easy to cancel the subscription too.

Worth it if you download with mega a lot. Pretty much the only decent file locker that doesn't automatically delete your files in a month (as long as no one DMCA reports it)

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replying to myself because this doesn't seem to be that bad of an idea.

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Never seen soo much free tutorials in my life It like I won the lotto but now I don’t know what to buy and are there any tutorials on how to draw the legs and feet the same length in dynamic poses like leaning to the side

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This is the first time I've seen the full Eaton head course

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Based, thank you. If I manage to download everything in time then, I will torrent it.

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i don't understand why someone would download all of this bs.
>some of them aren't even good
>some of them are literal copy of each other

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Anons should scroll through the courses in each section and download the ones that they think actually seems useful. Instead of mindlessly e-hoarding 700gb of courses that most people here will probably use less than 10% of.

The one thing I would recommend everyone should download is the 40gb reference folder. You should use a download manager like MegaSync or Jdownloader to download it though because it's about 140,000 files big.

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What got me stuck was the Vilppu Renaissance Drawing videos, holy shit there's 39 folders of them and only a couple videos in the entire thing are duplicates.

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>start downloading 5GB file at 7 AM
>check at 22 PM and it still hasn't completly downloaded
Fuck it man, fuck mega

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Thank you. I love you. I hope everything goes well for you.

>> No.4361269

I watched a few but each 'term' is like four 1 - 2 hour videos each for a single topic. Like the exercises are good but it's also only a few per term. I guess saying it's bad isn't the right thing but it just doesn't seem like it's worth $600.

>> No.4361271

But it's great for those of us locked out of cgp (lost my old account details when my last pc wiped) or people who never registered. Has a lot of the better stuff from there.

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i love u op

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is it safe to download any of this without a vpn?

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Ty OP. I really do hope you make it some day.

>> No.4362275

any chance for a torrent OP?

>> No.4362333

So if I have a premium mega account, I can just instantly copy all this time my account and it won't be deleted when OP removes his'?

>> No.4362339

Looks like we gonna have a torrent, horay! Time to order a new hard drive then.

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>> No.4362374

?where how do you know

>> No.4362458

is mega.nz considered tormenting? I'm doing this all on uni wifi

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>> No.4362587

No. I used to ddl/IRC all the time back in college over the wifi because the dorms had data limits and torrent sniffers

>> No.4362602

Ah, Thanks

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>> No.4362650

Since OP is giving more time some anons said they will torrent it if they get to finish downloading,
but if they meant continuing the mega and not slapping it to a dottorrent or something, then its better to get started.

>> No.4362677

so it is safe?

>> No.4362683

Hoarding knowledge will not make you any better. Stop kidding yourself, idiots.

>> No.4362696

A VPN wouldn't protect you even if it were unsafe.
VPNs are a scam. If the government wants to know what you've been downloading, they'll know, whether you have a VPN or not.
A VPN is only useful for seeing websites or content that has been geolocked. But a free VPN is usually good enough for that.

>> No.4362704

If I had the storage I'd make a torrent for everyone

>> No.4362742

I'm waiting for OP to say he has finished uploading everything and then I'll import all of it to my account.

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anybody has this book

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is there a torrent link yet?
importing files to my mega is a really slow process

>> No.4363217

Hey. OP. I'm gonna download this and tattoo the binary data into my ass cheeks. Thank you forever.

>> No.4363565

2 days? Is it even physically possible to download all that in 785 gigs in 2 days?

>> No.4363576

>>4356349Hey anon do you have any zbrush blender maya 3d tutorials on sculpting characters or do you know any good sculpting tutorials or courses

>> No.4363714

man, how old are you, for real? Jesus...

>> No.4363716

10 MB/s would get you through extremely quick, yes.

>> No.4363745

can confirm, didn't take me too long to get 400gb done

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is marshall vandruff's perspective course any good?

>> No.4363867

I think it's clear if you watch him and Proko talk.

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My internet is too shitty to download anything but you deserve a (You). Take these cats from me senpai.

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yeaa we need sum 3D art tutorials up in here

>> No.4364784

check /3/ or just cgpeers

>> No.4364934

which painting book is the best?

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torrent fucking when?
mega's download speeds are fucking shit, 1 hour to download a 5gb file?

>> No.4365005

thats pretty decent wtf

>> No.4365069


>> No.4365071

I get 100 to 150 kbs a sec...

>> No.4365171


>> No.4365244

what if I want everything

>> No.4365273

Make several accounts.

>> No.4365291

So I noticed you get like 50GB when you make a new account but you go back to 15GB after 30 days.
How does that work? do they delete your shit or something like that?

>> No.4365365

Apparently not.

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do me a solid

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how long will it take to go through all the books and copy all the pages and will I be the greatest artist on the planet after i do this my family wants to know because theyre concerned after i told them about it.

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>> No.4365865

Probably a couple years. In the art book section, there's a ton of books that are huge but contain similar information as the others. And no, you wouldn't be even after copying every single page. You might be better though.

>> No.4366161

what would be the best book to download for learning to draw some hentai?

>> No.4366201

Depends on how much time you actually invest into it. Don't forget, time spent worrying is time not spend on improving as well.

>> No.4366207

So making an account, even if not paid, grants you 90 days of free storage?

>> No.4366211

Megaupload is the predecessor to Mega and things works differently back then. I swear to God these fuckers, can't you read? Since when can you even upload anonymously on Mega?

You won't be able to add more files until you reduce your storage to less than 15GB. But you still need to regularly log in or your account will be deleted. Don't know any exact numbers but once a month sounds safe.

>> No.4366226

replying to myself again, don't see anything wrong with this. Leave out the ones already in the vid courses thread

>> No.4366370

The art of porno worlds by Edward Calimore

>> No.4366388

Not him, but do you have a cover or a link? Searching for it didn't help.

>> No.4366406

she's shitposting, that book doesn't exist.

>> No.4366711

wheres samuel neilson color can you add him to the mega plzz

>> No.4366836

>yes plzzz locate and add our requests XD
ngmi anon ngmi

>> No.4366856

>700gb of free shit, still not happy with that

>> No.4366930

that reference folder is remarkable, thank you so much OP

>> No.4366988

There was a lot I was looking for in this folder thanks OP

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>illegally acquire scott robertson's how to draw book
>scan the front page for the intro video
>"thank you very much for buying this book it really means a lot and will help with the next one"

>> No.4367188

It's okay, we all went through that.

>> No.4367578

If it really bothers you, use it to motivate you even harder so you you can sell your art someday and pay it back.

>> No.4367676

buy books, pdfs are shit to study from

>> No.4367691

I study by watching gay porn.

>> No.4367717

I’m happy but everyone says sam nielson is the best for teaching color and lighting u guys have everyone but him :/ >>4366836 and you don’t have dorien iten

>> No.4367723

It's actually based.

>> No.4367760

that's why you need to practice and make it so you can help those in your same situation later

>> No.4367785

schoolism is $30 per month (but you can get everything including sam nielson lighting) and $19 for dorien iten lighting on gumroad, if you got all of this for free surely you can save up $50 and grab those.. but it won't make you good if you don't use them

>> No.4367805

Let's just buy OP a new storage so that he wouldn't have to delete these.

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>tfw its just too big

>> No.4368014


>> No.4368219

you're stupid if you think that could ever happen.
/ic/ seems allergic to money. Go see the artbook thread, so many beggards, 0 contributors.

>> No.4368388

I am /beg/gar I don't know what could be useful.

>> No.4369194

The only thing missing is a CSP crack.

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remember the deadline, only 2-3 days left

>> No.4370727

is op ok?
i hope op is ok

>> No.4370750
File: 39 KB, 600x524, 1579707007942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently creating a trackerless torrent, will be up in a couple of hours.

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fuck everything in that folder do u have this

>> No.4370759

it's on peers...seriously how do you fags not have an account after all these years? I've held onto mine for 6 years.

>> No.4370790

I had one but I forgot my password : (

>> No.4370805

What years? Do you seriously assume that everyone here is eternal /beg? Some people are new.

>> No.4370808

newfags should lurk for a year first

>> No.4370810


Even when I go pro I'll still browse /ic/.

>> No.4370823


>> No.4370832

Get it for me bro plz

>> No.4370836


Get down on your knees first and perform the suck.

>> No.4370842
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Don't forget the sack.

>> No.4370950


>> No.4370969

if i could only choose one art course from this due to space limitations, which one would you guys recommend?

>> No.4370970
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Here's the .torrent:
Start seeding bros.

>> No.4370975

Maybe you should post your work so we make an assessment.

>> No.4370976

Sigh I guess it's time to buy one more external drive.

>> No.4371052
File: 86 KB, 749x770, 200[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not working for me, but thanks for trying to deliver.

>> No.4371055

is this still up?

>> No.4371106

depends on your skill level, but you can also save the ones in the video thread for later since there's some overlap

>> No.4371126

sorry i dont kno how to seed

>> No.4371237

I got an unknown error. Just paste the magnet link, please

>> No.4371243

ive been downloading "books new" for two days now at 200 kb

>> No.4371248

The torrent software starts seeding automatically, just don't move the files from the folder you downloaded them into.

>> No.4371259

Mega is so fucking slow
I don't think I have room for courses, will any other kind anon hoard it?

>> No.4371415

I opened the file in notepad and it looks legit. Please try creating the .torrent file again. If it doesn't work, I'm afraid we might have to separate the folders to reduce .torrent file size.

Or maybe someone smarter than me can figure it out

>> No.4371420

Excuse my ignorance but how do you open a torrent file with notepad. As far as I know you can only open txt files with notepad. Are you using Linux?

>> No.4371479
File: 3 KB, 197x65, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this was completely worth the one month membership

>> No.4371493

Also, unfortunately this is all offline storage. I can't upload this. If you know what you want, I'll see what I can do for you later.

>> No.4371525

rip just get a membership

>> No.4371550

Great, all works fine for me, been d/loading and u/loading for a few hours now

>> No.4371757
File: 16 KB, 817x450, ksks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont fret, currently putting the files onto my port forwarded NAS then you wont have any connection issues
also here's the magnet link:

>> No.4372496

You can do it all types of files by opening notepad and dragging the file into it

>> No.4372524
File: 11 KB, 447x458, Capturar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting this eternal loading

>> No.4372528

This is going to take days
Of 149,000 files, in one day I could download 5k before mega paused me

>> No.4372546

Now I clicked OK and started the download, I don't have space but it's "downloading metadata", and I hope eventually I'll get the file info so I can pick what I can download

>> No.4372584

most of the shit in japanese on pinterest can be found here shii crazy and no more cliffhangers

>> No.4372585

holy shit

>> No.4372591

Just let it load, its grabbing meta data, the torrent is 934 GB after all.
Try the torrent, all seeding helps.

>> No.4372633

I'm not sure if it's working. I'll wait for a couple of hours to see if it downloads anything.

>> No.4372654

We need to add this to the OP of any video and sharing thread

>> No.4373028

bump, one day left and we need more seeders

>> No.4373329

What's good to download a for a complete beginner who can only download a few stuff?

>> No.4373339

This applies to everybody and not beginners specifically, but grab Vilppu and grab CGMA just because it's extremely expensive to get legally compared to everything else. Like we're talking easily hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to about 30 to 60.

>> No.4374176


>> No.4374254 [DELETED] 

which are the cgma courses?

>> No.4374255

Please keep it up for another 24 hours so I can get the membership and save

>> No.4374257

This please. I need to download some videos and I dont think I can finish in time.
Thank you again OP

>> No.4374569

Thanks bro, i just wiped 900 gb drive, thanks for putting it on torrents

>> No.4374637

Same boat, why the fuck is Mega so slow.
Thank you OP, caught this thread late.

>> No.4374744

lul im still downloading the metadata after couple hours i didnt even start downloading the torrent

>> No.4374763

Not quite several hours but mine has been going for a good 45 minutes at least.

>> No.4374792

edit: I updated Qbittorrent and used force restart. worked instantly.

>> No.4374824

yeah it doesnt work on regular bittorrent but on that qbittorent it works.
Anyway why it downloads only 700 kbs, we have quite a bit of people seeding hmmm

>> No.4375083
File: 23 KB, 929x357, fdsfed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the torrent working for everyone?
Uploaded about 200 GiB thus far.

>> No.4375114

Thanks to your comments I tried with qbittorrent and now it's working.

>> No.4375145
File: 113 KB, 245x410, Przechwytywanie 214.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice, shame my cable broke and i have 1/20 of my internet speed i need new one kek it will take me 40 days to download

>> No.4375363

any have the whole thing can seed for a little?

>> No.4375599

Use JDownloader 2 and crank the simultaneous download limit to 20. My DL speed went from 3MB/S to 12

>> No.4376060

>mfww there's literally pedo reference in the "reference>reference thread cont"

>> No.4376322

How do I move the files that I downloaded from this mega >>4356349 to the folder of this torrent >>4370970 that's in my PC for seeding purposes?

>> No.4376329

move the files such that they're in the exact same location if they're downloaded from the torrent
then right click on the torrent name, and select 'force recheck' in the menu

>> No.4376529

Where? I didn't see anything like that but I did see a gore image

>> No.4376818
File: 92 KB, 588x647, 6197098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the link is gone, hope you guys found it useful while it lasted

>> No.4376827

No please. I still needed to download 4 videos of dynamic sketching 2

>> No.4376835

RIP mega. I had only 700 files left to go so pretty good haul. Only missed perspective

>> No.4376839

Use the torrent for fuck sake...

>> No.4376841

I cant torrent.

>> No.4376842

why not?

>> No.4376845

My ISP throttles my internet speed to death for a couple weeks if I use torrents.

>> No.4376846

Slow Internet and I dont have as much space for the whole thing. I just picked some things I needed.

>> No.4376857

I had a friend who had that weird problem. I'd call the ISP and ask them what the fuck is going on.

You're a lazy pussy who doesn't know how torrent works. You can pick once you download the metadata. Don't forget to seed.

>> No.4376879


The link has expired and now we're using torrent. You need the .torrent file or magnet link which are here:
(magnet is a little faster)

Apparently qBittorrent is the software that works better. It has no ads also.

Once you start the torrent and download the metadata, you'll be able to see the list of files available to download. Pick a folder to download them into and DON'T MOVE THEM OUTTA THERE so you can seed.

Seeding means you're making it easier for more people to have the files and pass them on. Make us all a favor and seed, since you're getting a lot of expensive shit for free, that's the least you can do.

Give the torrent for people who might need it and tell them the same thing.

>> No.4376883

Hey if u don't mind I can upload the remaining 4 here. Just will take an hour or so to upload them

>> No.4376898

hey I checked and I only need week 7 and 8. that would be very awesome of you. I can only download in like 2 hours anyway.

thank you anon!!

>> No.4377032

I downloaded it now. Thank you a lot!

>> No.4377121

can the uploader tell us what time an he seed? only trying to get about100gs worth but it's never gonna finish at this rate

>> No.4377186

I seed 24/7 seeded 270 ish gigs so far.

>> No.4377190

Anyone know something that can block pop up ads from redirecting you to another site

>> No.4377196

ublock origin

>> No.4377210

oh damn
could it be cause I'm only downloading a few select files? 0kb/s - 100kb/s max I'm getting even though internet is good fugg

>> No.4377225

wats that bro?

>> No.4377237

damn i forgot scott robertson rendering matte surfaces vol 9

>> No.4377248
File: 13 KB, 373x83, uhoh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isnt good

>> No.4377317

Is it possible to download only a few things via torrent?

>> No.4377350

anyone got a mirror for the artwork books? Was this the mega with the artbooks? I was halfway downloading them when it got removed ;_;

>> No.4377370 [DELETED] 



>> No.4377395

not working

>> No.4377396


>> No.4377398

Sorry I'm retarded link below, let me know if that's what you're looking for.

>> No.4377501

this is exactly what I was talking about! Thanks so much!

>> No.4377518

No problem, hopefully someone is able to piece together everything and share

>> No.4377523

I got a nice push and it's still goin thanks for seeding uploader

>> No.4377817

did something got corrupted or alike?

>> No.4377874


>> No.4377958



>> No.4377969

holy brain rot

>> No.4378148

Bless whoever made the torrent. We're all gonna make it /ic/.

>> No.4378452

No we're not i need a cgp invite

>> No.4378565

I'd kick you from cgp for being a bitch, there's so much free shit on the internet go draw

>> No.4378947
File: 1.24 MB, 1366x768, om krisen eller kriget kommer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based swedebro

>> No.4378984
File: 4 KB, 240x240, 1579363486381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are welcome frend

>> No.4379188

no seeders?

>> No.4379216

im currently seeding to 10 ish people are you sure you have dht, pex and port that is forwarded?

>> No.4379430

Hmm im downloading this torrent and even though it says i have only 4% done, folder is already 200 gb gib i dont get it

>> No.4379431
File: 358 KB, 467x730, Przechwytywanie 224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh yeah also do u people have any tips how to speed it up perhaps ? Its really slow

>> No.4379692

do a force recheck
Cant do much about it since i belive im the only "full" seeder

>> No.4380052

I'm at 50%
This makes me fucking erect!

>> No.4381002
File: 4 KB, 264x20, tib.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

has anyone gotten the full "package" yet?

>> No.4381208
File: 1.39 MB, 1251x2059, 20200214_222412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for everything op, i was able to buy a mega account big enough to store the files and bought myself a 4tb external hard drive. Its been a few days now and the download is nearly complete. You are the true chad of /ic

>> No.4381221

Wait, you guys who saved to your own account...can’t you just share a link for us?

>> No.4381255

why is everyone so keen on using a mega link when there is a torrent link?

>> No.4381357

some people have smooth brains

>> No.4381562

Yes. 100%
Im seeding now. I don't have much bandwidth but I'll do what I can.

>> No.4381578

Because there was no torrent like at first, why anyone would rather use mega is beyond me

>> No.4381921

I'm currently at 28%, my speed drops to 20 Kbp/s at times. How are ya'll downloading so fast? Torrent client, settings?

>> No.4381922

Because datacap is a thing you morons. Like hell downloading 700gb is nothing to your ISP. Are you guys meeming me or something?

>> No.4382013

>>>4379430 (You)
>do a force rechec
thanks anon

>> No.4382015

there is no datacap lul where are you from, murica ?

>> No.4382082


>> No.4382090

U all lost me when y’all starting seeding And the best courses wasn’t in there still

>> No.4382093

Do you guys like Modern Day James I think he’s awesome

>> No.4382129

This is a real pet peeve of mine, but he needs more animal variety in his gumroad tutorial series. Not paying 20 bucks just for more info on exclusively how to draw land mammals. At least it's not just horses I suppose though.

>> No.4382366

when did the mega close?

>> No.4382459

5 minutes before you got here

>> No.4383124

So what good is that to me, I'm not going to sell them or anything.

>> No.4384001

Thanks for the gigantic torrent, m8!

Does anyone have more tutorials by asian artists, mainly Japanese? Seems to me like they are the most hard working and advanced.

>> No.4384062

Krenz cushart

>> No.4384156

aren't torrents illegal?

>> No.4384161

Depends on where you live

>> No.4384182

You need to be over 18 to post on this website.

>> No.4384507

its been 6 hours and this shit still hasn't found metadata like >>4372524 how do I fix THIS?

>> No.4384562

what torrent client are you using?

>> No.4384818

Because There's no way to easily ban IPs from countries like India Philippines and other brown people countries in Torrent clients. They just leech.

With MEGA I don't have to share data with slow internet countries.

>> No.4384847
File: 5 KB, 224x224, 1578085465214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so you should be exempt from seeding because (You) dont like leeching brown people?
Ever heard of peer ban you fucking moron?

>> No.4385462

use qBittorrent, I had the same problem until I switched to qb, it's working great now

>> No.4385467

The series (of books) "Sketching Manga Style" seems pretty great to me.

I don't remember from where I downloaded it but this link seems to have the same books:

>> No.4385626

ill try that thanks, also, how long did it take?

>> No.4385671

loading the metadata was quite fast (for 934 gb at least), about 2 minutes I guess, on utorrent I spent some 2 hours in vain...

>> No.4385677

Its been 30 mins already..

>> No.4385692

I started the torrent, how do I select the folders I want to dowload after I already did that step?

>> No.4385703

Try exiting qB and then opening again, and reloading the magnet

>> No.4385770

FINALLY it worked, for some people out there, make sure you force start the download

>> No.4385804

If you are on qBittorrent just select the torrent on the filelist, go to the "content" tab(not sure if it is called like that on the english version, but it is the last bottom tab) on the bottom of the interface, and check/ uncheck the boxes and files that appear.

>> No.4385834

Thanks, I figure it out myself

>> No.4385982
File: 99 KB, 274x333, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy fuck true 900$

>> No.4386243

And people said Proko's anatomy course was too expensive.

>> No.4386458

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK I restarted my computer and this fucking qBittorent shit didn't save my fucking torrent. What am I going to do now?! The fuck, now it doesn't fucking know what files have already been downloaded and whatnot, and I have to check all that fucking shit again picking the stuff I need WHAT THE HELL UTORRENT WOULD HAVE FUCKING SAVED EVERYTHING WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THIS

>> No.4386750

This is what its known as "shit behind the joysticks"

>> No.4386914


>> No.4386922

PEBKAC or an ID 10-T

>> No.4386927

Haha wow you're so funny and smart! Retard.

>> No.4386938

Struck a nerve?
You google you mongrel.

>> No.4386957

Google what? Of course I tried googling it.

>> No.4387141

Did you try force re-check?

>> No.4387401

Wait what? Are there pedo references in these files?

>> No.4387518

Oh yes, there definitely are. Actually the whole 785Gb is just CP and dolphin porn.

>> No.4387551
File: 25 KB, 490x475, EOz5H4pXsAA0fdy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4387628

>dolphin porn
is it dolphins with humans? is that even a thing?

is everyone here aware of what they're downloading? this is shocking!!!!

>> No.4388407

Yeah it checked what files are already there, but it didn't restore my choices, the stuff I unticked.

>> No.4388463

click on the torrent and go into the content tab and uncheck and check what you need.

>> No.4388481

Wow anon, thanks for your amazig advice, what could I do without you! That's the whole fucking problem, that I need to check everything AGAIN, tens, if not hundreds of fucking folders and files. I had to fucking google all of that weeb shit in the art books folder to see what I need and what I don't need, and then I have to do it again? Now I;m just downloading it all and will have to go through it all later and delete teh shit I don't want. The fucking pdfs, I'll have to open each one, they fucking take time to load.

>> No.4388483

Why the fuck I can't download the metadata?

>> No.4388549

Chill the fuck down, we are not your personal tech support you dumb faggot.

>> No.4388746

You're just a fucking retard

>> No.4388849

Well then why don't you just explain what I did wrong? Not everybody knows equal amount about everything, you know.

>> No.4389063


>> No.4389117

I'm not asking you to be my tech support, just saying you could provide some advice since you know so much about this and it's trivial for you. You know, like people do when they aren't faggots. Or if you don't want to then don't call me a retard, you autist.

>> No.4389270

bumperino, gotta keep this great torrent alive

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