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Sakimichan has been suspended from DeviantArt, wtf?

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We did it reddit!

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Sakimi's DeviantArt died for this thread

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has some group been mass reporting?

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Nice, now her patreon

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This is most likely temporary. DA gives out 1 month suspensions for people who draw supposed underage characters, and Sakimi does that sometimes but adds that the character is "aged up" in the image. idk, but that's probably it.

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I'm almost sure DA warns against making "ageed up" characters in porn and that what matters is their canonical age. Unless they've retracted that rule.

Which makes me find it really strange that deviantart would take so long to take action, she's been raking billions of views daily over there with this type of content.

Maybe the DA crew needs a little bit of Internet drama to make their website relevant again, I'm sure a lot of inactive people would come back just to leave an angry message about their decision.

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>Using Deviantart

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>drew lewds of Marnie, a 10 year old Pokemon character

Asked for it.

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>and that what matters is their canonical age.
that's so fucking stupid. if a character has ultra wide hips, huge boobs, looks proportionately 6ft tall, and is said to be drawn as an adult, how is that going to attract pedos?

now if you draw a naked toddler but claim their age is 1,224 is that ok?

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Damn, lots of mad crabs out there, Thank goodness I only come here for resources these days

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I like this meme.

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If you have a 18+ real woman that looks like a child, no one can stop you from posting her naked pictures.
With drawings, that "power" is amplified, because you can draw an anime girl and claim she is anywhere between 10 and 30.

I imagine the "canon age" rule would be helpful because they can at least prevent famous (and heavily-copyrighted) characters from getting sexualized in an ambiguous manner under their domain.

The toddler thing doesn't happen cause there's also a clause against "clearly-minor-looking", where there's more than simply being slim or titless to it.

At the end of the day, it's on a case-by-case analysis. If the mod checking the content is some nigger like you who thinks all 18+ women must be some blow-up doll bimbo (and that no underaged child can have cow proportions), then the ban happens.
If we get some horny Yuru Yuri fan mod, then the ban doesn't happen.

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She answered why on patreon. She was suspended for not ticking the mature tag on sexual images, instead putting this lazy black censor over it.

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>lazy black censor
>gives them a body suit
my dick

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mm yeah it seems valid, people bitching a lot in deviantart, so if you pass the limits for most stupid can be, is valid for them, she has to already know by all the time she was in the web, so probably admins were a little light with her because of the popularity. But any porn artist knows how to work there, she just probably forgot.

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can you english?

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no puto vete a comer hamburguesas

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Basado raza

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So does it work backwards? If the "canon age" is 18+ but someone actively makes a underaged version is that fine thanks to the original excuse? This is exactly why the fiction = real people needs to be executed.

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>sakimichan page deleted
>furry bullshit is a-okay

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>This is exactly why the fiction = real people needs to be executed.
isn't it already like this in Japan? Pixiv is full of some of the most disturbing content i've ever seen on the internet, straight up child porno drawn by blatant pedophiles with zero boundaries.

I agree that the age up thing is retarded. Nothing about this >>4315537 looks like a 10 year old. But there does need to be a limit.

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i was expecting something disturbing. this is just a cartoon dog

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that's now how it works. If you don't know yet from the recent yt shit, t h e y decide if a character is suitable for/and or representing underage content for children, meaning there is no way for you to change any character, be it from games, anime, etc.to a "suitable" age and then keep doing nsfw shit with it, after all your fan art is indirectly pointing at the original character.

More so than moral fagging, this is more about brand protection.

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>Pixiv is full of some of the most disturbing content i've ever seen on the internet, straight up child porno drawn by blatant pedophiles with zero boundaries.
I'm a defender of lolishit but I gotta agree with this. Contrary to what the retards on /ic/ always say, there is a very very stark difference between some animu loli and real life looking drawings of kids. It's such a huge difference it's like the people on here aren't able to tell a squirrel apart from a dog.

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So elated at this news. Less competition is always a good thing

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You're all jealous of sakimichan and its pathetic.

Find a few mistakes in her art work sometimes won't make yours any better.

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Yeah fuck crabs.

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I'm not jealous of sakimi. I just dislike the way she shills out over rendered art with awful anatomy mistakes all day every day. How does someone draw that much, and never improve? Its awful to watch

>a few mistakes
If only it were that little, my friend. If only. Then maybe I'd have some respect for sakimichan.

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Can I have a link or search query? I don't think I ever run onto realistic loli stuff.

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lmao the bullshit in this post is over the top. how hard is it for you to just ignore her and not look at her shit if you "dislike" her? you won't see her art unless you *deliberately* look for her to see what she's up to. if you ever see her in the front page of a thumbnail, just look the fuck away and go about your business.

sorry frend. but the only answer to why you would both not like her but yet keep tabs on her is jealousy. are you a female?

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Considering how successful she is.. I think you're just jealous.

You watch her waiting for something bad to happen to her.

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Well, fuck you too, nigger, but why?

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you know why

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Because you are faggot? Just because of that?!

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Well when her shit is posted all over /ic/ every time a new Eldritch horror is created, plus the threads and posts with her art where people are going "how do I draw/render like sakimi" I can't really avoid it. I don't look her up, and yet I'm still subjected to it on the regular here.

You d/ic/ks are the ones with the obsession issues and you won't admit it

Wow that's a lot of projecting going on there. Are you sakimi herself or just a white knight that idolizes her and/or wants to fuck her? Either way you need to take a step back and calm down.

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>Well when her shit is posted all over
>i really can't avoid it
I knew this is what you would say, fucking idiot. Like I said, just glance somewhere else and go about your business, sakimichan isn't being forced down anyone's throat. Nobody is forcing you to click on her name or scroll through her images. Something you obviously do but are too stupid to realize you’re admitting it here.

>Wow that's a lot of projecting going on there
This is how stupid you are. Do you not know what "projecting" means, or are you really accusing that anon of being the one who's jealous of sakimi instead of you...? how does that make sense?

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Wew White Knight harder dude, I'm sure your queen will see this and appreciate it :^)

As for the projecting, if you'd bothered to actually read what I was responding to, it was the "you're just watching sakimi to see something bad happen to her" part. Learn to read, brainlet.

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All that reporting paid off

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post "her" photo is she is a real grill

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how new are new

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