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Sai has been acting like a real piece of shit the past several months

I'm going to switch

What is the best drawing application for 2020?

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watch idiots lose their mind at my comment

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Procreate on the Apple iPad Pro 12.9.

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I'm not a homosexual, can you please recommend me some straight applications?

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SAI 2 is pretty good

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Sai 2

Enjoy your crutch

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Applekek got rekt

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corel painter

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this is still the best.

krita is also nice.

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even gimp can be awesome if you know how to make your own brushes

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>still not using photoshop
Your lose.

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Why aren't you using SAI2 anon? I've since switched to it 3-4 years ago.

There's like cracks for it out there already. If you don't want to, you could buy a license for SAI1 and use it for SAI2.

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I've been having issues with pressure and shit

>wintab driver returned an error

It might be my tablet but I'm going to blame sai instead

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If you use Sai just switch to CSP

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I went from sai to krita and I am using krita more now. I do technically like sai more, the pressures are better, more ergonomic, and a much light program, and runs smoother, but the lack of support for it makes me iffy. I also spent the $10 to own it/support it.

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Sai is only good for sketching very fast with no lag the brushes are terrible photoshop is the best art app but it has fucking windows ink pressure sensitivity issues

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Medibang/Fire Alpaca is pretty much the best "Sai-like" alternative if you're looking for something with a similar interface and lightweightness. Nothing will be as lightweight as Sai though. Probably the only program were you can draw in 5k resolution on a pentium 4.



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firealpaca is what i use to animate all my gay furry porn

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Procreate is literally the best art software that exists right now and the ipad pro (both 11 and 13 inch) are the best art devices. The only reason not to buy it is price and you are poor.

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csp is nowhere near sai's natural/true pen pressure and feel.
when it comes to this stuff nothing really beats sai

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I'm surprised nobody has said pen and paper yet

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>not using stone cave walls and a sharp rock

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Really NGMI

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for real this time though use firealpaca

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I'm in actual art school and nobody uses fucking SAI, all professionals use Adobe shit.

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Do people actually use Medibang? What are its strengths?

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Switch to gnu/linux and install Krita.

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Is Krita's perfomance that much better on Linux?

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Yes in my experience, it was made for linux then ported to the other os's.

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How much better?

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It just werks, performs smoothly.

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red flag planted.
why do people shill these on here so much

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Because $0.01 gets deposited into their accounts every time they post.

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>Do people actually use Medibang?

The two videos I posted have artists that posts speedpaints in medibang. Also Medibang has a gallery website where artists upload stuff they made on the program


>What are its strengths?

>Simple to use interface
>Decent brush engine.
>Perspective tools
>Very nice text tool. Also comes with a big selection of "cloud fonts"
>Can backup your work to the cloud if you want
>Cross platform
>Can somewhat use photoshop brushes if you convert the brush tips to png files.

The best Sai alternative on linux is azpainter. Too bad they still haven't compiled it to run on windows yet.

Honestly I don't see a super big difference between the performance of Krita on Windows and Linux. Complicated color smudge brushes probably perform a bit better on linux. I think you should make sure to use the angle render engine.

I use a Ryzen 1600 and usually start painting on 4000x4000 resolution. Painting on Krita feels smoother compared to CSP to me.

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Isn`t the creator of SAI working on CSP?

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No it’s not photoshop is the best art program all these originated from photoshop

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>muh industry standard

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Anyone here actually use and enjoy Krita? I can't seem to get comfortable with it.

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>Painting on Krita feels smoother compared to CSP to me.

CSP is a shitty single threaded app and performance is fucking atrocious.
Also screen tearing everywhere.

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I do.
Honestly I grown to love it. It felt a bit different/off when i switched to it but now its my favorite.

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Sai 2 and clip studio paint. Sai 2 of you wanna still be familiar. I have tried sai but I could never produce a piece in it. Not to say it's bad since I was use to prograns like csp.

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Every other program's stabilizer is gonna feel terrible in comparison if you started with SAI

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stabilizer is trash in sai and all programs lazy nezumi is the way man

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>using stabilizers

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>What is the best drawing application for 2020?

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>Painting on Krita feels smoother
Has something happened? I tried it out a year or so ago and it was dragging ass all the time

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Why people shit on CSP?

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it's focused on line-work, no really painting.
that said it's not like it's bad for painting anymore, plus it's still arguably the best for line-work.
I guess people see the stabilization option as a crutch? It is a crutch but it's not like you need to use it. People forget that it's meant to simulate the texture/friction of a brush on paper or something, but generally just putting paper on your tablet does the same thing.

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I still use Photoshop CS6

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Photoshop CS3

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switched to csp for 3 years and ive been good so far. photoshop is a meme but cc is alright now, it's just not worth the subscription
a friend of mine uses medibang which is free and it's very sai like, so you could try it

are brushes between sai and sai 2 exactly the same? the only reason to bother with sai at all is custom brushes. im too retarded to replicate them all in csp

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Not that guy, don’t know anything about CSP, why do you think it’s a crutch?

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This, I sketch in SAI and finish in PS

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Why was it bad for painting?

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Please let me email you my address so I can fight you

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>muh slant-eyed hipster program
Rebel while you can child.

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Anyone that says anything else is a blatant shill

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your dumb.

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Fuck is SAI?

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Just pay $20 Monthly for adobe. It’s the industry standard get with the program.

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Not that guy, but how about I'll rebel as much as your tongue rebels against my cock, you little slut.

OT: roll with the smoothest

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I'd say CSP but it's also a chuggy piece of shit

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$0.01 has been deposited into your account

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