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I want to draw a bird but i've gotten to the point where i have to draw the feet, and it's making me go insane. Right now i wanted to put down the basic skeleton lines, before drawing thw full claws around the lines. No matter where i put the lines, they never look right. I can tell i'm messing up something with perspective. Could someone help me?

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Weird, the perspective on this pic makes it look like the bird is standing on some sort of curved surface. Mine is standing on a flat surface and i don't know what to do

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Perhaps visualize, or better yet, draw the flat surface that the bird is standing on. Add perspective lines as well.

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a thread died for this

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Tried adding perspective lines like loomis. I think now it looks better. Sorry if the photo is not clear

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Not gonna make it

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actual ngmi

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Noice m8. Now just give them volume.
Are you doing this from a reference photo?

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No reference all from scratch

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Easy step by step. Helped me learn to draw birds easily. Feet down past the head section.

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There's not enough resources on animal anatomy. Someone can post mega links of animal anatomy guides?

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Do you have experience drawing birds? Their anatomy can be complicated and different from most animals.
I would strongly recommend finding a few references of birds.

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Crabs gon crab

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Bro you'll learn a hundred times faster by just drawing some bird feet from reference and then trying to do the same thing instead of """constructing""" them from scratch like an autist.

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