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C-Can you guys give some tips for someone who wants begin commissions? I want to start this month yet, but to be honest I'm a little terrified...

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Well which part of the commission deal are you terrified about?
>your prices
>your art quality
>your topics
>about not getting any customers
>about being cheated

There are many things, you need to be more specific

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Look for an honest job instead.

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First and foremost, you cant expect to have commissions if you dont already have some fucking work. Some gallery or something. people will look through your shit and see what youre capable of. You cant just say i can draw this or this, and then later down the line you dont deliver it.

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post your work

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didn't make it anon? maybe someday you will. you can stick with your honest job.

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I don't like to scam people, that's all.

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Actually I'm more scared of earning money, I never earned money on my on before

I do have, and some chibis that I did for friends so that people can see how it will be like

I rather not, I just want to listen experiences of peoples here

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