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How do you interact with followers without ending up stalked?

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How to interact with other artists without stalking them?

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By not sloppily leaving a trail of information that leads to your full name or your address, or any information you wouldn't want random people to find by digging.

Basically just common sense.

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interact with them a bit robotically. They'll appreciate you interactling with them, but will understand you're a dude who wants to be left alone. Mason Lindroth is kinda like that

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My only advice is....just in public comments, never in internal messages (or notes or whatever the website allows)

Becuase in internal messages is allways shitty things, they allways gonna talk to you in the beggining to try to get free requests or any kind of form to get free art (art trades, colabs, "hey my x project i paid you later", "is a nice idea that will get you followers", etc, etc, etc), so never do that. You can block that making the estatement that you only talk for commissions in the internal messages systems.
By commenting in the public spaces like in the drawings that you post, you prevent most of the cringe stuff, but not all, for that you just have to be polite and be direct, talk of whatever you want if you feel like it, but if not then be direct and cut the conversations, answer with: "thanks!"
"im glad you like it" if is a request or commission
"thank you"
"yeah i liked x thing too"
Things like that.
You are gonna be fine is you control your ego and use common sense

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you can't control what others do, if someone wanted to stalk you then they will. the only thing you can do is take precautions
if you're not absolutely retarded the chance of them finding anything about you is almost 0
easiest thing is to make sure your username is something that no one knows is connected to you. this includes your family and irl friends

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How to do that while earning an income?
>register business
now they know everything
>don't register business, but use paypal
now they know enough

There's no anonymity if you aren't a business magnate who hides behind an intricate net of plausible deniability.

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I don't know why I'm afraid of doing this. I wish I was stalked.

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I've always wondered this too

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dont post opinions about any political or social issues, especially on twitter, you trigger some tumblrina or an incel and they will do everything to dox you

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Constatnly insult them and tell how much you despise every single one of them.

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/catlady general/?

yeah chances are your expiry dates are coming up fast.

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kick the shit out of them if you meet them irl regardless of context
>assert dominance over artsy homo homos
>maim any and all potential stalkers by default
>become the the most fearsome name in this or any art community
where is the losing?

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>assert dominance physically bludgeoning are community into submission
>whine for art supplies while in prison
>no one fucks with you because only a hulking Chad bristling with manly body hair would ever attempt such a strategy
>get out early because you've been such a good boy keeping to yourself and drawing productively
>lack of distraction has allowed you serious art gainz
>still have a reputation as a violent tyrant in art community so everyone nervously applauds your gainz and avoids any event you attend, reducing your competition
can't find a flaw t b h

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How do you make people stalk you?

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1. Be good at at something
2. Interact with autists (optional)

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I'm having trouble with step 1

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Somewhat unrelated but if I wanted to have something open for my followers to anonymously give me feedback, would curiouscat be a good choice?

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which fundamental are you struggling with? talent or aphantasia?

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Stop posting this meme

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Sure but nobody on /ic/ has it.

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It's not worth interacting with followers unless you want money from them or to build up collective with other artists. Besides, do you really want to talk to dirty strangers on the internet? For all you know your biggest fan could've been jerkin it to gay porn prior to complimenting your art, or worse writing a harry potter fan fic.

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With extreme difficulty.

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If you earn money legally you need to register business and if you do that they can easily track you down. If someone will get autistic enough they will find you no matter what. Best option is to go to your nearest police station and sign up the white list just in case some retard calls swat at your location. Remember, better save than sorry.

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>Best option is to go to your nearest police station and sign up the white list just in case some retard calls swat at your location
fug that sounds scary. should all artists do this or only if you have a lot of followers?

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When you feel you are doxed or you have big following, remember, people who will fuck with you the most will be your most obsessive ex fans who feel "betrayed" by you.

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I had a stalker for a little bit, but after getting to know him a little bit (I was lonely and willing to talk to literally anyone) it was apparent that he wasn't a bad person. He later on ended up telling me that he knew his behavior wasn't super appropriate and his best friend had recently passed and he ended up latching on to the first person who made things better after that (me and my sparkly anime art) HARD. It was legitimately like a PTSD reaction to losing a loved one. He got professional help, we still talk, and I still consider him one of my best friends even today. I don't know if I'd recommend chatting up every stalker that comes your way or anything but ya know, it's a real person on the other side of the screen and maybe they're just going through a lot right now and need someone.

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Stop lying about who you really are and it'll stop being a problem. YOU'RE AFRAID OF YOURSELF and no matter what you do you can't hide forever the fact that you're the person who does these things. The more you run the worst it gets.

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yeah, like there arent thousands of people that dont share what they do and keep to remain anonymous. dont act like its impossible and doesnt make sense. there are jobs where getting your idenleaktity leaked can led to you literally getting killed

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getting your identity leaked* jesus

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If OP can't delete whatever they're talking about, they're lying.

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this is the problem with art. the kind of person who would pay money in exchange for art is just crazy. I don't understand it at all. why would I want to pay money for art that I didn't even make? what's the motivation? it just seems bizarre and I can't imagine the personality type of these people

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this sounds more like a you thing, a lot of people use art as decoration or like to collect small prints, this is an incredibly easy line of reasoning to follow

>art that I didn't even make
the absolute ego on this lad

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Sometimes I get caricature commissions and about a third of the time I get people who see the drawing like they never seen themselves in the mirror. They can't believe they look like that. That's why it's important for me to know what I'm drawing and why I drew it. If you don't know who you are and why you do what you do, crazy people will try to drive you nuts.

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has it ever occured to you that there are books, magazines, clothes and a million other things that people need illustrations for

of course porn is different but here the reason is also very clear, someone just wants to fap

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sure, I understand both of those things, but what about the person who commissions you to draw a non-sexual image of their favorite cartoon character? I don't really understand that. why don't they want to learn how to do it themselves so they can take pride in the finished product? what do they get out of someone else doing it for them?

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>what do they get out of someone else doing it for them?
why would you want to talk to someone besides yourself?

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so you can learn new things that are useful to you in your own life, I guess. same reason why you would look at another person's art. that's different from actually spending money though. it's free to study someone else's art by looking at it online

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Agreed, its odd to me as well. I dont do fanart, it feels like a huge waste of time. I see it as meaningless since it isnt my own idea. Though I totally understand it from a practice perspective, it seems like you could invest that time making something original that represents you.

I see so many talented artists drawing someone else's characters. Many of them exclusively do it. I get if its fun from time to time but to build up that level of skill and never have something original to your name would kill me.

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