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I have fun with a pencil but god I have to draw 1 billion potatoes. Can anyone recommend a more fun book?

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> more fun book

Shouldn't the act of drawing be fun enough? if not maybe its not the book but its you..

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Drawing is definetly not for you.

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Preston Blair or the Famous Artists Cartoon Course.

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i prefer Cum with a Pencil by Fatjew Coomis

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stupid frogposter

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There are other books than loomis fuckwit.

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How to draw by scott robertson

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One question: which book on perspective you guys would recommend - btw. if it is Scott Rubens - how do you guys go through the book? Grindin' the exercise as example on how to mirror a bent line ? I struggle a bit on how to use the book "correctly" cause it is very technical-driven at the start. I know this will deminish after some hours of practice.. but still - thank you guys, i love you and hope the best for your art-journey - kiss on your eyes from me <3

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Steve Huston’s figure drawing book

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The scott robertson books are good but they are way too advanced and in depth for way you need to get drawing and having fun. Just read the norling book as suggested. Read the watson book if still stuck. Then watch the meyers videos from a torrent if still stuck. One of them will get through to you.

Perspective Made Easy by Ernest Norling
Creative Perspective for Artists and Illustrators by Ernest W. Watson
Gary Meyers Perspective New Masters Academy or Gnomon
Marshall Vandruff perspective (think theres a torrent in the video thread)

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no book is funny. You are supposed to have fun because you like drawing and draw things you like, dont you?

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I have fun when it works. I get frustrated when It doesnt.

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All you really need is Marshall.

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