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what are some secrets to grayscale painting and how do you make lines blend together with the shapes when coloring

or is this a nip only thing

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>make lines blend together with the shapes when coloring
Either paint the line in a close color or merge it all in one layer and lock the alpha.

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you can blend the lines/edges with shapes by flattening your whole drawing and painting over it, blending everything step by step

i dont know if there are any 'secrets' to grayscale painting, just regular value studies will help you i think

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At least post the video for people to see the process bruh


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whats the point of the grayscale? there's barely any form on the end result.

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Why would you handicap yourself by separating value and color? That is a huge bad habit to break. Probably something you never break if you can get away with it.

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Its called doing a color wash over the values and even the old masters did it. Too bad youre trash and don't know what you're talking about :'(

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This video has a second part too.

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Can't even form your own opinions and words huh? Gotta use someone else's? You are extra shit. Think for yourself, sheep

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Let's not kid ourselves here. If that anon posted his own work you'd call him a /beg/ with no idea what he's talking about. So he shows someone who actually made it - someone who does illustrative concept work for Disney and succinctly explains the argument - and you shift your rebuttal to 'it doesn't count since someone else said it lol'. This board is a fucking mess.

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the only secret is that you should post in the /beg/ threads from now on :3

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His colors are terrible, looks like a skittles commercial.

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speaking from experience ? Lmao cringe

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I can tell he's /beg/ trash from his words and the fact that he cant make an argument himself when I called him out. He's welcome to post his work and prove me wrong, then I'll just think he's gud or bad with trash ideas anyways :^)

Why are you trying to protect him? Are you his mommy? Get your stupid child off of 4chan he's shitting everything up

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Don't bother, this retards crabs would always find a way to discredit your arguments with stupid fallacies.

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experience of dealing with beginners who think that "secrets" or "tips or tricks" are what they need to improve while never understanding that there are fundamental aspects to drawing that they should be trying to learn, yeah ;3

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Traditional glazing works different than digital blending modes, and you have to go over the result or use adjustments anyway to make it not look like shit since blending modes ruin both the values structure and the actual colors you want to see because hue, saturation and value do not exist in a vacuum in practice. It’s useful if you’re doing very complex compositions because then you’re putting in the extra work anyway, but it’s retarded for pinups and such.

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Nice samefag

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that tourist so󠛡yboy got btfo

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yeah you should probably do that anon

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what's up with these artincels who treat ic like their home or something, kinda weird

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Someone mentioned something about duplicating lineart layer and blurring one of them/ layer mode.. or something along those lines idk

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In this case there is no layer for the lineart
In the video you can clearly see that this guy merged the sketch with the gray values and "painted" directly on it

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>then I'll just think he's gud or bad with trash ideas anyways :^)
so wtf would he post his work for nigger? who cares about your opinion?

yep i feel like its 2010 and le 4chan anonymous army is here again, just this time instead of saying "never forget never forgive" they say "pyw" and "ngmi"
theres literally a group of like 6-8 dudes that sit here 24/7 and make this board absolutely unbearable, there are more helpful art threads on other boards atm lol

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pyw crab

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You seem too dumb for drawing. It's better if you find a less difficult hobby.

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