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Hello anons.

My primary hard drive just up and died, along most of my drawings, saved art I liked, references and all that other stuff. Got a couple of good books lying around, still, but so far most of my data is gone.
Would you mind posting some nice paintings, references, books or anything else that would help refill my art folder?

I'd appreciate that a lot, thanks.

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Do you know what "backups" are?

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Regretably, I do. Though, I did trust this drive more than I trusted both of my others, since they were old, shit hand-me-downs. Been wanting to get a new one for long, but never quite had the money.

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Saved. Thanks, anon.

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Have you tried recovering your files? Had this happen to me but was able to get back most of my files using data recovery software.

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this book was so nice

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Not really, but I intend to give it a try shortly.
Only just got my hands on a drive tray, a big enough hard drive and a bit of software that might help, wanna make an IMG of it in a more or less secure place, then dig around there.

Sure was. Love his work.

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Did it really die for good or is your windows just failing to boot? I had the second issue just now and remembered this thread. If that's the case I managed to fix it after fiddling for a couple of hours.

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it shouldn't be too hard to recover your files

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flash drives are cheap for backup, you can get them in hundreds of gigs now

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