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How do you deal with having shit memory? I just can't remember things anymore.
I keep trying to recall certain things and I just can't; like if I look away from a reference or pose I almost instantly forget it, or constantly forgetting anatomical bits (their shape and name) when I thought I had it memorized.

That, amongst other cognitive issues... Pic shows a relateable train of thought.

Not talking about visualizing btw, I'm actually decent at that.

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OP's going to forget about this thread, and /ic/, 4chan, and the internet itself

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What your regular day is about?

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How do you usually spend your day?

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sounds like:
1. you dont take art seriously and are just a kiddo
2. you are retarded
3. you have alzheimer and a brain of a old guy

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How did(do) you study for school?
It's normal to forget complicated information without persistent revision.
Break down whatever you want to memorize into small chunks and keep coming back to it. Slowly add on to it.
For anatomy it should be easy since you are constantly reusing anatomy just for any kind of figure drawing.

For anatomy i recommend the michael hampton books since they show you simple 3d shapes and he doesnt bother with bones/muscle that arent able to be seen / used as landmarks. generic anatomy books have way too much info that is irrelevant for artists (even the artist anatomy books).

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n back exercises, a game changer for my working memory

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Usually I try to understand the topic or it's "essence". I can't memorize equations so I just understand the theory and derive them as needed.
I do badly in memorization-heavy subjects (like say, Material Processing)

pic are some studies I keep in my room, (based on Vilppu), whenever I'm working I can look up and see what I need.
If I'm in a class outside it's a different issue entirely
Vilppu helped me out a lot though, he explains what all the anatomical bits do and it's a huge help.
I mostly study for Uni and draw. Figure studies are every day, then I sketch.
That's what I thought but it doesn't seem to work.

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You're not studying effectively.
Some people can memorize visuals easily with little effort, but it's not usually helpful on its own for drawing at different angles/situations and etc.

You shouldn't be trying to look at references to memorise how they look. Analyze the actual structure itself so you're able to draw it from imagination (A term I'm not a fan of, because it's more like building from imagination).

For example, I'll start with something extremely simple. If you analyze a brick wall, it's very clearly made of stacked rectangles, with a thick outline between them. A row of equal length rectangles begins at the bottom. The next row, though, is offset by exactly half a brick length so each vertical line matches up with the middle of surrounding row's bricks. This goes on for the rest of the wall, so at this point you can accurately re-build a wall in your mind. It's basically construction, but applied to your memory instead of just drawing.

If you want to memorize something more complex like anatomy, I'd suggest starting at a part of the body with less to remember and work your way across the rest. The neck is a relatively easy place to start, so you can move down to shoulder/collarbones to chest/torso and so on. Personally, I don't find remembering muscle/bone names too important, but it is a valid memorization tool for some people. I think after a while of drawing something specific you'll start to learn the names. If not and you still want to learn them, you can just draw your own diagrams so it's easier to remember than looking at foreign ones.

That being said, if you actually have severe cognitive issues, memory exercises might be more helpful than this.

TLDR: use construction on your memory.

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wait there's a lain manga?

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The Nightmare of Fabrication
It's short but a great read

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The best way that I've found for memorizing any kind of information indefenetly is to studio every day for a week the same concept. Repass every morning and every night for a whole week the certains ideas that you want to remember, for example the incertions and names of the muscles. The important thing is to be very consistent. I also have shit memory, I can't remember what the fuck I did yesterday, but in this way I have memorized whole paragrafs of books without too much problem and toons of other things for university. you just have to be consistent.

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you need to read this op

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Understanding is always before memorizing. Follow the chains of movements what each muscles do and you will naturally memorise and understand everything. Going to the gym especially helps this.

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So rote memorization

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>not understanding
Don't memorize a pose anon. You're supposed to come up with you're own understanding on how the body works.

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rote memorization is memorization. The only thing that changes is how meaningful and important the thing you're memorizing is.

Also, like >>4315794 said, don't memorize poses. There's too many. And with anatomy, you will definitely forget shapes and connections. It's a long process that you need to let simmer into your brain. Draw draw and draw again.

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