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Hi All! This painting is done using Aluminium foil technique. Please critique how I could have improved on this. Thanks. :)

>> No.4314681

cant tell what is happening, is the wolf eating the stars? the moon just exploded? is sitting in water? the reflection of the moon is also wrong, aslo the anatomy of the wolf looks wrong. Colors are ok

>> No.4314691

Better than 90% of /ic/
better than >>4314681 for sure.
also kek
>muh anatomy

>> No.4314721

Its shit, ugly colors, keep practicing though.

>> No.4314749

Read the sticky and practice literally everything

If you’re a first time poster don’t expect anything nice from anyone here. You’ll learn if you’re not an idiot though, good luck

>> No.4314768

Post work

>> No.4314811

Thank you so much guys. Really appreciate the honest reviews. Keep them coming. It'll help me a lot.

>> No.4314916

the generic '' black silhouette of a wulf howling at the moon " is an uninteresting theme that has been done to death already, im not disgusted by the /beg tier brushwork as much as I am by the subject matter

>> No.4314926

It's kitsch and /beg/ tier.

>> No.4314931

Nice joke smartass, everything in the painting is understandable unless you cognitive proble- oh...

>> No.4315681

>implying kitsch is a bad thing

>> No.4315687

a loomis thread died for this

>> No.4315879

wolves howling at moons is peak Chad
makes autists feel self conscious about their three wolf moon phase and seethe

>> No.4315906

What is the aluminium foil technique?

>> No.4315918

Wadding up aluminum foil and using it in place of a paintbrush. Its last year's social media art fad

>> No.4315940

Any other improvements/suggestions guys?

>> No.4315951

If this is unironicly your first painting then you got some pretty good intuition, keep it up.

>> No.4315952

This. The people who invented and pushed that term are all either kikes or extremely degenerate. Kitsch is basicly anything that has any beauty to it.

>> No.4316559

It really is. Thanks. :)

>> No.4316563

The wolf just ate a chunk of the moon now he burping out stars

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