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just like the old days


>post which tile you're going to draw
>starting tiles are each of of the 4 four corners
>make sure your tile aligns with adjacent tiles
>tile dimension: 200x200 pixels
>you can only pick tiles adjacent to already finished tiles
>if you're gonna pick a tile next to a tile in progress let them finish first

no plates no themes, just go wild

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I might join in, really like the free setup, op

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Taking A8

>> No.4218445

Taking a7

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>you can only pick tiles adjacent to already finished tiles
read nigga read

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Calm down, i'll wait the other guy get the tile done, so i'll make mine

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I'll take A1

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I’ll take H1

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Okay done

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These threads were cute the first couple of times but take this shit over to >>>/i/ the big boys are drawing here.

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I'll do h8

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G1 for me

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This stupid fag again. h8 is to good for you

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If you want want to edit some of it to keep the aesthetic more professional that's fine, but keep the general theme of it. Maybe make the ground have some color gradient or something if you want.

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i made the thread and went to sleep expecting 4 tiles to be done when i wake up lol

no offence anon but, if you didn't know already, everything in your tile must be drawn by you
and at least similar quality with other tiles

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I'm just here to renew my A1 claim, I'm sorry I haven't finished it already but I will later today when I get home

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>just go wild
>keep the aesthetic more professional
So, go wild as long as it's not actually?

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go wild as in you can draw whatever you want
just keep up the quality

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This is actually pretty cool though by itself mate. But I must admit I'm more inclined towards the comf.

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Sorry for the delay.

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I'll do B8

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I added the missing row of pixels, hope you don't mind.

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Omg are you serious ?? Go fuck yourself.

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Thanks! I was just about to fix it!

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here it is

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I'll build a map aswell so I can make a GIF in th end.

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What a great start! Quality tiles except for H8, which should not have been added in the first place

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I'll do B1. Get ready for a wild ride

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I'll take A2

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Just to be clear, I'm copy-pasta boi & I did not re-add my tile to the map. I'm glad someone else did, but for those who are over-concerned with professionalism they can have the tile. I'm just glad to eventually have an end result to run ESRGAN on - that's where the ultimate pleasure comes from lol.

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what the

yeah it's wallpaper op who did it dun worry
just curious what do you have against drawing your own tiles anon?


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I thought this would have met the threshold of originality since it was overwhelmingly my work & even the bits that aren't wholly mine are so different from the originals that the original creators themselves would not recognize them in passing.
I always start off with ideas from others since that gets the ball rolling on where I want to go with the tile.

Blue = Wholly mine
Red = Non-original but heavily edited

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Changing the colors of a 'sonic the hedgehog' sprite wouldn't make it your work.

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i see,
you know as other anon said your work is fine on it's own, it's just feels isolated
it need be "connected" in a way or other
if you get what mean

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It's just a mess dude, just get rid of all the copied stuff

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based and futapilled

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b1 is off by one pixel

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The person who stops the slide reaching from A1 to G1 is going to break my heart!

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thx for noticing good citizen

why stop at g1 we're getting it to h8

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Taking A3, but it will take a while.

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Not a great comparison

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I know what you mean, I just lack the ability to do that. Need to watch some YouTube videos to learn basic pixelart making.

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>tfw tongue of the monster is a perfect end to a mapwide megaslide
>tfw some turbofaggot will 100% certainly ruin the perfect opportunity
why even live

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G2 done. You wanted Tongue monster mate?

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I think he was mentioning >>4220286

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I'm all for complete freedom and trying to fuck shit up for others but not like this, this is just infantile. The easiest thing to try and provoke people is to make something as obscene and vulgar as this, it takes literally no effort... "I'll just draw fucking mega dicks and cum dude!!" Fuck off, be creative with the griefing for once. I'm not saying these should not be included I'm just voicing my distaste, at least b1 looks like it had effort put into it. G5 is an obvious troll who parachuted into the thread to stir shit up because if he wasn't he'd know you're supposed to pick an adjacent tile to an already existing one.

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going for g3

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b2 should have a portal connecting both sides of the slide section. Maybe some sonic boosters to speed up the slippery volunteers.

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maybe should have thought of a good idea before drawing, whoops. resorted to clowns though because I think theyre slick

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Heckin' cool!

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Truly Outstanding! 10/10. Breathtaking!

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Portal Goddess coming soon!

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are those fuking tide pods nipples

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Portal people are back, ans it wasn't me!

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e4, then after e5 I put a knight on f3, and if another knight ends up on c6, d4. Scotch Game.

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goin' fer C8

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and done

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Doing d8

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Your tile need be next to a already finished tile anon

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The maps keep increasing in quality, great job everybody.

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I’m offended due to my lack of participation, but also cannot disagree.

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Got warning from Imgur.com not to post hate speech for posting a gallery of all of the /ic/ pixel maps.

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Claiming c7.

>> No.4224313

we have portals, bitch

>> No.4224376

Calm down there, friend.

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Where are you anons

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please dont let the flame die out

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1. Lower the tile count next time
2. Only have map tile threads once a month as to not saturate people's awareness beyond caring
3. Take the link to this thread and post it everywhere - different boards, any discord you know of, any art chats, etc.
4. Try making these threads on other (all if possible) boards, especially the more populous ones.

>> No.4227093

im not the OP anon, but I feel that linking this thread on other boards can get obnoxious as hell if done way too frequently and off topic. wish OP was here to consider it though

>> No.4227392

Wish granted, well i don't think it's the tile count or frequency of it
I think it's the quality
This one have the highest so far
Intimidating other anons who aren't as good with pixelart

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The flame died after the cum put it out.

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sorry, took quite a while.

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Someone more talented that I should use this as inspiration for b2

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The low effort shitposting just put me off after a while

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Are we allowed to do more than one tile

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One at a time, and they can't be next to each other.

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I tried. Continplated a futa version, but I'd like some consensus on that.

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Contemplated, and I say nay

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You have to say yes sometimes, otherwise this is going nowhere. I say yes to the update above.

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courtesy bump

>> No.4236897

I'll be back later for a tile

>> No.4236907

I also say yes to the futa! Bring on the guys, lads!

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A4 :]

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What does /ic/ use to make pixel art? Apps for android?

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