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Is it worth buying a figurine to pose and draw? Will it help me improve more than drawing from pictures of anime girls?

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Like the one in your picture? Then no.

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Just use Designdoll or MMD. I own tones of figures and dolls and barely use them as reference

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Just admit to yourself you just want an anime girl figure and buy it.

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Source? Who's that char?

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that shit is worse than design doll, never use mmd.

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it doesn't look worse to me. designdoll is anatomically bizarre compared to what i see here. how is it better?

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does the software like designdoll simulates squash and stretch of the muscles and fat?

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the controls.

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kek, no
this kind of software is just for creating a pose while getting the perspective right. any anatomical details are up to the artist

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that is what I thought.

do they come with a basic shapes model (without the meat and fat) then?

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cool, any more hidden software gems for art?

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Why has no one made any posing software that is as easy to pose as designdoll? I swear there are so many programs with better models out there but the designdoll's intuitive posing controls still outweigh all those benefits.

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nice ass

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Yes; this also applies to plastic model kits when conceptualizing mechanical designs.

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