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Just a reminder to not stay too long in a single position while drawing

He had a stroke for not moving at all

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As if anyone here spends more than 20 minutes drawing before coming back here to shitpost.

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holy shit........

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>17 years old
jesus fucking christ

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Do you stand up and walk around to shitpost?

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this is fucking eye opening.. I was spending time playing league all day for the past 2-3 days, will remember to walk around and stretch exercise every so often.

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Now thats what you call a GAMER!
He’ll get some 72 vidya pussy from Allah Newell

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my worst fear is dying like this after a coom session

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Based and look on the bright side pilled

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I will die.
The shit I eat, the time I spend on my computer,...

Restless leg syndrome is all that keeps me safe from the realm of the dead.

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>Restless leg syndrome is all that keeps me safe from the realm of the dead.
oh shit same

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put your fleshlight on a mount. get those hips movin.

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From experience I can bet that gaming is leagues more addictive than art is. Also, if Feng tells me to draw 10 hours a day, I draw 10 hours a day.

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I know dozens of people with unhealthy pulling-an-all-nighter crunch habits who never got anything bad out of it.

I do it just occasionally when I feel energized, unlike these friends who do it for university or delivering some contract work.

I'll be fine, my genetic is not that shit.

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Drawing 10 hours isn't the issue, drawing 10 hours without standing up once is.

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I've laid sick for days and didn't die from it. My grandma laid in bed for 10 years without moving (because she physically couldn't) before she died. 10 hours ain't shit. Most Lazy asses here sleep longer than that.

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I stay in my bedroom all day long, if death comes for me I'll be happy.

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but she did die though...so...

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Can I really get a stroke from sitting to much?

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>My grandma laid in bed for 10 years without moving (because she physically couldn't) before she died
That sounds torturous honestly.

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Yes you idiot, the body was not designed for you to sit on your ass all day go out and get some sun you subhuman.

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https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/too-much-sitting-linked-to-heart-attack-and-stroke-even-if-active it can increase the possibility significantly

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You can get blood clots due to lack of circulation which can travel to your heart or brain and cause stroke or heart attack.

Remember also to get up and walk around every couple of hours in long haul flights

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So you either get a lot of work done, or drop dead and won't have to worry about work ever again.

Sounds like a Win/Win to me boys!

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Journalism school teacher:
>"Journalism is about delivering the truth while minimizing harm"
Real life journalists:
Journalism is a fucking joke

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You're the only one who does that anon, stop finding excuses to not feel ashamed of yourself

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If you guys really wanna help yourselves out for a day, try this and see what your results are. You'll have better concentration, focus, and an imagination without the need for constant stimuli.


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Just change your sitting position every hour or so.
It happens to me naturally. I sometimes sit with my knees to my chest and other times sit on my legs.
The issue is that sitting in one position limits the flow of blood because your body weight is constricting the arteries in your ass. Your heart already puts in so much work to pull blood from your legs that constricting the blood flow can actually kill you if you sit in the same position for too long.
I'd say the best way to change positions is to have one leg up so your knee is to your chest and just swap them every once in a while. The leg that is up slightly lifts that side of your ass from the chair allowing free blood flow.

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that is not how that works lol

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it wasn't the fucking games that killed him

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>can feel the blood clots in my thighs more and more recently
uh oh

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what's it like? that shit scares me

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Unless you have some preexisting condition related to clotting issues this doesn't happen unless you literally stay completely still for 12+ hours.
And for the anon that mentioned people sleeping longer than 10 hours, the blood in your legs can be moved by the heart much more easily when you're laying down, it's when you're sitting and your muscles aren't constricting that causes the problems.
Just stand up every hour and do a few squats, if you're really fucking lazy, get those compression wraps for your calfs. You can get some off Amazon for like $40, the same ones they put on bed ridden patients in hospitals to prevent clots. They also make little stationary bikes you can fit under a desk too.

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>go out and get some sun
But mom, it's cold, it's raining and the sun hasn't shown himself at all the past 3 days.

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