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what are your opinions on kids who make edgy or sparkledog OCs? personally i think it's fine as long as they're having fun.

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i prefer it 100x times over 26 yr old dudes doing endless studies of knights and enviros

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It's fine.

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Maybe they will pay me to draw it :)

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dope as hell, wish I still had that passion

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Honestly, unless the kid asks for it or something, it's pretty rude to just straight-up say something along the lines of "cringy" or "bad" with these types of things.

I remember when I was absolutely terrified of being put on one of those "bad art" blogs. Wasn't fun to live and draw like that. Never would wish it onto someone.

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Give the kid a break because when we’re his age we also draw our autistic ocs

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Let them be retarded until they show genuine interest in criticism and in improving.

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what if they are not having fun? Would it still be acceptable?

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Let them have their fun. You have to be a serious autist if you need to make fun of literal children to feel some sense of superiority as an artist.

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I remember I made a happy tree friends OC when i was a kid. Cuddles and Giggles had a baby and I called it Griddles. Kinda wish I still had that drawing just for the memory

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Future furries and degenerates. Grand.

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Part of the reason children are better at learning certain things than adults is because of their natural lack of inhibitions. I know this applies to language learning and could possibly extend to other creative endeavors like art. So while I think cringy sparkledogs are the most annoying thing to plague the internet, this shit is vital to their growth and if they actually care about art then they'll grow out of it on their own.
Who shit in your cornflakes?

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I like them. Gives me nostalgia.

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I'm more of an edgelord type so I like those, I find it just so endearing.
I'm biased regarding the sparkledog/tumblr homestuck memes because I've been exposed for too long to a fag who keept drawing those at 20.

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When I was young angry birds came out and so I thought each type of bird was cool. Then I had the bright idea to make angry birds oc's.

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Those kids are all better than me at drawing when I was their age. The only question is will they stagnate and draw like that forever?

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