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Post tips for tags, content, discuss current trends etc.

My question is, what are some good tags for someone who specializes in portraits?

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sometimes i feel i should just start drawing the flavours of the month. Im stuck at 1860 followers, and the traction can be low sometimes. Should just do another joker drawing or some marvel shit

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Also this is from a month or so ago but I saved it because it's good shit

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They're trialing the removal of like counts which should be pretty epic keeping track of metrics.

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Genuine question: how do you even get above 200 followers? I've been stuck at 60 and the highest i ever got was 100 briefly.
I don't have a whole lot of posts but ive seen people with half as many and 4x the followers as me.

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I think holding raffles and doing the dtiys stuff helps. As well as featuring artists. But the monthly bandwagons are always notable. Especially if they're regarding something you like. There's always something happening in your circlenof interest somewhere. You want to do that otherwise you'll get ghost followers or people who will unfollow after a time when they realize you don't do all the time what you hype drew for. Makes sense?

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