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Thoughts on pottery and ceramics?

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I spent a semester learning ceramics at college, and I enjoyed the process. We obviously started from the bottom, so it was all very simple, but I enjoyed the physicality of it.

Not something I’d dedicate my life to or anything, but if it were more accessible I’d still make something every now and then.

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Ceramics is very therapeutic. Wheel throwing is both satisfying and challenging. Feels good using/selling dinnerware that you handmade. Making sculpture with ceramics is also very enjoyable.
I would never go for a ceramics MFA though. Too elitist for someone like me who mostly enjoys the craftsmanship side of it.

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>if it were more accessible
the only thing holding pottery back from the mainstream. a poor ass hobo like me can't just start making ceramics

because of that, and that a lot of pottery is rooted in tradition, i think the artform has been advancing incredibly slowly. there's so much that hasn't been done yet
>Too elitist
some of the older dudes are dickheads.

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Pottery is nice, as long as it’s not too up its own ass or too long, the one exception being epic pottery, since that tells a story so it gets a pass.
Ceramics is also great, but it gets cold in the winter, so I prefer a rug.

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