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I feel that all porn should be free actually. I know that sounds like the lowest of the low on this site but porn isn't exactly legit. It's not real art. Art, is the freedom of expression. This can range from things like happiness to anger. It can be of a busy street, or it can be of a person doing something they like. In other words, it needs to be something you can put in a museum or proudly hang on your wall. You can't do that with porn. Even if you may be proud of the picture, all you'll get from potential visitors is looks of disgust. And don't even bother arguing that museums already have porn in them, in the form of renaissance. I don't even know how people get away with that. Additionally, from what I can tell and because I have a small penis, creating porn is part of the service industry, the service being making porn for people. However, porn only lasts you probably a good 5-30 minutes at best. I know once I'm done with it, I delete it from off my phone out of shame and embarrassment. It probably only lasted me a good 30-40 minutes at best.

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Other services, however, like web design, blogs, video sharing websites, and help centers, have real weight to them. They are things that we can legitimately pay for and actually get our money's worth. Porn on the other hand, not so much. We can't really tell anybody but those in this community when we pay for furry porn, lest it attract disgust from the general public. However, if you paid for someone to do concept art for a character and it is completely sfw (no lewd senarios or body types) then that is perfectly fine with the general public, and might only offend people who just don't like furries at all. To make a long story short so I can go back and stuff my asshole, we shouldn't have to pay for a service that, in the eyes of the public, is deplorable. Also for all those who use patreon and complain that when people steal their "art" it makes them suffer financially. Just get a real job and work hard for your money, like the rest of us. It can still be drawing furries, but preying off of horny people is not the way to do it. This has been Crackhead McGee (not an actual name of any kind). Have a nice day.

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ok coomer

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Oh, wow, he might actually be high on crack.

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>things that arent art should be free

Absolutely pants on head retarded opinion, dont post here again

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This is your brain on coom.

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Good counter argument, but I still stand by my argument. Oh and about being ashamed after masturbating- it's not that it isn't normal, it's just me :) It may not be normal for the people on this site, no. But it probably is for other people elsewhere.

Also, I feel that having a religion or other known moral standard doesn't cloud your judgement. It directs your judgement. That's okay. Even being an athiest is a form of direction. Things that do cloud your judgement are generally less peaceful. Like ISIS. Joining them would definitely cloud one's judgement.

Claiming that all religion clouds ones judgement makes it seem like you yourself have some deep seated hang ups about religion. Therefore, you feel morally higher than me on this subject. You don't like religion, I'm okay with religion. Both feelings are okay, just as long as neither of us gets a big head about it. I don't have false pretenses, but, rather, a different way of looking at things. One that's different from yours. ?

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Basically in the artist eyes: "I only care about the fans who pay me. Everyone else can go hang themselves." It's this kind of egotistic thinking that really gets under my skin. You have people that love your art! They just don't have that kind of money to spend! All paywalling content does is cause you to lose fans.

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Based coomer, sakimichan should draw for free!!!

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I'm okay with: Using Patreon as a tip jar. People pay you if they want to and everyone still sees your art free of charge. If you do comissions, props to you. That should be your main source of income, especially if your prices are reasonable.

I'm not okay with: Using Patreon as your main method of income and locking stuff behind paywalls / making Patreon exclusives. It's wrong because rather than have one person pay you for a comission, you have multiple people pay you for something that you made in your spare time, just cause you wanted to. It could even be a sketch. Why would I be inclined to pay for what is not even the finished project?! ?

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I'm still musing about the possibility of this once free art getting locked behind paywalls. It really hurts people who don't have the money to spend on their art.

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You think youre smarter than you are and its painful to watch

Every once in a while we get fedoras like you spouting retarded rambling shit like this and its tiresome. You just want interaction and attention and youll get it however you can

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fuck me

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Damn the x button on my controller

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I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll become trans

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>Imagine believing this ironically

So you're saying that for something be art it cant convey values that's go against a set if codes and morals?

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How does the messages a piece of art conveys make it not art? What makes you the arbiter of what is moral or not?
How is a person wanting to make a porn piece because they're horny not art even though it's still the artist expressing themselves through art?
Is it because lust is an animalistic urge? What if an piee is designed to make the viewer hungry by painting lovely looking food is it then not art because it appeals to an animalistic urge? What about an art piece that was made out of anger?

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Another great opinion. I'm not going to argue my belief that porn is not art. I'll let you have your own thoughts on it. I'm not going to change my stance either. After all, I am a crackhead. ?? And I completely agree that using art galleries as an advertising platform is just upsetting, for lack of a better word. I remember specifically getting an account on FA just to see more porn, but all I got in the long-run was a bunch of adds for some dude's Patreon.

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That's cute, but I'm gonna put a price tag on it and people will pay me for it. You can seethe about it or move on.

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Porn is the expression of one of our most primal desires.

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Go away, coommunist.

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so that favorite porn you just nutted to, you don’t value the time/effort it took to make it? By saying that someone’s work should be free, you’re saying their work and time have no value.

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Retard has stupid baseless opinion more at 11

Youre allowed to be stupid but try not to share it

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Even if porn is not art it is still work and people should be paid for work

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> pothead thread

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This. Now kill yourself OP.

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>porn isn't exactly legit. It's not real art.
Stopped reading there, kill yourself.

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>>It's not real art. Art, is the freedom of expression
Porn is expression. I can ONLY express that I want to fuck slime girls and how badly I want to put my hands through slime people in porn. Slime girls and monster girls (heck, even anime girls in general) don't exist.

>it can be of a person doing something they like. In other words, it needs to be something you can put in a museum or proudly hang on your wall.
People like sex. Sex is a natural desire everyone has and a necessary part of sustaining life. There is nothing disgusting about having sexual urges.
I would love it to be in a museum because it might evoke a feeling in some people that they have never felt before or show someone something they have never considered before.
If sexy monster girl paintings were in a museum I would be very happy and moved that something so close to me and my sexuality was opening up to the eyes of more people. Even normal porn should be considered art, it evokes strong emotion and is not something to be looked down upon, it is something that should be completely fine to explore and to see.
The fact that is is so controversial to show that people want it shielded from the public or to not talk about it at all arguably makes it *more* artistic.

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Basically coomunism.

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>it needs to be something you can put in a museum or proudly hang on your wall

Dont tell him about maplethorp

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Based OP, Cumbrains BTFO.

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>inb4 a thread died for this
>inb4 coomer
>inb4 op is a fag
I totally agree with you because i have no idea what the fuck you are saying.

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