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Does the internet suit artists that don't make conventional artwork and have no desire to speak English?
I've been living in an English speaking environment all my life but I really detest having to connect with people that only speak it online. Everywhere I hang out online seems to be swamped with Anglos and the idea of sharing my life stories and photos with these kinds of people irks me since I have a hard time caring about their cultures and irritating trends. I don't know how to get away from it.

Is Instagram the way to go? I don't particularly like it either since its anglo centric as well and I have a hard time really settling in it knowing its own by Zuckerberg himself and is swamped with artists that are only in it for attention.

Where do I go for an environment where I can connect with people and share my life and artwork in peace, while making friends at the same time? Is there specific places where non-English speaking artists hang out or am I asking the wrong place?

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idk but not 4chan lmaoooooo also checked

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If it is not english, you probably mean your mother tongue in which case either you have a local site like japs have pixiv, or you have the option to post on the common platforms but use only your language and not post anything in english.

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What is OP even trying to say ?
OP can speak english well.
OP thinks people who don't speak english is treated badly ?
Is OP a fucking retard who can't think for himself ?

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Then post in the chinese intetnet? No one needs your art here in the english speaking internet aka ALL OF THE INTERNET THAT MATTERS. LOL

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Youtube tell them you were raped and stuff

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I'm Polish

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fuck americans

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That depends.
If you spic Spanish or Brazilian, there's a huge presence of them on the Internet.
If you speak Finnish or Galician, you'll have a hard time finding an audience.

All in all, no one gives a shit about borders on the Internet and English is the lingua franca, online environments I frequent are heavily frequented by all sorts of people and actual Anglos are barely 50% of it (including UK/Australia).

If you really want to stay in your bubble, you have to start posting in your language and going to social media groups dedicated to such groups.
For instance, there must be several Facebook pages named "PinoyArtists" or shit like that.

I for one feel very depressed whenever I meet artists from my country cause they're mediocre and the public is completely normalfag, with no standards for technical quality either.
It's a large country, but a very underdeveloped culture.
All the good ones switch to English for that sweet, sweet global market.

>Then post in the chinese intetnet?
Not a question.

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How the fuck are we supposed to know which one you want if you never even gave out the country where you're from? No, there is no artist forum that bans English speakers. You speak English anyway, why would you need a board in another language?

I swear these /r/ threads are getting dumber and dumber

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>No, there is no artist forum that bans English speakers
What? There are a lot of those.
They don't necessarily ban you for being an anglo, but your threads might get locked cause it's supposed to be a [insert country] forum.

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Understanding english is mandatory to use the Internet comfortably, and learning art is a pefect example of this. It's harder to find resource/tutorials translated in your native language.

I started to learn how to speak english as a kid because I was frustrated by the fact that I had to wait a whole week for some guy on youtube to translate Smosh's videos in my native language.

Same thing goes with Japanese: I wanted to be able to read my hentai as soon as the raw scans got on sadpanda.

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I dunno, op, you sound pretty autistic to me. I'm not english either, but I have no problem posting on english sites nor have I ever felt anything you've described.

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I know a few korean artist groups who reject non KRs on their facebook groups

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>Speak brazillian

Are you fucking retarded?

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Eu disse "spic", não "speak". Aprenda a interpretar o humor refinado, pois ao explicar-se a piada a graça se esvai.

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Essa foi rebuscada. Não entendir, peço desculpa.

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What a worthless thread

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unless you're nip or gook, good fucking luck

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Maybe learn English first, you shitskins.

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