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>spent all day shitposting on /ic/ instead of drawing
Anyone know this feel? How do I leave the chanz?

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Get yourself perma range banned so you'll never come back again.

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Download all the tutorials, references, and guides then block this site and spend the whole day drawing. You can do it anon!

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dumb wojackposter

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>When you draw too much and don’t have time left to shitpost


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Post your work and we’ll find out. It’d be pretty embarrassing if you were still shit.

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just get banned like >>4199283 says

i saged and reported your thread btw
fuck jannies

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>Announced a sage and a report
A-anon I...

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yeah i also posted a pony
reported your post too btw

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I was only waiting to get (You)s but OP had to shitpost on my art.

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Go to /a/ and ask for sauce. You'll get a free vacation.
Alternatively go to /tg/ and larp as Jim Profit. That'll get you a perma.
Or you could just go to the IRC and pester the mods

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Draw something now dumb dumb

>> No.4199349

pick up your modem and throw it in a lake.

>> No.4199363

just flood the board

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