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I'm 24 and just started painting with acrylics.
(Daler Rowney graduate).
I've watched a few videos and heard that canvases comes in different qualities.
What are some good cheap ones that you guys can recommend?.

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piggybacking off of this, how much does canvas quality actually matter?

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If your new to painting buy like a pack of cheap student grade 5 or 10 pack of canvas panals or stretched canvas. Stick with smaller size like 8x12 8x8 painting on a large canvas is difficult for the beginner . Don't worry about the quality either.
Also get a bottle of cheap Gesso and apply about 2 or 3 coats before painting.

I use this brand ^ you can get a five pack for about 4.00 or 5.00$

Try amazon there's tons of cheap canvas panels in bulk for really cheap.
Depending on what your planning on I would also get some carbon transfer paper. So you can trace out a whatever it is you want to draw and transfer it on the canvas.

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Literally it doesn't matter you can paint on gessoed wooden or cardboard panels and they will last and work fine. The only thing that matters is applying enough coats of Gesso and then sanding the canvas surface.

It only matters if you actually are serious about planning a painting that you want to keep and have the experience and skills to not waste a super expensive canvas.

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I fucked up, i applied titanium white as a base layer, is the canvas useless now?. (will the paint i add on top flake off)

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If you're using acrylic, you can just wait for the paint to complelety dry and paint over it. That's one of the advantages of acrylic that makes it more forgiving then oil. It dries quickly so it's easy to paint over mistakes. Oils takes a lot longer to fully dry. If you want the acrylics on your pallete to last longer, I recommend mixing them with a slow drying medium like pic related. The Artist loft store brand from Michael's also decent.

Also I heard stories of people that buy old canvas prints from the thrift store or something then just paint over them to save money on buying a new canvas.

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I just got this the other day, it has a sponge thing under the wax paper that keep the paints from drying and you can leave it for a few days and the paint stays fresh. It was only 15$ would bucks highly recommend

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ah sweet, i will look into getting that bottle.

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Never seen that before, i'll look into it.

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Pre stretches is fine to start with but if you plan to get serious with your painting you should look into building your own.
Cheaper pre stretches canvas usually have very low tension so it doesn't warp the cheap wood they use and better quality pre stretched canvas gets very expensive.
You might also try painting on Masonite. Most hardware stores carry it and can usually cut it to size for pretty cheap. Just coarsely sand it, apply a layer of gesso and you're good to go.

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huh thanks for the share. I will definitely give it a look

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