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How do I achieve this level of rendering?

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can bowsette get pregnant?

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An actual 3d engine

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This looks rendered on top of a 3D model (as is everything john doe does). So uuuuh integrate 3D i guess.

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It's not 3D. You can watch his streams and confirm.

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this is super uncanny valley to me.

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>hair, metal, skin and cloth all have the same texture

Such rendering skills.

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that looks like shit
just youtube "ambient occlusion" and use an airbrush, shouldn't be too hard

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Look too 3d

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Post your art. Show me how much better you are.

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Can it get any more soulless then this?

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You are not fit to behold my work.

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Then how about you contribute by posting about rendering instead of being a crab.

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But thats what I said you dumb fuck, one of the biggest mistakes of "rendering" is treating each texture on the same way, not fucking rocket science.

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Looks like typical ambient occlusion to me.

>> No.4154707

Lots of airbrush + some texture + ambient occlusion

happy paintings

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This is amazing to me... Not that i don't believe you but it has all the trappings of 3D over-paint.

> weird inconsistencies like line either be too perfect and straight or wobbly
>some elements look just pasted on like bowsette's eyebrows
>single line weight with weird angles that look like polygon planes

and so on

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you wouldn't like my work because its not braindead coomer garbage

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I remember him showing his step by step once. His method is identical of a rendering 3d program, but done manually, it's quite fascinating.

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whats the point of developing a rendering style that looks like CG rendering when CG rendering exists?

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whats the point of developing a rendering style that looks like real life when pictures exists?

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what is it then?

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>retard face

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this face makes me want to do unspeakable things with it. it's like he traced the most annoying face i've ever seen then drew cartoonish eyes over it. that's awful

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This is the most disgusting thing I ever seen. Oh god, why do people waste their effort this much ?

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I guess skill can't buy taste

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le you-cant-have-an-opinion-unless-you-pyw meme. wow anon great argument.

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that would be great

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Why would you want to achieve this kind of sterile rendering style? It looks like a 3d render. No artist's note, no artistic added value, boring and sterile.
What do you find appealing about this shit?

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post a link to his stream. his name is god awful for googling.

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Exactly! Apart from showing draftsmanship skills, there's no additional value to it.

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haha what the fuck
you shit other's rendering you can't even render a nose

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Better than 90% of ic

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actually, i wasn't one of the guys who was shitting on this guy's rendering, i just thought your pyw argument was retarded

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Your art is much more appealing than the pic in OP. Stop listening to ic crabs.

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Someone reaches out to him and give him the word that anime pinup are supposed to look appealing
at least put effort on the face, it's 90% of the appeal

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Just use a damn reference, what is so hard about this concept?

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>how to render
If you're watching his stream, then shouldn't the answer be right in front of you?

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looks like a westerner trying to force a random character on top of a 3d model. the usual soulless shit

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God how I want to suck on those tits

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How the fuck could he choose "John Doe" as his username. Almost makes it impossible to find his work by text search alone

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It's because the head is so disjointed from the rest of the body. Why is the right (our left) cheek in so much shadow if the right shoulder is so illuminated. The lighting isn't consistent.

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Answering your own questions anon

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If there is truly no 3d in that picture then I guess he mastered painting as a 90's phong shader. Those red hands look like they belong in some vaporwave art

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Look at the dick and the hands in this one. There's no way that isn't 3d

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oops here's the pic

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That looks awful. Guy used 3d and ambiant occlusion badly and it shows.

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You don't have to be better to know that the rendering is shit sakimi normie loving tiered.

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fuck, this looks so stiff

>> No.4155125

well, it's a dick

>> No.4155136


look at the hand.

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It is 3D just like i said before. Daz has a plugin that will add lines around a character render i forgot what its called but i remember seeing it a while back. There's also alot of toon shaders that will make the skin less realistic looking.

I can tell just by looking at this stuff that it's Daz renders with a bit of painting over. I used daz for over a decade and it just jumps out at me. But i'll give you an example of something that stands out... Look at this image >>4155064
... The area on her hand in between the fingers there's strong highlights. That's exactly how it does it in Daz. I could achieve the same shine if i positioned a hand that way and got the light in the same position behind the camera. Don't be fooled this is 90% a daz render and maybe 10% paintover.

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I know those nipples are anatomically absurd...and yet...

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Where can i find a description of how a 3d program renders?

That idea sounds great

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why is the face so fucked up

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christ you faggots are clearly so depressed and desensitized you cannot appreciate highly stylized work for what is it...

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Just to be clear, do you disagree that the hands look like 3d renders?

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photobash of 3d

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“It’s not 3d guys” work by the same guy, the buttplug is clipping through the fucking blanket.

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>> No.4155930


This seems relevant. >>4151913

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this is gorgeous anon, blog?

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I'd nurse the right one with you on the left brother

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This looks terrible

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How fucking dumb are you? It’s so obviously a 3D model or a trace of one. This is not a compliment either, it has all the trademarks of a shitty 3D model. Look at the hands. The tail. Her midget right leg. It’s so goddamn obvious.
If you are still in denial look at the vibrator in >>4155708. Look at the toes. How the sheets don’t fall in any realistic sense and don’t look anything like how someone would draw bedsheets.
Anyone who has used 3D models can see this straight away because it’s all so unnatural.

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He doesn't use 3d. Check his Picarto recordings and you'll see the whole process.
Click on videos at the top.

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I don't think this artwork belongs to John Doe.

>> No.4156462

The guy just told you he has his process available on his stream channel and you keep being delusional. John Doe's art looks like stiff 3d renders, I don't disagree on that. However he doesn't use 3d to achieve that. It's mind boggling, I know. But there's proof that that's not the case.

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>no rough sketches in sight
>all of them start out as lines or really clean sketches before he renders

looks like he traces over the 3d renders for line art and then eyeballs the shading on his models

>> No.4156481

Here's how his art looks like without 3d

>> No.4156485

I don't exclude that possibility at all. However my point was that he doesn't do 3d render overpaints like other people seem to believe.

>> No.4156487

Even that looks like based with 3d software lol

>> No.4156489

Too slow and the streams barely show anything. Not convinced yet

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He may not use 3d for the rendering but he likely uses 3d for the line art.

All of these videos start with at least a clean sketch and then he paints over it. In other words, he's just using pre-rendered models reduced to line edges through filters or tracing and painting over it. If you want to prove your point that he uses NO 3d, show us something where he actually draws from scratch.

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True, but what ever he is doing isn't doing his art any favors.
They end up looking more like souless plastic dolls than people imo.
kek you can really tell he relies way too much on 3d

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His rendering looks like 3d, he doesn't paint over 3d renders. There's proof of that in his picarto videos. If you are too dumb or lazy to check that up, that's solely your problem.

It might be that he uses 3d models as reference for painting but he doesn't photobash. Again, proven by his saved picarto videos.

He might be tracing the initial lineart. There's no concrete proof of that, but it seems highly possible.

Stop crabbing already.

>True, but what ever he is doing isn't doing his art any favors.
I couldn't agree more.

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How is it even crabbing if by the end of the day you both agree that it looks like trash? One way or another it's a shit artist that has nothing to teach any of the people in this thread. The argument is whether he's a shit artist AND a liar or not.

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True, even with 3d, his arts look like shit. And this is not the first time people argue about it, not worth our time/ic, go draw!

>> No.4156571

>reads Scott Robertson once

>> No.4156598

It's crabbing because you guys want to depict him as something he isn't. You have 0 proof if he uses 3d AT ALL.
To me this thread is the definition of /ic/ crabs. Yes, you are a crab.

>> No.4156609

without any statement whether it's good or bad, what's more likely?:
>it's so weird guys he doesn't use 3d at all but it looks exactly like he does!
>to some extent he uses 3d models

>> No.4156647

The thing is that what makes his art look 3d is especially the rendering and the vector lineart. Both of which aren't done with the help of 3d at all.

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File: 405 KB, 750x870, 6EF44A4B-3F45-43C3-A490-FBF4428BD9D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes it fuckin does

>> No.4156703

Are you saying this dude made the conscious choice to draw a buttplug clipping through a blanket like a 3d model instead of just using a 3d model

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>> No.4156724

No idea what's going on with that artwork. To me it doesn't look like his other art at all. I guess he got lazy on this one and just straight up used 3d for the lineart.

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He clearly did for all of them. I don't know why you are in such denial. The streams don't disprove this. You might as well argue that someone who traces a photo off-stream and then starts a stream with clean lines to fill with paint bucket and some airbrushing is a great artist. Fucking kys. Oh... and like others have said, on the .0001% chance this work is all truly original, it blows donkey dick anyways. So congrats on white knighting an untalented hack and having shit taste.

>> No.4156735

This feels very plastic and weird looking

>> No.4156738

What a fucking crab lol.
Nobody said he's a great artist. I just said that people that claim he's photobashing or painting over 3d renders is in the wrong.
Stop being so mad, crab.

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The streams aren't proof. They don't show the whole process.

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I think John Doe knows how to put a great composition and a good picture together.

He does trace his line-art from 3D models tho, and it's obvious like a punch to the face. He has regular drawings and they look nothing like his rendered stuff, way more cartoonish and gestural.

>>4154630 question was : How do i produce something that looks like that. The answer is : By posing and tracing 3D models

You "defending" John doe actively prevent Op from getting an honest answer.

>> No.4157057

>He does trace his line-art from 3D models tho, and it's obvious like a punch to the face.
I am not saying that can't be the case. It looks to me that way too. Plus the fact that he never does lineart on stream seems to be a clear indicator. But I thought that was the case for his shading and coloring as well, since it looks like a 3d render with some post paintover work. That's why I don't want to point fingers.

What the hell is wrong with you people's reading comprehension. WTF?

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seconding this

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Anon this is quite cute.

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Is it really important to defend him? For what? He's a shitty artist with shitty arts, or maybe you're John Doe himself? At least find some proper renderings to argue about.

>> No.4157111

non artist, i hate this style and will offer no patronage.

>> No.4157335

I just hate you crabs more than any bad artwork.

>At least find some proper renderings to argue about.
Is the pic you posted supposed to be that? LMAO.

>> No.4157339

Digital artists have faked their workflow before to appear more skilled. A couple of minutes worth of video clips proves nothing. Wake up sheeple

>> No.4157341

Just go fuck yourself, crab.

>> No.4157395

Yes it is, what's wrong with it?

>> No.4157408

>babbys favorite artist confirms to be not as good as he thought
lmao grow up

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100x better than OP pic

>> No.4157775

it's way fucking better retard

>> No.4157851

u can literally see the sketchup lines in this pic. Dont get fooled anons.

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i can't draw, but i can spot garbage, and this right here is garbage. entirely soulless.

>> No.4158183

They just both suck.

I don't even like John Doe's stuff LMAO.

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Lmao kids in Skyrim have the same face

>> No.4158628

>those fingers
Who the fuck is paying for this shit

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kyle has by far the best rendering

>> No.4158751

No only John Doe sucks you shit taste retard

>> No.4158878

Why do they look so fucking souless

>> No.4158921

It's the faces. He's trying to bridge his original style with the weeb coom art look and it's not working. There is simultaneously too much and too little detail on the faces. I think the faces would look better with a wee bit more lash detail, a little bit more lipstick detail and more defined noses (may as well commit to some hard edges if you're gonna plop so much color there). I don't think he needs to add a whole lot to make the faces look livelier.

>> No.4159034

Look...look at the size of those UDDERS


*eyes spring out of head”


*jaw drops to the floor*


*old time car horn blares*


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>> No.4159096

>if I crab harder then I win!

>> No.4159122

Those fucking faces scares the shit out of me.

>> No.4159188

Sorry for hurting your /beg/ feelings.

Aztodio's stuff is just so uninspired and unoriginal. He basically copies other artists and doesn't bring anything new to the table. Totally meh stuff imo.

>> No.4159194

kizuna ai looks okay but the way the other girl is staring off into space is really jarring. she should be looking at kizuna or at the viewer, not just into the void

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>> No.4159223

the hair looks cartoony along with some other parts, the hard black lines dont really work I think

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What's the point in making a drawing look like a shitty 3d model from daz or whatever it's called?

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File: 1.05 MB, 1810x872, kylepic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kyle does have pretty good rendering skills but I think he should explore a more flat style. Here are some progress pics. I think many would agree with me that the middle pic is the most appealing

>> No.4159609

Like the line art best desu. What was wrong with his slightly more realistic style though? if he's gonna go full animoo he should straight omit the nose entirely. It might just be me but I really dislike the noses he is doing now.

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>over 100 posts arguing back and forth over if this shit is 3d or not
man i don't even give a shit if it is 3d, there's no goddamn shame in using 3d if you're just fuckin honest about it, yall look pathetic defending this shit, just go jack off to it and go back to drawing

>> No.4160601

Such a helpful post. GTFO.

>> No.4160634

>there's no goddamn shame in using 3d if you're just fuckin honest about it
>there's no goddamn shame in _insert cope justification_ if you're just fuckin honest about it

so basically there is no shame in anything as long as you yourself trust in it. Ok dictator-kun

>> No.4162376

This is also very clearly traced Daz models

>> No.4162396

I wish I could trace Daz that well.

>> No.4162416

>muh original

Such an idiot, if the art looks good then it looks good.

Even with the help of Daz 3D John Doe's works are total garbage, why trying to drag better artist down to his level? You're John Doe's number one fan, or you're him?

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File: 287 KB, 1280x753, tumblr_pucmgnKxon1t6t7pao1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah remember that photo of kharon driving lost souls throught the doors of tartarus? you know something you get to see everyday

>> No.4165663

I don't like John Doe's art at all. It's uninspired crap that looks like a 3d render.
I happen to not like atztodio's art too. It's uninspired crap that looks like cheap knockofs of better artists that have the style he's copying.
You must be atztodio's number one fan, or you're him?
That's how this works, right?

tl;dr go cry me a river, tasteless faggot.

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>> No.4165766


>> No.4165779

1000x better than OP pic

>> No.4165904

What is a crab?

>> No.4165956

>it's not 3d
>can literally see the polygons and aliasing
lmao pick one. some of /ic/ is so incredibly retarded but worse is how much it reflects the average person. clearly clean convex hull outlines, awful aliasing, visible polygons, stiff as fuck figures, and smooth shading. but no, it's not 3d at all

>> No.4165958

Forced meme pushed by /ic/ newfags

>> No.4166232

Nah, more like 10x. This said, still 1000x worse than actual good artists.

>> No.4166233

How can you be this delusional? Maybe the initial sketches are traced over 3d models, but all the rest is done manually by JD.

>> No.4166260

Someone who drags his betters down with him.

>> No.4166367

Tracing the sketch is like 80% of the work that's done for you ...

>Anat : done
>Composition : done
>Perspective : done
>Draftsmanship : just rotate camera, move a few IK's, no sketch iteration needed
>Effing values : he has the 3D render on another screen, and it shows, it's almost mathematical. (the 3D forms cut the light flawlessly, legit artists usually give themselves some liberty with the direction of shadows/lights to enhance composition)

>all the rest
Just rendering

>> No.4166997

>Tracing the sketch is like 80% of the work that's done for you ...
I don't agree about that dumb percentage you just shat out of your mouth, but that's not the point.
I'm saying he doesn't overpaint 3d models. Pe-FUCKING-riod.

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File: 131 KB, 773x783, not3d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How can you be this delusional?
i could ask the same for you. clearly this is all handpainted and not artifacts from 3d rendering, shitty edge detection/angle filters, or low res textures

>> No.4167057

post feet

>> No.4167061

i really hope the only thing you like about this is the rendering
it looks fucking stupid

>> No.4167422

based loona poster

>> No.4167432

god damn this is ugly

>> No.4167463

80% is not "a dumb percentage" you dumbfuck.

I chose 80% because the rule of 80/20 in art dictates that the great majority of the piece (~80%) is done in the first few hours.

John Doe piggy-backs on CG for that crucial phase.


>> No.4167517

Alright. I give up. I guess he draws his stuff on stream for hours and hours in a different way, just to fool everyone.

>> No.4167518

Normies care only about polish. I wish what you are saying had any meaning in commercial illustration (especially porn), but it doesn't.

>> No.4167523

Fuck off John Doe

>> No.4167529

Yup, that's the only argument you are left with. BS.

>> No.4167543

So he spent hours to reproduce those trashes, it's even more impressive that you took the time to watch it, clearly show how garbage you are.

>> No.4167547

Why are you so salty.

>> No.4167567

I don't watch his streams. I already said several times that I don't like his art at all.
You can find the recordings of his streams on picarto. And you can see their length, jump forward, etc.
I'm just exposing your crab core, and I know it hurts you kek.

>> No.4167600

Some things do not exist and thus cannot be photographed?

>> No.4168724

the themes in these two paintings aren't remotely similar, retard

>> No.4169808

The problem with PYW is that people will always find fault with the picture (since this is the board where posters will say things like Ruan Jia and Craig Mullins being bad) thus "disproving" the argument.

>> No.4169811

Man, these lines look so robotic. This would look so much better if they did away with the linework

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