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Through art we shape perception.
Art influences thought.
We build and design the worlds we live in.
Artists create the aesthetics that add detail to culture.
Our design influences the direction, emotional state and perception of empires within and without.

We shape the destiny of the world.

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sure, now post your work

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Just fucking draw

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dragon energy

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Summer, get back to doing your homework.

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you shape nothing, moron

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Pick one

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now draw some thick white women fucking sexy nigger beasts with 17 inch dicks goyim

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As if your perception isn't shaped per se. You don't even realize you're pushing something THEY want you to push.

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Not OP, but your inability to conceive of and internalize the OP is why you will always be failure faggots who will never take your studies beyond formalism into anything meaningful in the sacred realm of art. Death to those who larp as artists. Do civilization a favor and literally kill yourselves.

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Haha, as long as it makes you feel good OP.

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