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I haven't seen one of these in a while, so here's a new one.

Constructive figure drawing 1-3 - https://mega.nz/#F!xhohmbIR!Z9Sg85jVRTc6_Ea1YZdvCg
Vilppu stuff - https://mega.nz/#F!RIx3TJxJ!_Nna8t01kPxENJ8KSzXqwg!EUJHgKAZ
Russian Drawing Course - https://mega.nz/#F!v8cVRIpY!I7lqQezZrA99ZifIiRbgEw
Hampton's Analytical Figure Drawing Course https://mega.nz/#F!8qA2FLDQ!9ADn1WRz-YcH7H9M3i11dg
Proko portrait drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!0NkRBJoa!Il717YoIbJjIAk4rJba5SA
Proko figure drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!gpAyxSYK!wRqIgzf8Eh8S7hw0rU8UDw
Youtube channel that posts paid courses - https://youtube.com/channel/UCcvUM85KAlonlxJK5J9ntgw/playlists
CGMA Art of color and light - https://mega.nz/#F!CHBUEahQ!YmW9EueacdNsKW3mZYGRRA
Digital Painting Marco Bucci - https://mega.nz/#F!KKA0UQiA!IQZo0gy_yH5OAwKsPEIdqg
Ty Carter Color -https://mega.nz/#F!DKRDBSgD!tNWAYvCAqVzxZBq4gO9yiA
Vitruvian Studio Portrait Drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!JU9F3B5Y!s4YlpJfOkOlkOSsCvX5F6g
Digital Drawing Correction?Figure Tutorial? - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd9YlgrhwWqCSiGwPwA_N_nqKfTLY1Kn8
Karl Gnass Spirit of the Pose (NMA I think) - https://mega.nz/#F!30o2QCya!TWMgOxPJlGXWydwoS1czdg
Karl Gnass Spirit of the Post missing part 4 - https://mega.nz/#F!7ngkTYiT!dFHIw9uFBbMih9KHApd2Yw
female anatomy vol 2 sakimi chan -
Steve Huston (?) Beginner Head Drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!glxFwLaa!cdBL0K-MOuZbtQYoRR4cBQ
Steve Huston Advanced Head Drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!WsVy1ChK!17B0OTg-UBnPB8mwXy1U8Q

Happy Drawing!

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Thank you, my dude.

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Is that cgma course by Ryan Lang?

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>CGMA Art of color and light

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Yes, You can listen the good al Ryan struggle and suffer, love the guy because he doesnt hide his weak points ir mistakes, genuine as fuck, though I would have preffered the Ty Carter iteration of the course, the assburguer perfectionism of Carter fits me better.

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You are a good man. Thank you.

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Does anyone have Vitruvian Studio Drawing Basics Course? I have the Portrait Course in the OP, but I cant seem to find the Drawing Basics Course for the life of me.

I would like to upload it to MEGA and CGPeers, It would be much appreciated.

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Is it good to speed up the videos by 1.25x? Anything further is a bit too fast for me.

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Anyone have Hyun Jin Kim's skull videos?

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Those are some clean edges wew

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I know! This course seems really good, I just wish I could find it anywhere.


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So I watch most courses at 1.5x. Try this: speed up the footage to 1.75x. Try as hard as you can to keep up. After a minute or two switch down to 1.5x, it'll feel like you're watching at 1x.

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very niceu.

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Stealing is a sin and you'll go to hell.

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OP here, Ive just finished compiling up together all the Yu Cheng Hong tutorials I have in this folder.


Im pretty sure these are all on CGPeers, but here they are in a convient place. Not at all dissimilar to Krenz, Yu Cheng Hong really places a focus technical character drawing and perspective. He essentially explains the 'put it in a box' method Kim Jung Gi do, but personally I feel he does a better job then Krenz. I think its worth a look, though he does talk a little slow.

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why are some mega videos not streamable?

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Does anyone have Scott Robertson's "How to Draw"? The one in the artbook thread isn't available anymore.

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Does anyone have Dynamic Sketching by Peter Han? I missed it the last time because it got taken down (by MEGA, presumably) insanely fast.

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Anyone working on getting the new Watts inking video courses?

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Does anyone have Renaissance Figure Drawing and Renaissance Head Drawing? Someone apparently uploaded it in the last post, but it got taken down.

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does that skillshare website have any good art videos that are worth watching?

every other video ive been watching on youtube always have some sort of code for a 2 month free trial.

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marco bucci head course is in there
brent eviston gesture and structure course is pretty good too
it is pretty free since u can just download it

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Its on cgpeers

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I might buy it tonight since I need the extra help.

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That would be phenomenal, If it is anything like the Portrait course its well worth the money?

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This as well is on CGPeers, but heres a link just in case you need it.


Also if the anon from earlier is still here, did you decide to buy the Vitruvian Studio Drawing Basics Course?

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Not to sure but does anyone have the Absolute Beginners course from CGMA?

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Yeah I bought it. When I'm done with it I'll upload to cgpeers.

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Same guy here >>4156535 I'm actually taking this class right now as it started this week. It's a fairly new class on cgma....

Also I'm not a rich fag or anything I just don't have anything to do with my paycheck at the end of the week.

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anything more from cgma is nice

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Anon, please, listen to me
Take the "visual development mentorship" class, the main teacher is Armand serrano, if You arent familiar with his work is okey, but is dare to say he is one of the best teacher on the whole rooster of that page, if not the best, take the class, for the love of everything thats pure take it.

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1. I'm not good enough yet to benefit the full extent of mentorship.

2. You need to get accepted first. So it's not just a first come first serve thing. There is a mentorship with peter han and that dude spends like 3 whole hours per person.

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anybody have erik olsen's perspective course? i heard its the best course on perspective

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>This as well is on CGPeers, but heres a link just in case you need it.

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anyone have the full cgma perspective course? the one on cgpeers is missing weeks

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Do you plan on uploading that course as you finish it too anon?

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on cgpeers



Missing Files for 1-10

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It's still up.

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God Bless You anon <3 <3 <3

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great courses on perspective, but even him struggles a lot with the figure rotation, must be hard as fuck, I dont know if Im ready for this, anyways thanks a lot anon.

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anyone have patrick j jone's CGMA course? It's about figure drawing, he seems pretty frazetta-esque

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Yeah sure let us just upload a $700 course for free just for you. Brb.

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honstly I was just scooling thru and say shit shit and now im rollling!
> on acid btw

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which CGMA course isn't $700? _think_thonk

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The most expensive courses are $1000. Also uploading any CGMA stuff is really useless without the feedback and QnA. The lecture videos are almost always worthless.
>just upload the QnA then
Very often only 2 people show up to QnAs. You're then singling yourself out for their lawyers to pinpoint you. And some classes have your name watermarked anyway.

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Any kind anon has Kim Jung Gi's drawing courses I can download please?

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it's on cgp

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Idleness is also a sin at least everyone here is being proactive in educating themselves in order to contribute to society by making art.

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i can't find it on cgp? I'd check gfxpeers but the servers are down.

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Anybody have bill Perkins NMA color boot camp?

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Gotta ask does anyone have "Carl Dobsky – One Point & Two Point Perspective" ? Looks like it went down with conceptart.

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this one?

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Proko is such a nice lad that I'd feel bad for using his shit without paying.

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Anyone got any video courses on mastering gesture and movement?

Making art with humans in it look fluid and at the very least not static is my biggest weakness.

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anyone have karl kopinski's kazone stuff? I like hearing him talk.

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This only has until the 6 episode, would you have the full?

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Bump for eternal brotherhood. Thank you for making this thread my friend.

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yu chen character perspective

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Dont know of you're still here, but how far are you into the course?

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Hi, I am probably gonna buy cesar Santos, figure drawing course? Does anyone know how it is?

>> No.4164709

Pms gib lessons of myron branstone

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He is good at teaching and his drafsmentship is great, so I would bet is a good course, in fact I was thinking in get it myself as well at some point, but if you get it please share it with the boys, since is a fair expensive course.

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Do any of you guys has proko anatomy course ?

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>> No.4164914

Well I could only buy one, either his figure painting or figure drawing or his portrait painting, I still am thinking, which one would you choose?
I know right its expensive, but I have heard its pretty good, and I like his art, I would share but I am still new to all this, I wouldn't know how to.

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Thanks everyone for this thread so far, but does anyone have any video demos for fabric or clothing folds?

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I have shared things here before, you just need to make a Mega account and upload the files, then share the link and thats all, it would be so awesome if you where able to share it, that is top tier material.

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sorry i only have this one

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If you did buy a course, I think either the portraiture course or the figure drawing course would be your best bet, since painting is a little advanced -- I hope you do end up uploading, would be simple since you can just put it on mega.nz and post in this or the artbook thread. :)

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This will be my first time trying Vilppu, after being let down by Hampton.
Wish me luck, /ic/

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Watts Atelier?

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create accounts and save it to your, you silly poop
you can easily pump 50+G to one account

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thanks, I had no idea.
I'm doing it right now.

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Just to be sure, the 50gb only lasts for thirty days unless you do the achievements; if not, then your free account will be reduced to 15gb after the thirty days have transpired.

>> No.4165615

if you already fill up that 50gb they won't delete the extra part

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Were in this together, hopefully his video can help us.

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if it makes a difference, hampton's book is faaaaarrrrr better than his videos.

>> No.4166081

anyone have moderndayjames gumroads?

>> No.4166211

I will probably buy portrait painting one, even though I really want the figure drawing, I wish I could get all three, >.<

>> No.4166938

I'll make you a deal if you buy the portrait course and upload I'll buy the figure course (I've bought MDJ gumroads before but another anon uploaded and so I don't have much proof I'll deliver but if you're gonna do it anyway...) and upload

>> No.4167491

Hmmm that sounds like a good deal (cause I am gonna be buying, might as well get 2 for 1, these are expensive/expensive courses will probably go broke before getting all three), the only issue I have is the upload, as you said just upload to mega, but isn't it risky, like getting sued or getting tracked by the creator? I have no idea.
Also, while its a good motivation to upload,I still don't know you well enough to take your word for it.

I will try to upload, when I buy ( if I get my paranoid self in order), since people always post stuff that they have bought, it has always helped me.

>> No.4168098

Cool, just know if you buy it I'll probably upload it around December during Christmas time

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really? Can you elaborate? It usually other way around?

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I've watched his his entire course and been through his book a couple times. The books are far more concise and offer nuggets of valuable information that he doesn't mention in his videos regarding anatomy, gesture etc.

From a business perspective it makes sense for him not to be as in depth as he was in his own material.

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His course is fine. I've managed to dig up some old Adobe Connect QnAs (I have to go looking for it) from his class he did waaaaaaaay back in 2012 or so. He goes over a lot of information. Again, the whole point of these types of classes is for you to ask questions on things not talked about in the lecture video.

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yo, anybody got Aaron Blaise's digital painting course?

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On cgpeers bro.

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I just want to thank all of the generous people who uploaded stuff for us to use and learn from. We're all gonna make it. :)

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