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I haven't seen one of these in a while, so here's a new one.

Constructive figure drawing 1-3 - https://mega.nz/#F!xhohmbIR!Z9Sg85jVRTc6_Ea1YZdvCg
Vilppu stuff - https://mega.nz/#F!RIx3TJxJ!_Nna8t01kPxENJ8KSzXqwg!EUJHgKAZ
Russian Drawing Course - https://mega.nz/#F!v8cVRIpY!I7lqQezZrA99ZifIiRbgEw
Hampton's Analytical Figure Drawing Course https://mega.nz/#F!8qA2FLDQ!9ADn1WRz-YcH7H9M3i11dg
Proko portrait drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!0NkRBJoa!Il717YoIbJjIAk4rJba5SA
Proko figure drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!gpAyxSYK!wRqIgzf8Eh8S7hw0rU8UDw
Youtube channel that posts paid courses - https://youtube.com/channel/UCcvUM85KAlonlxJK5J9ntgw/playlists
CGMA Art of color and light - https://mega.nz/#F!CHBUEahQ!YmW9EueacdNsKW3mZYGRRA
Digital Painting Marco Bucci - https://mega.nz/#F!KKA0UQiA!IQZo0gy_yH5OAwKsPEIdqg
Ty Carter Color -https://mega.nz/#F!DKRDBSgD!tNWAYvCAqVzxZBq4gO9yiA
Vitruvian Studio Portrait Drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!JU9F3B5Y!s4YlpJfOkOlkOSsCvX5F6g
Digital Drawing Correction?Figure Tutorial? - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd9YlgrhwWqCSiGwPwA_N_nqKfTLY1Kn8
Karl Gnass Spirit of the Pose (NMA I think) - https://mega.nz/#F!30o2QCya!TWMgOxPJlGXWydwoS1czdg
Karl Gnass Spirit of the Post missing part 4 - https://mega.nz/#F!7ngkTYiT!dFHIw9uFBbMih9KHApd2Yw
female anatomy vol 2 sakimi chan -
Steve Huston (?) Beginner Head Drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!glxFwLaa!cdBL0K-MOuZbtQYoRR4cBQ
Steve Huston Advanced Head Drawing - https://mega.nz/#F!WsVy1ChK!17B0OTg-UBnPB8mwXy1U8Q

Happy Drawing!

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Thank you, my dude.

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Is that cgma course by Ryan Lang?

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>CGMA Art of color and light

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Yes, You can listen the good al Ryan struggle and suffer, love the guy because he doesnt hide his weak points ir mistakes, genuine as fuck, though I would have preffered the Ty Carter iteration of the course, the assburguer perfectionism of Carter fits me better.

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You are a good man. Thank you.

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Does anyone have Vitruvian Studio Drawing Basics Course? I have the Portrait Course in the OP, but I cant seem to find the Drawing Basics Course for the life of me.

I would like to upload it to MEGA and CGPeers, It would be much appreciated.

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Is it good to speed up the videos by 1.25x? Anything further is a bit too fast for me.

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Anyone have Hyun Jin Kim's skull videos?

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Those are some clean edges wew

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I know! This course seems really good, I just wish I could find it anywhere.


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So I watch most courses at 1.5x. Try this: speed up the footage to 1.75x. Try as hard as you can to keep up. After a minute or two switch down to 1.5x, it'll feel like you're watching at 1x.

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very niceu.

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Stealing is a sin and you'll go to hell.

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OP here, Ive just finished compiling up together all the Yu Cheng Hong tutorials I have in this folder.


Im pretty sure these are all on CGPeers, but here they are in a convient place. Not at all dissimilar to Krenz, Yu Cheng Hong really places a focus technical character drawing and perspective. He essentially explains the 'put it in a box' method Kim Jung Gi do, but personally I feel he does a better job then Krenz. I think its worth a look, though he does talk a little slow.

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why are some mega videos not streamable?

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Does anyone have Scott Robertson's "How to Draw"? The one in the artbook thread isn't available anymore.

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Does anyone have Dynamic Sketching by Peter Han? I missed it the last time because it got taken down (by MEGA, presumably) insanely fast.

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Anyone working on getting the new Watts inking video courses?

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Does anyone have Renaissance Figure Drawing and Renaissance Head Drawing? Someone apparently uploaded it in the last post, but it got taken down.

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does that skillshare website have any good art videos that are worth watching?

every other video ive been watching on youtube always have some sort of code for a 2 month free trial.

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marco bucci head course is in there
brent eviston gesture and structure course is pretty good too
it is pretty free since u can just download it

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Its on cgpeers

>> No.4155719

I might buy it tonight since I need the extra help.

>> No.4155844

That would be phenomenal, If it is anything like the Portrait course its well worth the money?

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This as well is on CGPeers, but heres a link just in case you need it.


Also if the anon from earlier is still here, did you decide to buy the Vitruvian Studio Drawing Basics Course?

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Not to sure but does anyone have the Absolute Beginners course from CGMA?

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Yeah I bought it. When I'm done with it I'll upload to cgpeers.

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Same guy here >>4156535 I'm actually taking this class right now as it started this week. It's a fairly new class on cgma....

Also I'm not a rich fag or anything I just don't have anything to do with my paycheck at the end of the week.

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anything more from cgma is nice

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Anon, please, listen to me
Take the "visual development mentorship" class, the main teacher is Armand serrano, if You arent familiar with his work is okey, but is dare to say he is one of the best teacher on the whole rooster of that page, if not the best, take the class, for the love of everything thats pure take it.

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1. I'm not good enough yet to benefit the full extent of mentorship.

2. You need to get accepted first. So it's not just a first come first serve thing. There is a mentorship with peter han and that dude spends like 3 whole hours per person.

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anybody have erik olsen's perspective course? i heard its the best course on perspective

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>This as well is on CGPeers, but heres a link just in case you need it.

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anyone have the full cgma perspective course? the one on cgpeers is missing weeks

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Do you plan on uploading that course as you finish it too anon?

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on cgpeers



Missing Files for 1-10

>> No.4157290


It's still up.

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God Bless You anon <3 <3 <3

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great courses on perspective, but even him struggles a lot with the figure rotation, must be hard as fuck, I dont know if Im ready for this, anyways thanks a lot anon.

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anyone have patrick j jone's CGMA course? It's about figure drawing, he seems pretty frazetta-esque

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Yeah sure let us just upload a $700 course for free just for you. Brb.

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honstly I was just scooling thru and say shit shit and now im rollling!
> on acid btw

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which CGMA course isn't $700? _think_thonk

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The most expensive courses are $1000. Also uploading any CGMA stuff is really useless without the feedback and QnA. The lecture videos are almost always worthless.
>just upload the QnA then
Very often only 2 people show up to QnAs. You're then singling yourself out for their lawyers to pinpoint you. And some classes have your name watermarked anyway.

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Any kind anon has Kim Jung Gi's drawing courses I can download please?

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it's on cgp

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Idleness is also a sin at least everyone here is being proactive in educating themselves in order to contribute to society by making art.

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i can't find it on cgp? I'd check gfxpeers but the servers are down.

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Anybody have bill Perkins NMA color boot camp?

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Gotta ask does anyone have "Carl Dobsky – One Point & Two Point Perspective" ? Looks like it went down with conceptart.

>> No.4160978

this one?

>> No.4161090

Proko is such a nice lad that I'd feel bad for using his shit without paying.

>> No.4161397

Anyone got any video courses on mastering gesture and movement?

Making art with humans in it look fluid and at the very least not static is my biggest weakness.

>> No.4161513

anyone have karl kopinski's kazone stuff? I like hearing him talk.

>> No.4161636

This only has until the 6 episode, would you have the full?

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Bump for eternal brotherhood. Thank you for making this thread my friend.

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yu chen character perspective

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>> No.4164274

Dont know of you're still here, but how far are you into the course?

>> No.4164672

Hi, I am probably gonna buy cesar Santos, figure drawing course? Does anyone know how it is?

>> No.4164709

Pms gib lessons of myron branstone

>> No.4164789

He is good at teaching and his drafsmentship is great, so I would bet is a good course, in fact I was thinking in get it myself as well at some point, but if you get it please share it with the boys, since is a fair expensive course.

>> No.4164836

Do any of you guys has proko anatomy course ?

>> No.4164851


>> No.4164914

Well I could only buy one, either his figure painting or figure drawing or his portrait painting, I still am thinking, which one would you choose?
I know right its expensive, but I have heard its pretty good, and I like his art, I would share but I am still new to all this, I wouldn't know how to.

>> No.4164954

Thanks everyone for this thread so far, but does anyone have any video demos for fabric or clothing folds?

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>> No.4165352

I have shared things here before, you just need to make a Mega account and upload the files, then share the link and thats all, it would be so awesome if you where able to share it, that is top tier material.

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File: 868 KB, 235x235, 150475079085.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry i only have this one

>> No.4165408

If you did buy a course, I think either the portraiture course or the figure drawing course would be your best bet, since painting is a little advanced -- I hope you do end up uploading, would be simple since you can just put it on mega.nz and post in this or the artbook thread. :)

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File: 215 KB, 1280x1836, tumblr_pk1rtbnIRX1tmv788o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This will be my first time trying Vilppu, after being let down by Hampton.
Wish me luck, /ic/

>> No.4165506

Watts Atelier?

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create accounts and save it to your, you silly poop
you can easily pump 50+G to one account

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thanks, I had no idea.
I'm doing it right now.

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File: 49 KB, 663x693, 1571349117206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Just to be sure, the 50gb only lasts for thirty days unless you do the achievements; if not, then your free account will be reduced to 15gb after the thirty days have transpired.

>> No.4165615

if you already fill up that 50gb they won't delete the extra part

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Were in this together, hopefully his video can help us.

>> No.4165972

if it makes a difference, hampton's book is faaaaarrrrr better than his videos.

>> No.4166081

anyone have moderndayjames gumroads?

>> No.4166211

I will probably buy portrait painting one, even though I really want the figure drawing, I wish I could get all three, >.<

>> No.4166938

I'll make you a deal if you buy the portrait course and upload I'll buy the figure course (I've bought MDJ gumroads before but another anon uploaded and so I don't have much proof I'll deliver but if you're gonna do it anyway...) and upload

>> No.4167491

Hmmm that sounds like a good deal (cause I am gonna be buying, might as well get 2 for 1, these are expensive/expensive courses will probably go broke before getting all three), the only issue I have is the upload, as you said just upload to mega, but isn't it risky, like getting sued or getting tracked by the creator? I have no idea.
Also, while its a good motivation to upload,I still don't know you well enough to take your word for it.

I will try to upload, when I buy ( if I get my paranoid self in order), since people always post stuff that they have bought, it has always helped me.

>> No.4168098

Cool, just know if you buy it I'll probably upload it around December during Christmas time

>> No.4168150

really? Can you elaborate? It usually other way around?

>> No.4168171

I've watched his his entire course and been through his book a couple times. The books are far more concise and offer nuggets of valuable information that he doesn't mention in his videos regarding anatomy, gesture etc.

From a business perspective it makes sense for him not to be as in depth as he was in his own material.

>> No.4168194


His course is fine. I've managed to dig up some old Adobe Connect QnAs (I have to go looking for it) from his class he did waaaaaaaay back in 2012 or so. He goes over a lot of information. Again, the whole point of these types of classes is for you to ask questions on things not talked about in the lecture video.

>> No.4168438

yo, anybody got Aaron Blaise's digital painting course?

>> No.4168446

On cgpeers bro.

>> No.4169640

I just want to thank all of the generous people who uploaded stuff for us to use and learn from. We're all gonna make it. :)

>> No.4171358

Full course torrent is on gfxpeers but it takes forever to download.

>> No.4171361

i'm downloading it rn and ye it does but the little stuff i've seen is high quality, but it'll take me about a month.
The more we are torrenting, the better, so pls whoever has the patience and is interested pls do it

>> No.4171363

Ah, illegal uploading I see. It seems all of this content is copyrighted. Well, can't let this go unreported to mega staff!

>> No.4171372


>> No.4171718

Is there a group already existing/ that we can make to buy expensive courses?

>> No.4171724

Glenn will not let you down

>> No.4172201

By the way if you have concerns about being caught you can always upload it to mega.nz and send me a link, I'll download and reupload so there's no risk to you -- you can message me on cgpeers I'm sleep_deprived.

>> No.4172304

anyone have the course of Karl Kopinski?

>> No.4172328

Guys like this think they are moral arbiters of society but really are just failures that want to feel power over others. Like snitching, virtue signaling and board policing, gives them a momentary sense of increased self worth and control. Many people try to become authority figures not to do good but for this same reason, but these guys can't even do that

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>> No.4172384

Seconding this

>> No.4172552

Ok what is a video course for someone that's literally never drawn anything before

>> No.4173103

lotsa drawing, painting etc books.

>> No.4173108

Try Peter Han's dynamic sketching

>> No.4173137

I don’t know if this was posted here before Or not.

Basically this Korean guy does livestream classes, if I wasn’t mistaken he also has paid classes, anyway he does livestream some free study and explain his process, his method is loomis like starting from very simplified mannequins to finish, he also does some live critics, I highly recommend if you having problems following loomis. The only downsides it’s in Korean and streams once a week .

>> No.4174453

boys, does someone have the Marshall Vandruff chalkboard lectures on perspective? please

>> No.4175680

Designa: technical secrets of the traditional visual arts

good book.

>> No.4176281

can I message you via discord?

>> No.4176362

Once I'll have stable internet I'll upload Marc Brunet's ultimate anatomy on mega.
I'm wondering if other anons have the other courses to share, so maybe we can put togheter the pieces of artschool and share it for free.

>> No.4176393

I wouldnt learn from Brunet even if you gave it away for free and allowed me to fuck his wife.

>> No.4176703

didn't it already in cgpeer/cgpersia ?

>> No.4176769

it is
don't bother I mean it's shit you would be just wasting precious storage space.

>> No.4177409

ah fuck, I always forget to make an account.
is it really that shit? I didn't even bother watching it, to be honest.

>> No.4177417

It's a steaming pile of donkey shit. All Mark is doing is copy/pasting paid tutorials and redubbing it. Cubebrush drones just lap it up while anyone who dares call him out would be blacklisted. Luckily /ic/ is a good place to call out conmen so that when this gets archived and people google search it'll pop up in the results.

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Does anyone have Peter Han's Dynamic Sketching as a full course on mega? Forgot to make a cgpeers account so now I'm kinda out of luck for now

>> No.4177541

I don't think that version of Hans course is actually the actual class but the "masterclass" version. There really isn't a complete dynamic sketching upload.

>> No.4177545

Someone should make a thread about this. To call out those who sell shit

>> No.4177551
File: 51 KB, 900x900, 015458745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh I thought he had a beginner oriented course which just starts with dynamic sketching, now I'm pretty unsure about what video course to watch. Does anyone have any recommendations maybe?

>> No.4177553

anyone know how to download from baidu and fast?
I have some resource from there

>> No.4177557

and I know it's more of a /beg/ oriented question, but I wanted to try something other than books to see if I can get along with it better

>> No.4177625

You're a saint.

Btw. The "6e Shading-the-Upper-Back-Example-1080p" was mistakenly written as so and should be "16e Shading-the-Upper-Back-Example-1080p" and part of the Upper Back folder in the "3. Muscles of the torso (9—17)" folder instead of the "2. Bones of the torso (5—8)".

>> No.4177873

isn't there 2 dynamic sketching courses to download?

>> No.4177889

but he said u dont need to read the book if u watch the course

>> No.4178296

I haven't got a discord, we can just message via mailinator since it's really anonymous -- you can message me at SleepDeprived at maininator and use your own username :^) -- if you don't have a cgpeers account just wait until the end of the month (which is less than a week away) to make an account, registration is open on the 1st of each week.

>> No.4178554

Messaged you cgpeers, I just find discord convenient, already have an account on cgpeers

>> No.4179234

Responded -- looks good! :)

>> No.4179239

Any worthwhile courses on NMA besides Huston and Vilppu?

>> No.4179694

https://drawingamerica.com/weston/ Any chance to get these Will Weston courses?

>> No.4180009

Rey Bustos is really good, but he only teaches anatomy.

>> No.4180299

Are you still here? I just wanted to say Thank you!

>> No.4180578

This, this so much.

>> No.4180657

Buy It faggot, is only 200 USD.

>> No.4182080

seconding this

>> No.4182087


>> No.4183272

Anyone has Timbougami process Vidoes or process sheets?

>> No.4183273

And if you don't live in a third world country where credit cards are uncommon support him here

>> No.4183278

he has process videos?

>> No.4183384

Yea on his patreon or gumroad
Paid of course

>> No.4183670

It has less than 100 people signed up right now, no way ripping it wouldn't cut into their funds.

>> No.4183735

This thread is about pirating tutorials you fucking moral fag. People have a strong desire to learn but don't have the money to get courses.
If I had 200 usd I wouldn't be spending it on courses that might be useful when I've been only eating roman noodle packs for the pass 4 days

>> No.4183744

God bless you bro, /ic/ would be the best board on the site if more people like you posted here.

>> No.4183768

Last thing on your mind should be drawing if you're that broke, ngl

>> No.4183783

Yea i know I'm
And actually live in a third world country. Was just linking his patreon for anyone interested in supporting him

>> No.4183857
File: 144 KB, 1200x1920, 00081_result.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got the Rakugaki Lab reference books. Basically they're Anime clothing references.


PASS: rakuengaki

>> No.4183870

Has anyone ripped Jeff's inking class yet?

>> No.4184385

what is best resource for drawing from imagination and design own figure?

got proko 65GB and studying it now but not certain

>> No.4184391

download another 65GB of tutorial and find out

>> No.4184453

What class is that?

>> No.4184476


>> No.4184510

definitely hampton's book, it's stated right in the introduction that the whole thing is meant to teach you how to design your own figures. proko's course is good only if you need an organized walkthrough for anatomy, he won't teach you anything about drawing from imagination because he cannot do that himself (see: kangaroo accident). Vilppu's videos are also a must.

>> No.4184520

Any of these courses on how to draw hot anime bitches?

>> No.4184594

One of krenz' courses on gumroad is NOWHERE.



>> No.4184615

I don't want to kil la thread for this, so i'll use this one.
Have you guys taken Noah Bradley's art camp? Is it good?

>> No.4184696

Inking phase 1 and 2. Also phase 3 when it's released.

>> No.4186211

Also interested in this.

>> No.4186324

Im curious if anyone has any Schoolism courses?


Any would be fine.

>> No.4186484

Thanks m8

>> No.4186702
File: 45 KB, 680x708, 786.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.4186708

did you end up buying it? I need that so much

>> No.4187130


>> No.4187341
File: 24 KB, 399x388, UBWiC1X.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a bunch of two hour long videos
do you faggots actually watch all that shit?

>> No.4187589

Unironically pyw

>> No.4187595

Opened this thread for these and here they are. Thank you guys.

>> No.4188331

I have everything from krenz, what do you want?

>> No.4188359

Upload everything anon, I need everything of him.

>> No.4188366

Do you have this one:
It was never uploaded anywhere

You can find everything (except for the one above) on CGPeers

>> No.4188709
File: 50 KB, 171x250, 3vua3frbhnh31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4188714

>>4188366 <-- this one

>> No.4189137

>Constructive figure drawing 1-3
will it help? since i'm not native speaker i wonder i can use theory in video and apply in work

>> No.4190473

Does anyone have Dorian Iten Mastering Light and Form ?

>> No.4190884

huston is more of an artist than a teacher, i personally dont like his way of teaching, i find it very chaotic and too loose

>> No.4191386

Blessed bread

>> No.4192254
File: 59 KB, 840x700, 1565926728192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone please upload vitruvian studio basic drawing

>> No.4192367

what is best to you course than?

>> No.4192678


>> No.4193070
File: 200 KB, 625x836, 1461597775024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Richard Williams The Animator's Survival Kit Animated? I need it

>> No.4193915

dont let thread die please no safe it

>> No.4193961

I'm interested in his "Drawing From Imagination" course, you have to pay $495 dollars though, but why does it cost so much? they should offer a membership or something like that.

>> No.4194079

Anybody have any Marzullo stuff?

>> No.4194285

The site shows $199, so I guess that's good news?


>> No.4194297
File: 62 KB, 1004x567, C00058A001I005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone rip the videos from this

The lecturer is from DOGAKOBO

>> No.4194428

Isn't it like 94600 yen for the whole course?
I can buy and rip the videos is anyone is willing to sub them.

>> No.4194449

I tried downloading some videos. Seems like the streams have encryption :'(

Someone try saving a video from the site if it works

>> No.4194474

It use HLS and ffmpeg can handle it with no problem.
Try it yourself with the free video.
ffmpeg -i "https://media-college.funs-project.com/vod/_definst_/smil:videos/XLkKGmoAmZoZgYRb/v.smil/chunklist_b2889530_t64SElHSA==.m3u8" -c copy intro.mp4

>> No.4194741

Maybe just grab week 8 and above. The ones below that just seems like basic animation 101 stuff.

>> No.4194802

As a proof, I've uploaded the 8th video.

What I want in return is a Japanese transcription of the video and/or English subs.
If anyone can get this done, I will purchase and upload the rest of the course.

>> No.4195163

>he can draw for 2 hours straight with no breaks but cant watch a 2 hour video he can also draw along to

>> No.4195194

Ain't nobody gonna this. People just want free shit. Hell if you guys actually want stuff you'd pool a group buy. That's why I'm not contributing to these threads.

>> No.4195311

If I could speak Japanese I'd translate it

>> No.4195350

kys crab

>> No.4195370

I'd sub for you but then I remember I'm barely n5...

>> No.4195384

you first

>> No.4195449

Does the course have any Jap subs?
It would save a lot of time.
I'll try with this one either way.

>> No.4195729

I'd go through this course if it was available lol, do you think he teaches a way to practice and not just tutorial shit?

>> No.4195731
File: 164 KB, 803x604, 1570508560015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your life is free

>> No.4195745

Does anyone want to pool stuff and buy?>>4195194

>> No.4195765
File: 267 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Youtube's auto-translated subs are great.

>> No.4195913

I can

>> No.4195941

We can set a discord if you want?

>> No.4196016

Sure go ahead

>> No.4196032

here you go!

>> No.4196643
File: 195 KB, 1400x788, 50E072D1-A15C-473F-986A-FD508E21480A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone have Noah Bradley’s art camp 3: landscapes?

>> No.4197565

a collection of 3 different ctrl+paint courses/kits

>> No.4199000


>> No.4199006

Does anyone have this?

>> No.4199054

I'm N1+ but very busy. If you explain to me what it is and why it could interest me I'm willing to consider it.
I'm not trying to be condescending, just real. Cheers.

>> No.4199064

Oh there was a link above. I'm tired sorry.
It's over 12h.
I can do both JP transcription and or ENG subs. My line of work would fall more into doing a JP transcription though.
If you have a dummy email drop it and maybe we can talk about it.

>> No.4199402

Anyone have the pro.ko anatomy course?

>> No.4199454

can someone mega drawing force videos by mattesi?

>> No.4199844

if anyone else wants to join

>> No.4199858

i think some who are pitching in to pay for the course are in the discord.

>> No.4199918

lol they probably meant hair, but the Japanese word for hair and God are the same xD kami

>> No.4199935
File: 1.83 MB, 288x377, 1570832647589.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is for pooling money and buying the vitruvian art course.

>> No.4199937

Virtuvian thing isn't that expensive... and they have coupons if you know where to look to shave off an extra $30 or so. If you REALLY want it just buy it.

>> No.4199946

I'm a poorfag and only have ~100$/mo extra. And that's without putting anything away for savings. It will change soon, but for now this is where I'm at in my American dream.

>> No.4199948

it 'still 200 dollars saving 30 dollars, is not too much. Also if you can get the whole course for 50 dollars, why won't you?

>> No.4199960

Didnt someone buy this course earlier in the thread? I thought they were supposed to upload it?

>> No.4199963

its been months, no reply/update from them.

>> No.4200319

does anyone haveSteve charcoal long poses videos from nma :>

>> No.4200442

It's in a shitty quality on cgpeers.


>> No.4200987

Perfect Thanks anon !

>> No.4201551

Hello humans!

Any of you took :An Introduction to Drawing for Beginners from NMA? is it any good? any one has any links?

>> No.4201821

Does anyone have the tutorial The Laws of Color Vol. 2?

>> No.4202021

Whos the artist?

>> No.4203225
File: 277 KB, 1483x887, 107 [34 Hours].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought the Gesture by Brent Eviston course.

I don't know if there is demand for it though so I haven't uploaded it yet.

>> No.4203250

This was a copy I did years ago, lol.

>> No.4203253

stop chicken scratching

>> No.4203264

All I see is the textbook on CGPeers, I didn't even know there was a video course for it.

>> No.4203273
File: 236 KB, 1010x1075, Screenshot (245).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go bud.


You might need to pay for that Mega membership though since it's pretty damn large. You can actually purchase for just a single month for $5 and it will only charge you just for that month which is what I did to get this course.

>> No.4203284

stop chicken scratching

>> No.4203377

How do I open the download link?
Fir fox is telling me that it doesn't know how to open it.

>> No.4203487

Chris Legaspi

>> No.4203538
File: 1.16 MB, 4480x2731, FullResFinal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4203560

How can I get access to cgpeers?

>> No.4203562

register on the 15th or 1st day of every month

>> No.4203826

seconding this

>> No.4203839
File: 161 KB, 700x982, art_fundamentals_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have this, or know where to get this cheap?

>> No.4204206

Wow! Thank you so much!
I would try amazon

>> No.4204283

cute yui

>> No.4204893

could someone post a new invitation?

>> No.4205119

Has anyone olson 1-16?
I could only find 17-21 in an old thread.

>> No.4205138


>> No.4205371

can you link the 17-21? 1-16 is already on cg peers.to, been there for years but so far no 17-21.

>> No.4205453

is this the same as the cgpeers upload?

>> No.4205488



here you go

>> No.4205492



Sadly i can't access cgupload as I have no account there and the registry is closed right now.
Has anyone a mega link maybe?

>> No.4205819
File: 209 KB, 1200x675, Brent Eviston.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cgpeers currently has many Brent Eviston courses:

>The Art and Science of Drawing – Brent Eviston


>The Art & Science Of Figure Drawing / Gesture Lessons 1 - 12

>The Art & Science of Figure Drawing / VOLUME & STRUCTURE

>The Art & Science of Figure Drawing - Shading - Brent Eviston

>> No.4206312
File: 248 KB, 867x766, 1573276035619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if anyone has the CGMA full pack torrent, SEED pls.
stalled at 28%

>> No.4206352

Does anyone have Acland's anatomy videos?

>> No.4209024

I have it and it was a waste of money.
Half the book is just image galleries of the artists related to 3DTotal, and from the other half, the anatomy part isn't really good, and you'll learn more in any other book in the artbook thread, or here. So only 1/3 of the book have relevant info.
You'll do better with any other book outhere.

>> No.4209764

Is dynamic sketching really just 6 30 minute videos? The course itself says there's 8 weeks.

>> No.4210196

You probably downloaded the CGMW version which is just a teaser for the 8-week CGMA version

>> No.4210287
File: 56 KB, 654x360, ee046460eb1af2ee22c72f8b000c51e11100c3db.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi, I'm looking for the "Figure Drawing: Anatomy of Style" by PATRICK JONES. Anyone, please?


>> No.4210312

Sorry for the caps, I just wanted to draw attention, since I only have 5 hours left, I think.

>> No.4210314

same. i didn't get an email confirmation, and i get turned down when i try to re-register with a different addr

>> No.4210317

Shut the fuck up, nobody cares about your damn crabby patty ass.
Jk, I just wanted to vent randomly. I hope we both make it in time <3

>> No.4210334


As far as I remember you have to wait, they do it manually.

>> No.4210337

What the fuck?

>> No.4210345
File: 1.28 MB, 1820x862, Watts Atelier of the Arts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have an access and could download:

Inking Phase I https://www.wattsatelier.com/shop/inking-phase-i/

Inking Phase II https://www.wattsatelier.com/shop/inking-phase-ii/

Inking Phase III https://www.wattsatelier.com/shop/inking-phase-iii/

From the Watts Atelier of the Arts?

>> No.4210534

Wow, would be awesome!

>> No.4210579

You need to change your IP to Russia or from the neighboring regions, no joke.

>> No.4210580

Someone would need to buy them and be able to rip the videos from the website, they're not been ripped yet.

>> No.4210588


>> No.4210869

Can you post another invite id like to join

>> No.4210878

Honestly not the biggest fan of Jeff's inking. It completely pales in comparison to his charcoal and paint.

>> No.4210899

Does anyone have any painting courses on drapery or any painting at all?

>> No.4211006

how about a bump and a request for some pron drawing video tutorials?

>> No.4211509 [DELETED] 

Yup, I have this book as well. Waste of money if you're actually trying to learn something. It barely skims the surface on a few things that are easily available tons of other places for free and more in depth. It's got nice pictures though, so there's that.

>> No.4211513

Yup, I have this book as well. Waste of money if you're actually trying to learn something. It barely skims the surface on a few things that are easily available tons of other places for free and more in depth. It's got nice pictures though, so I guess there's that.

>> No.4211614

No clue if this is any good, looks like it's covering the basics and anatomy:
The Drawing Database: Marc Leone NKU-SOTA

>> No.4211753

how does he compare against huston?

>> No.4211793

I agree but Jeff is basically a living master in drawing and painting so his ink teaching is still going to be some of the best in the world considering inking training is basically dead.

>> No.4211987

It is very good, goes much deeper than the basics, I still wonder how all his videos are free, they are hours long.

>> No.4212042

Thanks for reminding me this awesome channel exist, literally a free in depth anatomy course.

>> No.4213109

is there any course that teaches you how to (step by step) do the life drawings? You know mugs, cups, fruits, plants etc.

It looks to me like everyone just draws humans all the time.

>> No.4213202



>> No.4213637

i think there is a mega for this in here

>> No.4214656

I see that someone asked for it, but with no luck.

>> No.4215624

Any videos on Animal anatomy or figure drawing? Preferably horses

>> No.4215930

i had the opportunity to take one of his workshops a few years ago. he basically explains the notes he posts on his facebook/instagram.

>> No.4215977


anyone has this? 70 is too expensive for me to buy at once, but it looks interesting enough.

>> No.4216281

also interested in this

>> No.4216402


+++ for this. Anyone?

>> No.4217100

if anyone wants to pool money for this, I'm in with 10 usd.

>> No.4217276


I'm 4216402. If you find another 5 people we can do it ($10 each).

>> No.4217563

>> 4217276 #

here is another 10$

>> No.4217642

whats the link to that pooling discord? we have at least 30 right now.

>> No.4217683


>> No.4218015

someone bought it on the discord.....

>> No.4218454

There are some really cool people in /ic/, everything went really smooth, thanks guys.

>> No.4218915

well, share it then bro

>> No.4222224

did you guys already got this ?
I have enoough coin for it

>> No.4222355

Holy fucking shit ive been looking for the vitruvian portrait drawing course for so long this is sick bless you OP

>> No.4222370

is it complete?

>> No.4222395
File: 1.12 MB, 1573x837, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sadly no
some how the our chink bro lost 2 last videos of this course from this course I believe

>> No.4222439

desu, both KJG and Karl Kopinski's "courses" are waaaaay overpriced. It amounts to barely an hour of them just walking through their process. You can literally find other videos they've done for free on youtube that give just as much insight.

Obviously they're both world renowned artists and that's the reason behind the absurd pricing.

They're really worth $15 each. Makes me appreciate Dave Rapoza's demos alot more.

>> No.4222470
File: 942 KB, 1434x1353, 006ZNyMxly1g7duwdqrkjj323v35sqv8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went through it.

It solidified the fact that you should never learn from highly intuitive people when you're still learning how to draw.

This shit is either for people that are already good at drawing or people who are intuitive. Not for the average person, who is analytical.

Does anyone have a better recommendation for Figures in Perspective?

>> No.4223562

I've never seen a "good" video on it desu. You have the Krenz videos with the boxes that isn't even narrated iirc.

unironically, the loomis section in his figure drawing book is the best there is.

>> No.4223571

the best erik class on NMA has the entire perspective course
in the course there is one section near the end that has figure in perspective
of course to study figure on it own using figure course you can draw it in most angle

>> No.4224078

>An Introduction to Drawing for Beginners from NMA

+ This request.

>> No.4224210

I bought a lot of these beginner courses and what I'm finding is that everything is similar, just often times with different medium comes a different dexterity. Pick one good course in the medium you prefer to work in and stick with it rather than jumping from one course to the next--it's a huge waste of time.

>> No.4224730

Something is wrong with the files in this.

I can't get most of the videos to play.


>> No.4224759


Change the extension to mp4

>> No.4224786


>> No.4225449
File: 2.31 MB, 988x1522, Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 00.30.59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if anyone wants to pool money for:

CESAR SANTOS: SECRETS OF FIGURE DRAWING https://streamlineartvideo.com/collections/drawing/products/cesar-santos-secrets-of-figure-drawing

This is a Discord link:


>> No.4225562

Is it possible to buy stuff from there If I'm not chinese?

>> No.4225746

why the fuck would you give your financial info to some chinese company?

>> No.4225766

sell me on this guy first, how good worthy is he of a mentor?

>> No.4225981

Anybody have some Trent Kaniuga stuff?

>> No.4226008

No need, pool if you want

>> No.4226163

anyone? pretty please?

>> No.4226165

>An Introduction to Drawing for Beginners from NMA

>> No.4226178


I won't sell you anything.

2. pool if you want

>> No.4226178,1 [INTERNAL] 

I have the Watts Atelier Inking Phase 1,2 and 3. But I will only post them if someone post Gnomon Drawing Dinosaurs I am looking for, here is a Watts live stream course as a sample into what I can get for you guys. The faster you get me that Dinosaur course the faster I post Watts Inking. Bridgman's Anatomy by Erik Gist 10 Week live stream https://mega.nz/folder/UB4AFCgR#cyaWeJDdmm0kUyNnjBnzbQ

>> No.4226178,2 [INTERNAL] 

Bro comment on the board not here no one will see this


>> No.4226178,3 [INTERNAL] 

Gnomon Workshop - Dinosaur Drawing: Anatomy and Sketching with David Krentz /
I have found this

>> No.4226178,4 [INTERNAL] 

Please Post the course, I need it lol.

>> No.4226178,5 [INTERNAL] 

>>4226178,2 >>4226178,3
Also You guys could go to https://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/ and start a free 3 day trail, then use https://www.tubeninja.net/how-to-download/thegnomonworkshop to download videos from Gnomon.Just cancel before three days is up. PLease get the Gnomon Drawing Dinosaurs - Anatomy and Sketching course.

>> No.4226178,6 [INTERNAL] 

here is the link
key #qeymQ4lJrEIKldWyDP6k7YvtykXh-ZBo7CW49y4dqyM

>> No.4226178,7 [INTERNAL] 

Holy Sh*t, I left my external hard drive in Los Angeles! It has the Inking Phases on on it, Give me till august 3rd and I will post post the course. I swear will post it, it's a little more then a week from now. Again I am sorry, I did not lie to you guys, I am not like that. In the mean time I will post other Watts Course have on my PC. Please forgive me, I am a man of my word!And thank you so much @Funny

>> No.4226178,8 [INTERNAL] 

Change of plans, Inking Phase 1 will be uploaded in 3-4 hours today!You will have to wait till the 3rd of next month to get the rest

>> No.4226178,9 [INTERNAL] 

>>4226178,6 Thank you so much funny for getting that Dino tutorial for me. Here is the link to the inking course. https://mega.nz/file/NMJT2Q4K#jhbaPbcm3qOL-PpSGDsRFErzjSVhbaRLfuN0__LRv0E

>> No.4226178,10 [INTERNAL] 

One file is missing bro of the ball point pen, i dont understand watts he just talks instead of saying what he is doing in the drawing

>> No.4226178,11 [INTERNAL] 

Its not missing, I made a to many folders, everything it there.

>> No.4226178,12 [INTERNAL] 

And Ya Jeff Watts talks to much and dose little explaining what he's doing. The bush Phase gets a new teacher. But the files are not missing I just made to many folders.

>> No.4226178,13 [INTERNAL] 

@Mr.Nobody Thanks bro .. do you have any requests

>> No.4226178,14 [INTERNAL] 

any of these shit are about drawing geometric forms precisely from any angles and perspective model? i only know scott robertson's doing the mathematical geometric stuff

>> No.4226178,15 [INTERNAL] 

Phase 2 inking https://mega.nz/file/NA53FASD#AKQzKXoVfT7Q3jqmgRVqA2k5xFID12MpIzFIgviYY5I

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