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Were you the "artguy" back in school?
Any funny stories to share?

When I was 11 or so there was an artguy in my class who'd draw porn pictures for his colleagues in exchange for some food during recess.

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I drew so much that I developed schizophrenia to point where I couldn't tell that a bunch of girls wanted to fuck me even when I had girlfriend.

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>>4154579 I have overtaken the artguy in school in under a year in terms of skills and became the artguy myself, tfw I’m gonna flunk school thanks for my obsession with getting good at drawing and drawing itself is fun

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failed my way through public school to outskill the art guy in my district. finally did so, then neeted a bunch to outclass the internet which was my next major opponent. Discovered asians and got depression.

now i don't draw lmao

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Nope, not really. Statred at my early 20's. Before that I got great grades.

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In high school yeah. Used to draw monsters and shit and people liked them. Really telling how *good* the people there were that I'm still /beg/ tier now. Only one person in that school actually had skill.

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i still am, i fucking hate it when there's a line of people next to may saying "DERP CAN YOU DRAW MY HOMEWORK?" i usually tell them to fuck off

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Are you American?
It sounds very cartoony, I wouldn't expect it from any other school system.

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I haven't developed an interest in art until I was 26

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I used to be the "Art guy" but then it just felt forced so I just drew at home.

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