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How do I learn to get this kind of work flow? Is it all just doing construction and anatomy studies until I can do it mostly mentally?

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It's just pure experience. Think about how you draw a circle. Do you use construction lines? No, because its very easy for you. The same goes for human bodies and everything else you will draw.

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Construction is still important. Ima tell you some mistakes I see. Arms too big. Lumbar curve impossible. Torso too close to center mass; her chest would have to be buried in her abdomen.

All in all, it's a good erotic anime pose, but it really shows where in fact he invented anatomy. That he cared or not, it's up to him.

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*Arms too long I meant.

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hundreds of drawings a day for a long while.

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>draw the rest of the serval

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Why do you want to have such a retarded workflow? He redrew everything three times.

Do some thumbnail sketches before and you're good to go.

If you mean his lack of underdrawings, anyone can do it - but it will always be way below what you can achieve with construction. This artist can probably do some really competent humans if he slows down.

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Great thread example of how if you put a cute anime girl and some sexy coomings pose, begs will eat that up like bears do to honey

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