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why are so many artists so depressed, /ic/?

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I don't know. I'm not depressed. I'm apathetic. Which is worse?

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It's difficult to determine which way the causality lies. Is making art a depressing process? Or are depressed people drawn to art?

IMO, you'd have to be depressed to lock yourself in a room and train for thousands of hours to git gud. A normal person would be outside enjoying their life.
I believe the depression comes first.

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>why are so many so depressed, /ic/?

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youre not thinking of depressed people, youre thinking of lonely people

when youre depressed you dont want to do jack shit let alone draw for thousands of hours

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if being an artist hasn't driven you to insanity you LITERALLY cannot call yourself an artist and are ngmi

in all seriousness though i think it's a little bit of both. i think people attach their identity to their art and drive themselves nuts in the pursuit of perfection. the more seriously they're taking it and the more important it is to them the more they devote themselves to it and it takes away from their life, and when it still doesn't match what they envisioned after making all that effort and losing all that precious time in their youth for something they're still not satisfied with it can be crushing
i might have revealed a little too much here.

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>tfw no gf


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It's the only thing they got correct about being a artist

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because i was raped as a child and struggle with ptsd. plus I have no bf to snuggle with after a day of drawing

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I’ll be ur bf babygirl.

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If you aren't happy with life, a skill where you can create a whole world scratch is pretty enjoyable.

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wasted my time in college so I could get a useless art degree.

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I feel tired all the time idk why.

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Because of higher than average awareness of themselves and their surroundings.
That's a given for every artist and a prerequisite for depression.
Now couple it with the current state of things, especially the current state of art, where you have to force yourself to be happy, hyper, politically correct and outgoing for others with the only interactions between people being shallow platitudes for the purpose of gaining favor with others for their own social and finacial benefit ;
and you get this existential dread.
Some cope by drawing but their inability to have a clear mind, makes them struggle
Some can't cope and accept that they can't be arsed to draw and give it up.
Some are so deep in whatever they are that they can't stop doing what they're doing even though they'd just want the sweet release of death.
Some have just meme-depression because they're filthy normies or because that's what sells.
You should actually let it out and express yourself with art, since you're an artist and whatnot, but people will ignore you because
>depress aren't reals
>ur art weird
>"What do you mean there is a deeper meaning except what i see in front of me?"
And that's the kind of depression not even death could fix.
That's my perspective anyway.

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A desire for success with a seemingly insurmountable entry barrier.
Even if you make it, people will always tell you that you don’t have a real job.
Why wouldn’t you be a bit mopey?

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Thyroid issues? I dunno

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the part about having ptsd isnt a turn off?

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How's your diet?

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Art never good enough, spirals into self loathing and then depression because you think everything you do is shit and you'll never get better

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maybe we become artists because we are depressed?

art is the only reason I don't kys
even though I'm shit, the small infinitesimal progression is enough to fill me with hope that some day I can shed the ngmi cloak

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Could be a snowball effect. Sad artist encourages other sad artist to create then those artist encourage other artists this repeats until you have a bunch of sad people. Also art is a way to express without burdening people. Me making a story about how sad I feel is a lot better than dumping that on a friend. Also art is the only thing you're encouraged to be sad in. Other careers want keep it in your private life. Imagine if microsofts leader coder went on "I'm so UwU sad" rant

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I draw happy things to cheer myself up.

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Same here. It's actually made me a little bolder, cause I don't care much about reactions or being embarrassed anymore. I do wish I could cry or feel joy like I used to, sometimes.

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Pussy tightening semen disposal?

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This goes to anyone who feels like they have no energy or have feelings of depression.
1. Look at your diet, are you eating heavily processed foods (Fast foods/ frozen meals/ foods high in fat)? Do you eat lots of meals drenched in oil and grease? Fried foods?
This could be your issue, there are studies done about the microbiome (bacteria colony) living in your gut that influences the way you think/feel by releasing hormones that ENCOURAGE your bad behavior (Eating shitty meals/ not being active enough/ feeling depressed)
You could try fixing this by switching to a diet where you reduce or completely remove the bad bacteria in your gut.
2. Fix your diet and you will see improvements in your daily living/ emotions.
Try a new diet. Vegetarian diets are easier to adopt because you don't have to give up every single animal product food like cheese. DO NOT SKIP MEALS. Instead, eat 3-5 meals a day in SMALL portions.
Reduce the amount of red meat you eat, and increase lean meats such as chicken and fish.
3. Do you feel tired frequently? Does your day go by fast because you find yourself sleeping the day away?
Add in exercise to your daily lifestyle, its not difficult, you don't need to join a gym but it can help your mood substantially. This will not only propel your productivity and increase your awareness but will BOOST your metabolism, which will make your lost weight, along with a great diet.
4. STOP DRINKING SUGAR DRINKS. Thats what they are, sugar. You do not drink them because you like them. You drink them because your body biologically likes ENERGY DENSE foods that has sugar which is LOADED with TEMPORARY energy.Guess what that does to the bacteria in your stomach? It increase the unhealthy bacteria which makes you feel even worse, and the next day you will crave those sugary meals/drinks again. Just drink water.


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I wrote this out just for you guys who sit at your computers all day long and don't move around at all. Take care of your bodies and you will feel better, be more productive with your art, feel the need to grow as an individual and overall increase your mood.
There are ways you can help yourselves. You just need to try.

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Mom, get off the computer.

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it might not help you, but to that one person out there who is reading this and realizing theyre doing everything wrong, it will help them so suck my big fucking cock

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Mom's a tranny!

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cus /ic/ deeps insulting them and their work.

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Fat is a better energy resource for the human body than carbs. I recommend keto to everyone who wants to lead a better and healthier life. It pretty much cured my depression and its passive fat burner got me slim.

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We all kill a lot of different potential futures for an attempt at making art.
Was it worth it?

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This guy is pretty spot on. Once you start taking care of yourself, you will improve as a whole and your art gains will follow. Still will be a grind, but it becomes easier when you dont want to get ol papi's boomstick to blow your brains out.

I was in a rough spot for years and just watching a little bit of what I eat and regular exercise goes a long way. Exercise can just be doing at home planks and pushups. None of that chad shit but going all in would probably help too.

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Yeah It's surprising how few people know about the effects of bad eating habits and low/no exercise on the body. Our ancestors were people who fucking ran to catch prey and shit and were constantly on the move to maintain their survival. They weren't stuffing their faces with mcdonalds and shitty frozen pizza then going to their warm homes to live a sedentary life and sit still. Humans were not made to sit still, so it should be common sense that even the simplest of exercise will keep your sanity higher than sitting and sulking around all day.

Think of this, you never heard anyone say "exercise made my life worse" lol. Literally no one. There's a reason for that. Anyone who wants to get good at art, should add in exercise and change their diet to something more healthy. If your mood hasn't changed after doing all this, THEN you really have depression/mental issues that you should seek a professional for.

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The problem with art and creative hobbies in general is that the final peak of the mountain will never be reached.
Perfection doesn't exist.
But we as a creator will keep chasing it, every time disappointed because we can't attain it.
The more good we get the more the dread start set in.
The depth of despair is when you hit the final wall. You can't get any better, you stagnant, this is your end but it's not perfect.

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This actually makes sense. I'll unironically try this. I hope I can afford a healthier diet, but I'll try where I can.

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Good luck anon. Here are some tips to help you and some cheap ways to do it.
If you don't cook for yourself, you should start.
Invest in one of these.
"Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steam Tray, Black (CKSTRCMS65)" on amazon. This will be the easiest way and one of the best investments you can make to start eating more vegetables and grains/rice in one go.
Buy jasmine rice (tastes good and you won't get tired of it easily.(dry/uncooked) as large a bag you can find since it is cheaper that way.15 bucks will last you a month.
Get Broccoli heads, and Carrots and even corn if you want. You can steam the carrots/broccoli/ corn on the top portion of the Rice cooker as the rice is cooking. It will take a total of 25 minutes til its done. With this alone you will have 70 percent of what your meal should be AND you won't have added any salts/sugar to your entire meal.
You will see improvement I'd say within the first two weeks.
Add in some grilled chicken, and buy sauces/flavoring if you'd like to keep it interesting.
There are really so many ways to make the change, and you will be incredibly surprised as to why you didn't start sooner.

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I'll look for those, I hope I can find it here where I live.
What are ideals time for eating? My schedule is a bit all over the place.

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Do not eat any later than 5 hours before you sleep. So if you go to sleep at 12 midnight, try to eat before 7. The natural sugar in your blood increases during eating and digestion so you do not want your body to work during the nighttime while you're trying to sleep.
So your eating habits should be:
A light meal when you wake up, DO NOT overeat.Then a normal meal 5 hours later. And a small meal 5 hours after. This is 3 times a day and manageable for most people. Just do not eat right before sleep, it will fuck with your blood sugar levels and increase your cortisol in the mornings (stress hormone which is terrible in many ways for everyday living).
I'm not a nutritionist or anything but I've done my fair share of research on this at school.

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If you find it too difficult to manage your time and keep to your scheduled eating and you live alone. Then it's time to look into mealprepping. It's not difficult and in the long run will save you time and money.
It saves time because if you cook for 1-3 hours or whatever in one day, then you don't have to cook 1-2 hours x 7 days a week. It saves money because you'll know that there is food ready to heat up and eat in your kitchen.
Try to avoid the use of oils when cooking, use spray cooking stuff like "pam".
Meal prep will also benefit the person who has an irregular schedule.
To help yourself ween off all the shit sugars in drinks, eat more fruits.

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dang thanks anon. I saved this and will be reading it often.

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I've been on Keto and I try to exercise when I can but I still suffer with depression

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>still suffer with depression
Sorry to tell you this but you can't cure depression , you learn how to live with it and find small happiness along the way.

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Because they try to use art as a substitute of religion and are lured to draw horned succubi by demons that want to drag them to hell and despair.
Solution? Be humble and seek God

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shut up lib, fuckin science fetishist

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I was a happy young boy when I started drawing.
Now I just wish for a swift and peaceful dead.

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Do you draw sinful/profane content? If yes, start drawing normal stuff instead

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I can't be good no matter how much I practice. It's like I hit a hard cap at barely intermediate and that's it. I used to draw 6 to 10 hours a day every day but now I literally end up crying on the piece of paper so I have to stop. I feel like I have brain damage and there's nothing I can do. At this level I could only make a following by drawing porn and maybe not even that. I don't want to quit because that would kill me but it's extremely painful to be so shit after so much effort so I can't find relief.
I tried to blame talent or other cosmic factors but it's really just me. I'm afraid of getting myself checked for learning disabilities or some form of retardation.

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apathy is much worse, since you're less likely todo anything about it.

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Are artists depressed, or are many depressed people artists?

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conscious incompetence

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Any examples of your work?

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It's because - and this is the big elephant in the room - nobody actually enjoys doing art. It's tedious, time-consuming, and way too slow. Every artist knows this and privately hates themselves for spending so much time doing something that someone else already did and probably did better.

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I enjoy making art though. It's fun taking it slow and going over shit when you notice it looks bad. Means there's always something to work on, and it's meaningful working towards a goal.

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artists are usually isolated people. isolation breeds unhealthiness

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How do I get artist friends

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hey friend

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Because drawing is the one thing in this world that I genuinely love doing with all my heart and I would draw for 14 hours a day if I could, but I have debilitating metal poisoning that's plagued my body for 10+ years and prevents me from being able to think or use my brain without getting extreme fogginess and difficulty thinking, not to mention various nervous system (that creates arm and joint pain) and endocrine system disfunction.. The brief moments that I do have the clarity/capability to draw are very sporadic and random at best, so I live for those moments. I get hyper depressed because everyone here complains about how they wish they had the motivation to draw every day, and here I am sitting here with the burning passion every day, but don't have the capability.

I used to have friends, but they eventually got tired of hearing how sick I am or fucked off and moved on with their lives and went to go on and be successful and so I eventually stopped talking to everyone because I don't have the energy to make conversation on a regular basis and had nothing to contribute to the conversation except how shit I always feel.

Can't hold a regular job because of my health, I can't make money with my art because I'm not good enough, can't practice consciously/consistently because I'm not well enough. Vicious motherfucking circle.

Thanks for asking.... felt good to let that out.

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>nobody actually enjoys doing art
See, this is what I don't understand. Why would someone who doesn't love to death the physical act of DRAWING do art in the first place? And why would they try and speak for others?

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most people dont even want perfection, they just want what other people already have

which leads to my point of comparing yourself to others is what makes this and other creative hobbies so soul crushing

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because they want to create? a lot of people have ideas that they want to share with other people but they don't have the skills to properly portray them, hence why they hate drawing.

i'm sure there are other reasons but that's my problem and I see it a lot. I want to draw concept art but the actual act of drawing frustrates me because I can't seem to draw things how I imagine them

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What if you have the exact opposite problem? I can draw for hours on end but I don't have any special ideas... or imagination really.

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Doing challenges and prompts generally helps bring out ideas or inspire you to research on certain subject matter you wouldn't have otherwise thought of.

Like >>4156777 or >>4152302 as an example.

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Well a lot of them want to become artists because its "cool", then they don't want to sit through a year of college and so, use digital as a shortcut, that leads to a lack of fundamental knowledge and versatility which leads to reduced job options which leads to them being back seat driven by their director which they try to cope with by making memes about how directors are too restrictive and don't let them take any liberties then they get depressed because they subconsciously know that they would be able and probably be asked to take liberties if they had just sat through those classes and had a more fundamental understanding of art.

Or maybe they just say they're depressed on twitter because its quirky to say that.

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