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is it worth the $25

>> No.4154180

If you do one commission with it, then it’s paid for itself.

>> No.4154185

why are there so many separate threads on this?
yeah it's been worth it, it's pretty solid.

>> No.4155926

Is it better than photoshop?

>> No.4155972

for pure drawing/painting its a bit ahead. for everything else, no.

>> No.4156005

'everything else' being photobashing and effects and the like?

>> No.4156579

I'm enjoying it, only thing I dont enjoy is how the brush is presented, I like the photoshop way as it shows tilt/direction etc but im unaware of how to activate that on Painter2019

>> No.4157693

It has basic effects. The thing is ps has a lot of plugins and you can find brushes anywhere. I would actually suggest gimp with gmic plugins as an adittion if youre heavy into editing. If you get the humblebundle theres photo and video editors too but im not sure how good they are.

>> No.4157696

I always ask this but I never got an answer... does it lag? Do you need a monster computer to use it?

>> No.4157733

Lags when you use special layers: real oils and watercolors.

>> No.4157755

>Lags when you use special layers: real oils and watercolors.
Ouch. I'll pass.

>> No.4158603

worth it still even tho some oil brushes did seem to be odd and my system has 32gb of ram but i dont know the quirks of the software yet

theres a psiservice that runs in the background for the licensing need to find out if it can be disabled

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