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If you could go back and time to when you first started drawing and give yourself advice on how to git gud what would you say?

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Break up with Jenny after 2 years. Despite how scared she is of you cheating, SHE is the cheater.

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just draw

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this has nothing to do with art anon

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Learn fundies when you are 16 instead of when you are 18. Everything gets easier from there

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pay attention to edges, keep them clean.
angles and curves when drawing

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are you me? I tried drawing when I was 16, gave up, and now I'm 18, trying again, and it feels even harder than it was back then and I'm gonna give up again because I feel like i'll be a boomer by the time I'm done. What's the point of drawing as a bald, wrinkly, 30 year old?

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Learn fundies and dont quit when youre 13, not starting when youre 25

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Don't take it so easy. You will waste more time than you think. Seriously internalize those fundies, and above all else >>4153701

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literally cucked

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I've been drawing my whole life but I was a beg tier until I started learning fundies at 18. Don't put off learning, anon. Even if you regret the time you wasted you can still make a ton of progress, I've managed to make a lot of progress and create a lot of pieces and work I'm really happy with in the past 2 years. What matters is not how old you are, but how you spend the time you have now.

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Don't forget that angles and straight lines are your best friend.

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did you read the question it says 'when you first started drawing' 'on how to get good'

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Dilate more

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firez started at like 35 or something, and he's doing great

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>expecting kid self to remember anything
It’s hopeless. If anything just tell them about /ic/ and to visit a few years earlier than I did.

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>Disregard females, acquire art gains.
>~Descartes or something
Seems relevant.

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Just draw anon. Create that blog already. Do things, get out there.
Also quit every online game designed to make you play the same shit every day, it's not worth anyone's time.

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Ignore figure drawing books that go in-depth on anatomy. You won't learn anything from those at your level.

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It was the year 2000 when I started getting into it. I would not listen to anyone including myself. But I'd try anyway.
>find a mentor, and start posting on conceptart.org or polycount.com (the hot sites at the time) And I imagine the sijun forums or w/e? I've never been there.
>4 year artschool is a scam, if you go KYS, instead save up and go to watts or some atelier classical training
>I would write down a few names of artists I would like to pay attention to.
>I'd tell him to make comics or animation instead of doodling like a retard
>i'd write down a set of notes and sketches about 'Cognitive Drawing'
>tell him about /ic/ but not to be sucked in by the misery

I'm going through this right now with my 14 year old cousin. I want to scream at him, but he would just wall me off, which he's kind of doing now. He stopped texting me. People just gotta experience it for themselves i guess

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Never go on the internet.

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Kill yourself now but make it look like an accident.

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Wouldn't that cause a time paradox? What if I prevent myself from inventing the time machine by accident?

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trips of truth

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I found /ic/ first in 2014
I did the usual retard newfag thing and posted a new thread with my shitty /beg/ drawing
i found out about loomis and all that shit, but kinda gave up
I tried once more in 2017, but I went with the 'trying to copy photos' route and was failing horribly
now like 2 months ago I started again I finally realized how important fundies are and I grind them, but there is a still a long road ahead of me

so what I would say to my self in 2014 is to not give up and do what I do now

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Ironically, he would probably just repeat the cycle.

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Don't get into a relationship and drop out of college. Keep your teachers contact info, they knew their shit. Just build your portofolio, stop throwing everything away over the tiniest mistakes. You where good enough for your age. Get help sooner because you do some stupid shit.

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hey anon you can do it!! I believe in you!!

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Firez is like 35 right now. He started at 28/29.

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i know i can, i am doing good progress now
but what if i started doing that progress 5 years ago
now im kinda at the crossroads of life, pressured to find a job by my parents, and under pressure from myself to get better quickly cause of dreams of becoming popular and lets face it, earning money like my favorite twitter artists

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Good job

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Dont go to art school.

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Stop rendering, start another one.
Stop rendering ....


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Do not try to read the book by Betty Edwards. Throw it away or burn it and get some Loomis or Robertson. Trying to parse the bullshit she wrote there made me despise drawing for almost 10 years cause it was associating with the book.

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This is a nice post. Btw did you try to redraw his drawings but with the power of your experience and fundamentals? Maybe he will see how much better it looks and become more willing to listen to you.

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>did you try to redraw his drawings but with the power of your experience and fundamentals

That's not a bad idea. At the end of the day, people respect you when they know you're worth listening to. He hasn't ever seen or asked about my work so I never thought about it. I am actually impressed with his dumb little piece, he designed an entire character, in full color and even some cool effects and some decent polish. If he's serious, I won't have much to teach him.

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Hey pastself,
stop trying to friend ppl who don't want to be your friend, no i don't care he can draw there are millon others who can and aren't buttholes
Oh and don't be a dump bitch and choose
The app that's intended for art you want-
Hey! Just bcuz i'm rude dosen't mean i'm wrong, now finish that drawing you said you will last summer break

-with love futureself

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>At the end of the day, people respect you when they know you're worth listening to.
Actually what I meant is that you should show him the power of different art concepts as opposed to his own experience and intuition which he seems to only rely on judging by
>that's nice but I like my own art style

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oh i see what you mean that's pretty smart. I'll try to corner him and try it out. I want a drawing buddy.

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Draw boxes, learn perspective
Paint on one layer
Don't touch filters
Don't draw with your wrist
Start playing with color even though you're bad at it
Yeah it's hard, but it's not complicated.
For every easy thing you draw, also draw one difficult thing.

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Stop masturbating, and start exercising, also school is a waste of time, go work rather. Or just be neet.

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just relax, you're not gonna make it anyway

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stop wasting time playing league of legends

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Imagine that would set you up for success

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Stop playing Halo 2 and draw, you dumbass.

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I didn't play for over a month now after playing all day for a few years. It's just the first week that is rough. My account is deleted by now anyway. You can do it too, anon.

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stay a beg, studies are souless

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Keep going man.You can do it.

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stop drawing fucking anime

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remember when you got good at music by playing a bit every single day?
do the samebwith drawing. draw every day.

Oh and forget Helen, she's not interested in you, but her little sister is, and if you don't act now you'll find out too late and be a virgin until you're 24

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Draw as young as possible and actually get a good art teacher .

Its hard being in your 20's and trying to make it when you also have to work full time anf know you're going tonbe shit for years with no payoff

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Takes one to know one. Its the same deal with the twitter social terrorists condemning and seeing pedo shit everywhere even when is not there only to be exposed later as pedos themselves.

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>could be a policeman
>could be military
>could be fit chad
>no, I've chosen fuckin art and haven't achieved anything and now it's too late to change the course of life

Stop drawing, motherfucker! It's not for you!It's gonna only ruin your life!

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Dude you didn't lose anything, i learned fundies when i was 18 aprox, after a month or tow of intermediate practice you're gonna do much much better

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>Learn fundies
new to this place and I feel embarrassed to ask: what are the "fundies"? anatomy and perspective? I know, i'm "ngmi" but I still wanna know

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its a meme - fundies literally means that you need to learn that fun dies when you draw

op made a typo

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ah. back to my Christopher hart books then.

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>angles and curves
>angles and straight lines
I'm not gonna believe anything said in this thread. You are all trying to trick me.

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draw more, visit ic more, started drawing a few years back as I randomly ended up here from the cancer boards

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Quit drawing, your body will begin having allergic reactions to the mere attempt at drawing, left side of the brain headaches and full body sweats are not worth years of failure. Just lurk and look at nice drawings.

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if you are going to browse /ic/ at least join /las/ as soon as possible to get monster gains and motivation

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whats las?

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I also got recently betrayed by a Jenny. Its aways the Jennies.

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which are?...

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Get into accounting and be rich for the rest of your life.

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Stop masturbating. Draw more. Draw from life more. Take critique but don't let it make you quit. Draw what you want, and stop letting normies chose for you.

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Learn the fundamentals and don't give up, don't waste lots of time on shitty people, don't go to the bad university....

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Start drawing seriously when you're 15.

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I feel you. I drew a lot throughout my childhood and teens, but never bothered to learn fundies until June earlier this year. I just turned 20 very recently, and while I'm still a /beg/ shitter I'm a hell of a lot better at drawing than I was.

A lot of it is coming easier to me than I thought, but I definitely would go back and tell my younger self to start earlier still so I could actually be at a decent level by now.

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>>Draw everyday no matter what, even for 20 minutes
>>Pick 1-3 sources and do exactly as they instruct no matter how I feel about it.
>>Only add a book or a video course if I've gone through all main sources.
>>No hoarding
>>Once a year go back to main sources
>>No comparing to favorite artists's final form.
>>Start when you're young instead of middle aged
>>Don't open the hatch

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That's a big question anon. Mostly though, clean lines, how to make marks, drawing boxes in perspective, how to draw what you see, basics of rensering. But rly, fundies aren't a clear cut thing. Every art niche has its own fundies.

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what's the hatch?!

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